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Pretty much everyone loves the excitement of a yard sale. As you walk up and scan the assorted items piled on tables and blankets, you instantly begin to imagine finding that perfect little trinket or final china piece that you have been looking for forever. These are great things to grab at a yard sale, but did you know there are really bad things to buy at a yard sale?

I am all about a good yard sale and how it can really save you some money, but some items should be avoided at all costs.

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Garage Sale Tips – What NOT to buy:

Here are five such items that you should never….ever…purchase at a yard sale:

1. Bedding

If you want to truly be grossed out, read up on bed bugs for a bit. One quick look at this epidemic and you will understand right away why buying sheets, mattresses and bedding is a terrible idea at a yard sale. You have no real idea whether the stuff is infested and once they are in your home you have a serious problem. Is it worth saving a few bucks?

2. Televisions

This one is not universally agreed upon but it certainly is on my list for a reason. Televisions go out of date quickly and it is very easy for a savvy seller to make a television appear to be working better than it really is. Some issues only happen, for example, upon several minutes of use. That quick two minutes you spend at a yard sale seeing a picture show up means nothing. Unless the television is ridiculously cheap…. walk away.

3. Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are adorable, cuddly, cute, affectionate and they make wonderful gifts for the kids in your life and the sweetheart you adore. That said, yard sale stuffed animals can contain bed bugs, roaches, hidden spores, egg sacs, black widows and other spiders to name a few. You have no clue where that cute little bunny was stored for the last ten years. Do you really want to risk it?

4. Car Seats

This one used to be a popular choice for people to grab up when they can find them but that is no longer the case. The various recalls that are out there as well as changing requirements makes this particular item a no go. Add in the possible creepy crawlers mentioned above and you have plenty of reason to avoid car seats. Besides…your kids should be given a new car seat that you can feel good about being up to date with safety features. The stakes are far too high to do otherwise.

5. Computers

Everything that is mentioned up above about televisions is even more true for computers. They go out of date quickly, plus viruses and malware are easily hidden and they can reach up and bite you for a serious problem. The last thing you want to do is buy a random computer at a yard sale and put all your precious information on it. You might be surprised to find out who you are sharing all that with a few weeks later.

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Common sense is the key to yard sales. Look for unique items that are not at risk for the things mentioned. Antiques, vases, jewelry and trinkets are a wonderful thing to hunt for. Being careful to be selective can save you a ton of headaches over time.

I do agree that Yard sales are great to save money if you buy the right items and hopefully these garage sale tips will help you avoid those on our do not buy list.

Do you agree or disagree?

Is there anything else on your do not buy list?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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