Get your menu plan ready with these delicious and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes. From the main course to side dishes and dessert, this list has everything you need for a great meal.

Try these delicious Thanksgiving side dishes and Thanksgiving dessert recipes. Easy Thanksgiving Recipes you will love and they are quick and easy! This list include main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts so you can easily make a full meal.  This list includes easy crock pot recipes too and recipes that are great for adults and for kids too.  #onecrazymom #thanksgivingrecipes #easyrecipes

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Everyone loves all the delicious food at Thanksgiving. It is usually packed with comfort food and yummy side dishes and more!

Of course we can’t forget about the dessert. It all comes together for a tasty meal. Take a look at these yummy recipes as you start to plan your Thanksgiving table.

Whether you are looking for old classics or new favorites to try, this list has the best recipes.

What are the basic foods for Thanksgiving?

The traditional Thanksgiving menu includes Roasted Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes and rolls.

Of course this varies by family and what traditions everyone has. However, this is generally a guideline for a classic Thanksgiving meal plan.

Dessert is a must with Thanksgiving. The classic dessert is Pumpkin Pie.

Try these delicious Thanksgiving side dishes and Thanksgiving dessert recipes. Easy Thanksgiving Recipes you will love and they are quick and easy to make too! This list include main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts so you can easily make a full meal.  This list includes easy crock pot recipes too and recipes that are great for adults and for kids too.  #onecrazymom #thanksgivingrecipes #easyrecipes

30 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes for you to try.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner? Thanksgiving is one of the biggest food holidays, and it sneaks up on us every year.

These easy Thanksgiving recipes will make your meal even easier and more delicious. Thanksgiving is busy enough as it is, and trying to coordinate oven and cooking times can be difficult.

These recipes will make your day so much easier and the recipes are so yummy.

Easy appetizers for Thanksgiving

Get the meal started with a couple of easy to make appetizers. This will help keep hunger at bay while you finish getting lunch or dinner ready.

1. Bacon ranch cheese ball recipe

The creaminess of the cheese blended with the bacon and ranch make a hearty appetizer. Serve this cheeseball with crackers or veggie sticks. Either option is great.

Bacon ranch cheese ball recipe
Bacon ranch cheese ball recipe is a simple recipe but a real crowd pleaser. Everyone loves bacon and this cheeseball is perfect for any occasion.
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2. Jalapeno popper dip recipe

There is so much flavor in this creamy Jalapeno Popper dip. It is loaded with cream cheese and bacon for a great appetizer.

Jalapeno popper dip recipe
Step up your appetizer game with this creamy Jalapeno popper dip recipe. The entire dish is creamy with the perfect amount of heat and topped with bacon and more cheese.
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3. Cream Cheese Sausage Dip Recipe

With only 3 ingredients, this savory sausage dip is a crowd pleaser. The cream cheese combines with the sausage for a hearty dip.

Cream Cheese Sausage Dip Recipe
Cream Cheese Sausage Dip Recipe has only 3 ingredients and comes together in minutes. Creamy and hearty, this dip is the perfect party food or movie night snack.
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4. Pepperoni Cheese Ball

There is so much pepperoni and cheese in this recipe for a quick and easy appetizer. It is delicious served with crackers.

Pepperoni cheese ball
Pepperoni cheese ball is the best snack for parties, Game Day and more. The flavor is amazing and everyone loves the pepperoni.
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5. Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies Recipe

These bacon wrapped smokies make the perfect appetizer. The brown sugar and bacon combine for a great recipe.

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies Recipe
Everyone loves this really easy Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies Recipe. These little smokes come together in about 35 minutes and will disappear before your eyes! The combination of bacon and brown sugar is magical!
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6. Crockpot BBQ Little Smokies

Put the slow to work with these tasty little smokies. The BBQ sauce is fabulous and simmered to perfection. This is one of the easiest appetizers but always a huge hit.

Crockpot bbq little smokies
Try Crockpot bbq little smokies for a quick and easy appetizer idea without any work. With just 3 simple ingredients, this recipe comes together easily in the slow cooker for the best little smokies recipe. The sauce is so delicious and flavorful.
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Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t complete without a turkey breast or whole turkey. Choose from several easy recipes that even include the slow cooker. We have easy and delicious options for everyone.

7. How to Roast a Turkey

Learn the tips and tricks to roast a turkey for Thanksgiving. It is seasoned to perfection. Each bite will be full of flavor and so tender.

How to roast a turkey
Learn how to roast a turkey that is tender, juicy and packed with flavor. This oven baked turkey is so easy and really delicious.
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8. How to Cook a Turkey in a Bag

It is very simple to use a bag to cook a turkey. We have the easy step by step instructions. Once you see how simple this is, you will love cooking turkey this way.

How to Cook a Turkey in a Bag
Learn How to Cook a Turkey in a Bag for tender and flavorful turkey every time. This fool proof way to cook turkey is the easiest Thanksgiving turkey!
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9. Air fryer turkey breast 

Utilize the air fryer to make a flavorful and moist turkey breast. It is quick and delicious. No one will guess it was cooked in the air fryer.

Air fryer turkey breast 
Air fryer turkey breast is a game changer! Enjoy turkey that is crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. The air fryer makes it easy.
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10. Crockpot turkey breast

If you do not want to cook an entire turkey, just cook a turkey breast. It is so simple and the perfect size for a smaller crowd.

Crockpot turkey breast
Crockpot turkey breast is flavorful and so delicious while being super easy. Once you try it, you will be hooked on this amazing but effortless meal.
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11. Oven roasted turkey breast

Follow these easy steps to perfectly roast a turkey breast. The seasonings give it the best flavor.

Oven roasted turkey breast
Oven roasted turkey breast is so tender and juicy. It is seasoned to perfection and perfect for any holiday dinner.
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Thanksgiving Ham Recipes

If you prefer to serve ham at Thanksgiving, try one of these easy recipes. They are all so easy to make and delicious.

12. Crockpot Spiral Ham Recipe 

It is so easy to make a spiral ham in the slow cooker. The ham is tender and packed with flavor. The slow cooker makes this effortless.

Crockpot Spiral Ham Recipe
Learn how to make Crockpot Spiral Ham Recipe in the slow cooker for an easy and delicious meal idea. Whether you are serving ham for a big holiday dinner or Sunday lunch for your family, this recipe makes it so easy.
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13. Instant Pot Ham

Cook a ham in hardly anytime at all thanks to the pressure cooker. It is so simple and a great way to cook a ham.

Instant Pot Ham
Make delicious instant pot ham in minutes thanks to the pressure cooker. The ham is tender and flavorful for a great meal.
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14. How to cook spiral ham

It is super easy to cook a spiral ham. Learn how to bake it to perfection for the best ham each and every time.

How to cook spiral ham
We are going to show you how to cook spiral ham that has the absolute best glaze. This ham is tender and delicious and will be the star of any holiday dinner!
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Easy thanksgiving side dishes

Turkey isn’t complete without lots of delicious side dishes. Everyone knows you have to have mashed potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs and more. Here are several Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes you can try for the best side dishes.

15. Green bean casserole recipe

Make this classic green bean casserole for the best comfort style dish. It has the best cream sauce and topped with crispy fried onions.

Green bean casserole recipe
This delicious Green bean casserole recipe is sure to be a hit. From the crispy topping to the creamy sauce, this side dish is perfect for family dinner, holidays and more.
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16. Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Mashed potatoes are even easier in the slow cooker. Whip up a batch of the creamiest mashed potatoes for a tasty side dish.

Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Make Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes Recipe to easily feed a crowd. This effortless way to make mashed potatoes is perfect for holiday cooking. Everyone will love these creamy mashed potatoes.
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17. Sweet potato casserole

Luscious sweet potato filling is topped with pecans, marshmallows and more.

Sweet potato casserole
There isn’t anything more classic than this delicious Sweet potato casserole. Layers of sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows and pecans make this more like a dessert than a side dish. Yum!
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18. Sausage Stuffing

This stuffing recipe is packed with hearty sausage, seasoning and more.

Sausage Stuffing
This easy Sausage stuffing is hearty and delicious. This recipe makes our holiday table complete as the sausage gives it a ton of flavor for the best stuffing.
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19. Crock Pot Green Bean Casserole Recipe

Free up oven space and make a traditional Green Bean Casserole in the slow cooker. The results are so tasty.

Crock Pot Green Bean Casserole Recipe
Free up the oven this holiday season with this crock pot green bean casserole recipe! It turns out amazing and is one less dish to worry about. It’s so easy that you’ll make this slow cooker green bean casserole recipe every time.
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20. Crockpot Stuffing

The slow cooker makes it simple to make the perfect stuffing for the holidays.

Crockpot Stuffing
Crockpot stuffing is so simple to make and will be everyone’s favorite side dish during the holidays. The slow cooker does all of the work and cooks everything to perfection.
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21. Easy Cranberry Sauce

Homemade cranberry sauce is incredibly simple to make. You only need 3 ingredients for this easy and delicious recipe.

Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry sauce is so easy to make with just 3 ingredients. It is tangy, sweet and perfect for your holiday meal. Try it today for an easy side dish.
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22. Cheesy potato casserole recipe

There is so much cheese combined with potatoes and more. This is the best comfort food and always a crowd favorite.

Cheesy potato casserole recipe
Cheesy potato casserole recipe is a super easy side dish and perfect for any holiday, family dinner and more. Tons of cheese, creamy potatoes and more combine for the absolute best cheesy potatoes.
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23. Crock pot Creamed Corn

Creamed Corn is rich and creamy. The slow cooker makes it effortless for an easy side.

Crock pot Creamed Corn
Crock pot Creamed Corn is the best comfort food and so creamy and delicious. The slow cooker makes it easy and the results are yummy!
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24. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Change things up and make mashed sweet potatoes. It is a great flavor change to traditional mashed potatoes.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Try mashed sweet potatoes for a fun twist on classic mashed potatoes. Each bite is sweet and buttery and the recipe is so easy to make.
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25. Crockpot Cheesy Potatoes

Cheesy Potatoes in the slow cooker make a fantastic dish everyone will rave about.

Crockpot Cheesy Potatoes
Let’s get excited about this super easy Crockpot Cheesy Potatoes. Next time you have a pot luck or a family dinner, you really need to make this super simple crock pot cheesy potato recipe. Everyone will go crazy for it!
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26. Crock pot sweet potato casserole

This casserole is packed with tender diced sweet potatoes and the best topping.

Crock pot sweet potato casserole
Crock pot sweet potato casserole is a delicious blend of diced sweet potatoes coated in brown sugar and more. Each bite is topped with pecans and mini marshmallows.
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27. Stuffing Muffins

This is a great way to use leftover stuffing and turn them into muffins. It is such a fun way to enjoy stuffing and you can top with gravy.

Stuffing Muffins
Turn pantry staples into stuffing muffins that are flavorful and delicious. They are so easy to make and always a hit.
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Best Rolls for Thanksgiving

Bread is a must with a Thanksgiving meal. You need something to dip into gravy! Try some of these easy ideas for bread to serve.

28. Easy homemade dinner rolls recipe

Learn how to easily make homemade dinner rolls. They are soft and fluffy.

Easy homemade dinner rolls recipe
This Easy homemade dinner rolls recipe is going to be a big hit with your entire family! They are light and fluffy and even better with a little extra butter on top!
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29. 30 Minute Dinner Rolls

You only need 30 minutes to make the best homemade dinner rolls. They are delicious with lunch or dinner on Thanksgiving.

30 Minute Dinner Rolls
30 Minute Dinner Rolls is the perfect solution when you want homemade bread but don’t have much time. Enjoy soft and fluffy yeast rolls in just 30 minutes!
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30. Kings Hawaiian Rolls Recipe

If you love Kings Hawaiian Rolls, learn how to make them at home. They are even better than store bought and super easy to make.

Kings Hawaiian Rolls Recipe
You are going to love this Kings Hawaiian Rolls Recipe. It is so easy to make and tastes just like the real thing. Save yourself some money and make Kings Hawaiian Rolls at home.
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31. Copycat Texas roadhouse rolls

Enjoy these Texas Roadhouse rolls at home for a great holiday meal. These rolls are so fluffy and yummy.

Copycat Texas roadhouse rolls
You are going to learn how to make Copycat Texas roadhouse rolls at home. You are going to love how easy these buttery, copycat rolls are to make.
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Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Any good Thanksgiving meal is concluded with a decadent dessert. Whether you like traditional pumpkin pie or prefer something different, here are several easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes for you to try.

32. Easy Pecan Pie Recipe

Each slice of this old fashioned pecan pie is luscious and decadent. It is the perfect ending to a great meal.

Pecan Pie
This easy pecan pie recipe is sweet and delicious. Try this classic pie recipe for a real Southern treat. It is perfect for holidays but easy enough to enjoy all year.
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33. Pumpkin cheesecake bars

The combination of pumpkin and cheesecake make the perfect fall dessert. Each layer is luscious and it is very simple to make.

Pumpkin cheesecake bars
Layers of cheesecake, pumpkin and graham cracker crust make the best Pumpkin cheesecake bars. This easy treat will soon be a Fall favorite and it’s easy too.
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34. Sweet potato pie recipe

Sweet Potato Pie is a classic dessert that is incredibly easy to make. This is a Southern staple and always a hit.

Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet potato pie recipe is the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving and super easy. Everyone will enjoy this classic dessert with the perfect blend of spices. Top with whipped cream and you are set.
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35. Pecan pie cheesecake bars

This dessert combines pecan pie and cheesecake into a fabulous treat. The layers are decadent and so rich.

Pecan pie cheesecake bars
Pecan pie cheesecake bars combine luscious pecan pie with cheesecake for a decadent dessert. These bars are so delicious and really easy.
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36. No Bake Pumpkin Pie

Rich and creamy no bake pumpkin pie takes just minutes to mix together. The whipped topping is so amazing combined with the pumpkin in each slice.

No Bake Pumpkin Pie
No Bake Pumpkin Pie is a creamy dessert perfect for Fall. The prep work is minimum and the results are fabulous.
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37.Crock Pot Apple Crisp

Your kitchen will smell amazing as this Apple Crisp cooks in the slow cooker. Top each serving with vanilla ice cream or whipped topping.

Crock Pot Apple Crisp
Crock Pot Apple Crisp is an easy fall dessert and made with simple ingredients. This apple cinnamon dessert is made with apple pie filling and topped with amazing granola flavor.
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38. Pumpkin pie cake

Everything you love about pumpkin pie is combined in this cake recipe. It is packed with pumpkin flavor.

Pumpkin Pie Cake
Pumpkin pie cake is so easy to make and it all starts with a cake mix. If you are a pumpkin fan, you will love this decadent cake with chopped pecans, pumpkin and more!
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Try these easy Thanksgiving recipes.

There are so many tasty recipes to try. The hardest part about these recipes will be deciding which one to make first.

Go ahead and make your list. It is going to be a great Thanksgiving packed with amazing food.

Try these delicious Thanksgiving side dishes and Thanksgiving dessert recipes. Easy Thanksgiving Recipes you will love and they are quick and easy! This list include main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts so you can easily make a full meal.  This list includes easy crock pot recipes too and recipes that are great for adults and for kids too.  #onecrazymom #thanksgivingrecipes #easyrecipes

More Thanksgiving Ideas:

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