saving money on meat

I’m so excited to share with you on how my family is saving money on meat without using coupons. When I teach my local coupon classes, the one thing I am asked the most is how to save on meat. Most new couponers are frustrated because you rarely find coupons for meat. Even if you do… it isn’t enough for your family to eat for less.

Over time I have posted several different tips on how to save on meat so you don’t break the bank, and I thought it was time to get them all in one post. The 7 tips will help you save on meat without using any coupons.

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Saving Money on Meat

saving money on meat

1. First, you have to find your stock up price.

If you don’t know what a good deal is on chicken, then you definitely don’t know if you are paying too much or if you should stock up. This is crucial in saving money in every area, but espcially meat.  Once you find your stock up price, you will then know when you buy as much as you can. After you have figured out this simple step you will see a big drop in your meat spending. Read my post on how you can figure out your stock up price for meat here.  (You have to read this post… I promise you will save a ton of money if you atleast do this one thing)

2. Buy in Bulk.

Buying in Bulk is one of my family’s favorite ways to save on beef and chicken. By buying 10 pounds or more (normally 40 pound cases), my family will get a nice discount on the meat. Now obviously you have to know your stock up price first, so you can figure out if it is a good enough deal to buy that large amount. Most readers first complaint is “I do not have enough room to buy in bulk”. That solution is easy . . .  call another family and go in with it together. Both families will save money with actually having to buy the full case.  Read my post on how my family saves by buying in bulk here.

3.  Save up to 50% by cutting your own meat.

A few years ago, I was buying pork chops and I realized the pork loin was HALF the cost per pound than the pork chops. Instead of paying that extra money, I bought the loin and then I cut my pork chops myself. It only takes a few extra minutes to cut your own meat, but you will see the savings. Read my post here on how we save 50% by cutting our own meat. Now… you should ask your butcher because some will actually cut it for you, for free!

4. Add Ground turkey to your diet.

I know this might be a weird tip, but really… ground turkey is good! Not only is it good, but it is also very frugal and much better for you. I add ground turkey to many of my meals and friends and family never even notice. Ground turkey is often half the cost of ground beef! I can help show you how to sneak that ground turkey into your meals without your family ever knowing!

5. Look for “Reduced for Quick Sale” stickers at the Grocery store

Those “reduced for quick sale”  are gold! You will find meat marked anywhere from 20%-50% off, all because it is getting close to its “sell by” date. In order to move that meat, they reduce the price. This is an easy way to save on beef. In fact, this is my favorite way to buy roasts and steaks. Now knowing when to find those reduced for quick sale markdowns can be tricky. I have it broken down for you here.

6. Add beans to your Diet.

Ok… this might not actually be a meat, but beans are filled with protein. They are actually really good for you and when you easily cook them from scratch in your crockpot they are very inexpensive too. You don’t have to have taco night or Mexican dinners to add beans to your diet. You can actually sneak them into your soups and casseroles. I have several helpful tips on how my family sneaks beans into our meals each week.

By adding beans to your meals, you can actually lessen the amount of meat you would normally add in your soups or casseroles without your family noticing or missing the protein.

7. Go meatless one night a week.

saving money on meat without coupons

Now of people freak out when I tell them to go meatless once a week, but is really easy to do. I give you several different ways to go meatless in this post, but some of my favorites is Breakfast for dinner. You don’t have to miss the protein because you can still serve eggs, but by not eating meat that night you are saving your family money. Other options are pizza night, soup night, and more… In my family, this night actually is one of our favorites and if you follow our menus each week it is usually Sunday nights.

Just because you don’t find many coupons for meat, doesn’t mean you can’t save money in that area.

What is your favorite tip for saving money on meat?

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  1. I often time will puree a can of beans and add it to soup. It will thicken the soup without having to add corn starch or flour.

  2. We also buy the pork tenderloin and cut it up ourselves. So easy and such great savings.

    I cut up my own stew meat for the freezer from roasts. It’s so much less expensive than precut stew meat.

    I wish ground turkey was less expensive in our area. I can usually get ground beef for less. But I agree ground turkey is really good.

  3. Most stores that have a butcher near the meat counter will cut meat for free. This means you should buy bigger chunks (which are cheaper than ground beef and diced meat for stews) you can have it cut any way that you like.

  4. Great tips. I use to always buy minced turkey because it was cheaper and healthier but sadly here in the UK turkey isn’t as commonly raised as it is in the US so is a lot more expensive. Now it has to be a treat. Crazy how different places can be.

  5. We mix ground beef and ground turkey so we can’t really tell the difference between them. We have a local turkey plant so the grocery stores in the area often have ground turkey chubs on sale pretty cheap. Last time I bought it it was on sale for $.59/lb!

  6. Am I missing something on the turkey? Everything I’ve ever seen says this (to use ground turkey as a cheaper substitute for ground beef), but all the ground turkey I’ve ever seen costs MORE. I feel like I must be overlooking something really obvious.

  7. I go to the grocery stores early mornings when the meat market pulls the day before burger or chicken and marks it down. Sometimes when the item is on sale any way with the mark down the savings can be significant. Then you take it home freeze or cook what you bought.