Swimming pool toys provide hours of fun but can be expensive. We have found the best swimming pool toys for kids that are budget friendly and fun. Take a look at this list packed with the best pool toys for less.

Close up of swimming pool.

Swimming pool toys

Looking for a way to beat the heat?  We’ve rounded up some really fun swimming pool toys that can help pass the time without breaking the bank.  My family actually has several of these swimming pool toys and they love them.

We love to keep an assortment of fun toys around the pool. Some of our favorite water toys include: diving rings or diving sticks that sink to the bottom, water blasters, beach balls and fun floats.

The kids also love those floating basketball hoops and they are great for a pool party. Both kids and adults enjoy shooting hoops in the pool.

You might also want to grab a pool ball for games such as volleyball, catch and more. These are just a few ideas of fun things to do in the pool.

Just keep it simple and enjoy floating, underwater diving and just hanging out. The ideas are endless.

Let’s get started with these fun floats everyone will enjoy. You might want to grab a couple because there are several options.

Swimming pool toys for kids

Whether you are looking for fun floats or pool games and water toys, this list includes it all. The kids will have a blast with so many fun options.

Swimming rings and basketball hoop.

1. Water Sports Swim Thru Rings, 3 Pack

Kids will have a blast swimming under water with these swim rings. The pack includes 3 rings and you can swim thru the rings for tons of fun.

2. Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game

Everyone will enjoy a fun game of basketball. This floating basketball hoop is easy to assemble and provides tons of fun.

3. Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy

This is another fun option for basketball in the pool. If you want an inflatable option, give this toy a try. It looks like the kids would have a blast.

Water toys and floats.

4. Light Up Sea Animal Diving Toys

Diving under water is even more fun with these light up toys. Kids will have tons of fun diving for these toys in a fun selection of animals.

5. Avengers Dive Characters

If you have Avengers fans, they will go crazy over these Avengers dive characters. The set includes Iron Man, Black Widow and Hulk.

6. Giant Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Wheel Toy

Give this hamster like water wheel a try in the swimming pool. This sounds like a fun activity that kids will enjoy.

Floats and water games.

7. Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge

Stretch out and relax in this lounge float. It is so colorful and bright for a great new float to add to the pool.

8. Lynx Pool Noodle Connectors (12-ct. Building Set)

These connectors will provide hours of fun with pool noodles. The set includes 12 connectors for tons of creativity and building. Kids will have a blast making creations in the pool.

Swimming pool close up

Baby Swimming Pool Toys and swimming pool floats:

Baby floats and toys.

Since babies need a different kind of toy, I thought I would share with you the best baby swimming pool toys on sale. Many of these floats come equipped with shade over the float making it ideal for baby.

I love floats like this for helping to keep your child shaded. We have also included several toys that are age appropriate and sure to be fun.

If you have babies and toddlers, take a look at this fun selection. We have included floats for varying needs.

9. Sun Shade Baby Float

Your baby can float in the shade with you in the pool. This canopy float is perfect for helping to shade your child while still being able to enjoy fun in the pool.

10. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Creature Set

This versatile toy set is fun in the water, sand and more. The creatures are brightly colored making them easy for your baby to spot.

11. Fish Baby Boat with Canopy Ride On

Enjoy an afternoon of pretend fishing in this impressive boat float. It is designed to look like a fishing boat making it so whimsical and cute. Your child will love this float for tons of fishing fun.

Baby floats and toys.

12. Animal Water Toys

These wind up water toys include a variety of animals to play with. The set includes a turtle, fish, Crocodile and whale. Even better, this whimsical set doubles as bath toys as well for even more fun.

13. Intex Kiddie Float

Ride in style with this covered float for babies and toddlers. It comes equipped with an inflatable sun shade and a hand bar with play balls. This will provide so much fun.

14. Whale Baby Float

Animal fans will enjoy this whimsical and fun whale themed baby float. It has an attached canopy to help provide shade for your precious little one.

The best swimming pool toys.

Which Swimming pool toys are you going to snag for your kids? Whether you have a pool, or you a attend a pool regularly, I know your children will love these swimming pool toys.

There are options for all ages to enjoy in the pool. Plus, they are all budget friendly and will not cost a fortune. We often buy new floats each year and definitely do not want to spend a ton.

Take a look at some of these ideas and choose the best ones for your family. No need to spend exorbitant prices when we have such a great selection of pool floats and toys.

Let us know which of these fabulous floats you decide to order. The possibilities are endless and will entail lots of fun without breaking the bank.

We have the best swimming pool toys for kids. These are on sale for the best price. Plus we have baby swimming pool toys on sale too! You will love this list of simple and affordable pool toys that the entire family will love. #onecrazymom #pooltoys #howtosavemoney #savingmoney

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