Find the best Boys Backpacks for less. This selection will take the stress out of shopping while saving money too.

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The best Boys Backpacks

Can you believe it? Back to school is just around the corner. Save money on back to school shopping by purchasing some of these Boys backpacks on sale.

My boys sure are picky and they have to have “cool” backpacks. It can be overwhelming so shopping online is a great option.

They can pick the perfect backpack without the stress of shopping out and about and without the crazy price tag. We have a huge list of over 50 Boys backpacks that you can snag for less!

Browse this list and save time while obtaining the best deals. No need to spend a ton of time or money when we have done all the work for you.

This list truly has everything to start the school off right. There are even some backpacks listed that include lunchboxes and more. Go ahead and start shopping today for the best selection.

Some features to look for:

  • Water resistant. Messes and spills will happen so this is a handy feature to look for.
  • Laptop sleeve option. Some book bags have a padded laptop sleeve. This is helpful for protecting a lap top without worry of it getting ruined.
  • Water Bottle Holder. Most children take a water bottle to school and this holder will be a big help. Your child will be able to easily access the water bottle and easily carry it to school.
  • Sturdy Shoulder Straps. Kids can be really rough on a book pack. Try to look for ones that have sturdy shoulder straps that can support a full backpack.
  • Room for extra items. I like the ones that have extra room or zippered areas for personal care items and such. This helps to keep kids organized. Plus, they can easily find what they need.

50 Kids backpacks for boys

Let’s get started with these amazing ideas. Whether your child is in elementary school, middle school or high school, there are options for everyone.

From solid color options to back packs themed with video games, the options are endless for the school year. If you are looking for black blue or patterns, this list has it all.

1. Paw Patrol Kids’ Backpack

If your child loves Paw Patrol, this selection will be a hit. There are several character options to choose from.

2. Lightweight Bookbag

This light weight option is perfect for children that have trouble carrying a bulky bookbag.

3. Minecraft Backpack

Minecraft fans will love these fun options for backpacks.

4. Lego Backpack Combo Set

This set includes a backpack and lunchbox themed with Legos.

5. Marvel Backpack and Lunch Box

Get a lunch box, water bottle, back pack and more when you order this Marvel set.

6. Under Armour Backpack

Choose from several different colors in this Under Armour option.

7. Under Armour Hustle Lite Bookbag

This Hustle Lite option is water resistant and has a laptop sleeve.

8. Adidas Backpack

The lifetime warranty will come in handy with this backpack.

9. JanSport SuperBreak Backpack

Known for durability, this JanSport book bag is sturdy and strong.

10. Spiderman Backpack

Easy to clean and durable, this will also be fun for kids with the fun Spiderman image.

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack

Grab this backpack and lunchbox combination that Turtles fans will love.

12. Nike Kids Backpack

There are several colors to choose from in this Nike backpack.

13. Transformers Backpack

This Autobots Transformers book bag is sturdy and strong.

14. Batman Backpack

Kids will love this 3 piece set.

15. The North Face Backpack

There are several colors to choose from in this North Face bookbag.

16. Carhart Backpack

This backpack includes a padded laptop sleeve and table storage.

17. Champion Backpack

This roomy book bag has several colors to choose from.

18. Cars Lightning McQueen Backpack

Lightning McQueen fans will go crazy over this fun bookbag.

19. Star Wars Backpack

Grab this Mandalorian backpack for a fun option.

20. Skip Hop Little Kid Backpack

Preschool kids will love this dinosaur bookbag.

21. Dakine Boys Backpack

There are several colors in this Dakine backpack.

22. Marvel Avengers Backpack

The Captain American Shield will be a hit.

23. Puma Youth Backpack

This youth size bookbag is perfect for younger children.

24. Stephen Joseph Little Boys’ Sidekick Dino Backpack

The perfect size backpack for toddlers or young children.

25. Preschool Backpack

Little kiddos will enjoy taking this shark bookbag to school.

26. Despicable Me Minions Backpack

There are lots of compartments to make this Minions bookbag a hit.

27. Pokemon Backpack

This style has the the Pokeball design on front.

28. Finding Dory Backpack

Get a backpack and lunchbox in this Finding Dory set.

29. Wildkin Dinosaur Backpack

The adjustable straps and fun design make this a great selection.

30. John Deere Tractor Backpack

This one includes a fun tractor design and padded straps.

31. Hotwheels Backpack

The set includes backpack, lunchbox and stickers.

32. Bluefairy Backpack

This fun camo design is bright and vibrant.

33. Lego Ninjago Bookbag

Grab this 5 piece set that includes everything you need.

34. Marvel Backpack

The classic Marvel logo is retro and fun.

35. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Backpack

If your child likes TMNT characters, they will love this bookbag.

36. Super Mario Bros. Backpack

Get everything you need with this 4 piece set.

37. Star Wars Backpack

This 3 piece bundle includes backpack, lunch bag and stickers.

38. Hot Wheels Backpack

Hot Wheels fans will love this set.

39. Mickey Mouse Book Bag

The large main compartment makes this ideal for school.

40. Fortnite Backpack

Choose from several Fortnite bookbags kids will love.

41. Sports Themed Backpack

Choose from several sports in this style. I spotted basketball, baseball and more.

42. Power Rangers Backpack

The vibrant colors and roomy features will make this book bag an amazing selection.

43. Disney Boys’ Cars Rolling Backpack

Kids can easily pull this backpack thanks to the rolling feature.

44. Puma Camo Backpack

There are several color options everyone will like.

45. Despicable Me Minions Backpack

Get a backpack and detachable Insulated Lunch Box for school.

46. Ninja Turtles Backpack With Matching Lunch Box

This backpack and lunch set will keep kids organized at school.

47. Blaze Backpack

Blaze and the Monster Machine bookbag is fun and sturdy.

48. Pokemon Backpack Bag

This book bag has all your favorite Pokemon characters on the front.

49. Dinosaur Bookbag

Dino fans will love this fun Dinosaur backpack.

50. PAW Patrol Backpack

Take a look at this Paw Patrol 3 piece bundle with everything you need for school.

Photo of various backpacks.

Which one of these school backpacks do you like?

There are various designs and themes to choose from for a great backpack. This list includes ideas for toddlers as well as high school kids. There is truly something for everyone to choose from.

Take a look at the various designs and features in this extensive list. There is definitely something that everyone will like.

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