Surprise Dad with this Homemade father’s day gift idea that kids can make. If you are looking for a frugal gift idea, make this best dad award.

Homemade Best Dad Award.

Homemade Father’s day gift idea

Did you see my other Easy Father’s day gift idea with the Father’s Day printable?  Today, I have another fun and EASY Homemade Father’s Day gift idea.

This year, give Dad the #1 Dad award. Get the kids involved so they can make dad this fantastic but frugal Dad award for Father’s day.

This is one of my favorite Father’s Day Crafts.

I love how easy it is and I love how kids of all ages can make one. Regardless of how many kids you have, they can get involved and make this super cute Father’s day craft.

Homemade gifts mean so much and always leave a big impact on the recipient. They are so special and a great idea for Father’s Day.

You do not have to spend a lot of money or time to give a meaningful gift. This is such an easy and budget friendly DIY that anyone can create.

Surprise Dad with the best Father award. Let’s get started crafting this easy gift idea sure to impress on Father’s Day.

Supplies for DIY father's day award.

Materials you need:

How to make the Best Dad Award:

Step 1

Start by cutting 2 large circles from both pieces of unembellished cardstock. Each circle should be approximately 2″ smaller than the paper plate so it is visible once applied.

Circles cut out for award.

Step 2

Now trim another 1/2″ off the edges of one of the undecorated circles. This should be slightly smaller than the other circle for layering purposes.

Step 3

Cut 2 strips from each color cardstock (2″x 8″). Then cut the bottoms at the same angle so they are precise.This will be the “ribbon” portion.

Ribbon ready to be glued on.

Step 4

Now, glue the large unembellished colored circle to the bottom of the paper plate. Once applied, attach the smaller unembellished circle on top.

Step 5

Glue your 4 angled unadorned strips together in a triangle shape like demonstrated above. Then secure the angled paper under the paper plate to give the appearance of ribbons dangling down.

Circles and ribbon glued on award ready to personalize.

Step 6

Draw embellished stripes on each ribbon strand. This is optional but adds a distinctive touch with minimum supplies or time commitment.

The kid’s creativity will shine.

Stripes on ribbon.

Step 7

Now you can be creative and write whatever you’d like for your Dad. Some examples for personalization: best dad ever, #1, best friend or anything you prefer.

You can use various markers to embellish this project for even more eccentric flair. We have even utilized crayons and colored pencils for a minor difference.

Variation ideas

  • Ribbon. You can use real ribbon instead of strips of paper. This would be a great time to utilize scrap ribbon leftover from other projects. Yarn is another idea that can be substituted for streamers.
  • Glitter. Kids love to utilize glitter and this award can easily be jazzed up. Let kids add glitter to make this even more embellished and distinctive.
  • Stickers. If you have extra stickers in your craft box, let the kids add stickers around the award. It doesn’t have to be perfect and Dad will love the fantastic personalization.
  • Paper. You can choose to use any color of paper you think Dad will like best. Also, we used cardstock but construction paper is another awesome substitution to try.

This craft is very versatile and easy to adapt based on supplies you have acquired in your craft inventory.

#1 Dad Award ready to give to Dad.

Make this homemade best dad award.

Let the kids do the work and they can show Dad how much they love him this Father’s day. Dads will love this homemade gift idea instead of another bow tie or coffee mug.

This DIY Father’s day idea is one of our favorite DIY Father Day Gifts to make. It is a great option for their special day.

Please share in the comments any ideas for gifts for dads you have. We love to attempt to try new ideas that are budget friendly and easy to create.

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Surprise Dad with this Homemade father's day gift idea. If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY, let the kids make the best dad award. This is the easiest tutorial and Dad’s will love receiving this adorable craft for Father’s Day. #onecrazymom #DIY #fathersday #craftideas

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