We have 12 Halloween party games for kids that are fun and frugal. Give these a try for tons of fun without much work.

Halloween party games don't have to be expensive. Try these fun and easy Halloween Party Games for Kids that won't cost you a thing! These DIY Halloween party games are perfect for kids and for teams.  #onecrazymom #halloweenpartyideas #halloweenpartygames

Halloween party games for kids

Halloween party games for kids are not hard to find. The list is endless out there for games and activities to share with your little ones. It gets a bit tougher, however, when you have to find Halloween party games that are free.

Most games seem to require some level of investment to enjoy and the costs can rise quickly. Fortunately, there are a number of free classics out there that you can enjoy on Halloween.

We have compiled a list of games that kids will love that do not cost a fortune. These Halloween activities require minimum prep work while being budget friendly.

This list is packed with super fun Halloween games for kids such as scavenger hunts, ring toss, Halloween themed games and more. Get ready for tons of fun.

Halloween games for kids.

Fun and Free Halloween Party Games for Kids

Let’s get started with this list of free Halloween party games for kids that will keep them laughing and having a blast.

1. Trick or Treasure?

Get five or ten containers (shoe boxes are ideal but anything small) and fill them up with various random funny items. A piece of toilet paper, a rock, a pile of leaves, a blade of grass or anything that might get a chuckle when they open it up.

Inside one of the containers (make sure you have one for each guest that plays), put a nice bag of Halloween candy. Line up all the boxes on the table and have the kids search the back yard (or room) for little hand made coins or tokens that allow them to open a box.

The person that finds the prize wins the candy! One box per child to keep it fair. Wait until every kid has got a box before opening them in a circle one by one. This fun diy Halloween game is a spin off of trick or treat.

2. The Hanging Tree Ghost

This classic game is often played with red and green apples but it can also be played with other things. We always liked to cut out paper ghosts and color only one of them white.

The others would be various colors but of the same exact shape. Hang the ghosts from a tree with string and have the kids blindfolded.

Then spin them in a circle to get a bit dizzy. Aim them in the direction of the hanging ghosts and tell them to pick only one.

The game ends when someone finally picks the white ghost. This game is fun for all ages!

3. The Missing Pumpkin

Have all of your guests bring a small pumpkin with them for the party. When it is time for the game, hand the mini pumpkins out.

Sit all of your little ones in a circle and have them put their backs to the inside of the circle. Then give them all one pumpkin making sure to have one less pumpkin then you have kids.

Have them pass the pumpkins quickly around to their left as you begin playing spooky music. When the music stops, whomever is left without a pumpkin is out.

This is very similar to musical chairs. Continue until there is a winner.

4. Witch Toss

When it comes to free Halloween party games for kids, you have to get a bit creative sometimes. Witch toss is a fun game that requires a little preparation but can pay huge dividends in a house full of kids.

Start by finding a huge cardboard box that is well built and won’t fall apart. Cut several strategic holes in it and draw a large witch on the box. You can even add a witches hat if you have one.

Have the kids toss bean bags into the various parts of the witch. If you don’t have any bean bags, that is ok – you can use corn or bean in baggies.

The kids won’t care what they use for this game! Give points for certain spots and keep score! It is always a ton of fun to play this bean bag toss game.

5. Ghoul Tag

This is my all time favorite Halloween party game for kids and it is also the easiest. Every kid on the planet has probably played tag with their friends. However, few have played ghoul tag.

This is done by having all the kids lurch around rather than run. No running allowed as all the kids must have a peg leg like a ghoul or hunchback.

This makes tag fun and funny at the same time. Plus it costs nothing to do and race to the finish line.

6. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Grab this free printable to have a kid friendly scavenger hunt. There are different options based on reading level.

Kids will have a blast racing to see who can find all of the items on the scavenger list first.

7. Halloween Tin Can Bowling

Upcycle tin cans into a fun bowling game. You can decorate them as pumpkins for pumpkin bowling or ghosts.

This DIY can easily be decorated for any theme.

8. Marshmallow Toss

Decorate cups or containers to use for this fun Marshmallow Toss game. It is so much fun to set up and play.

Get kids involved helping to make this game too. It is a blast.

9. Poke a Pumpkin

This festive game uses paper cups, tissue paper and small toys or candy prizes. The cups are arranged into the shape of a pumpkin for a run game the kids will like.

10. Halloween Bingo Game

Get these free printables for a fun game of Halloween Bingo. From jack o lanterns to spider webs, this themed game is festive and fun to play.

11. Feed the Monster Halloween Game

You can easily make a monster out of a cardboard box and turn it into a DIY game. Kids can toss balls into the monster for a fun game of toss.

12. Pumpkin Pinata

No need to spend a ton of money on a store bought pinata. Make this super easy and fun Pumpkin Pinata.

It will be the hit of the party. Kids will have a blast playing with this and getting candy.

Easy Halloween party games for kids.

Try these Free Halloween party games for kids for a ton of fun. The next time you have a Halloween party, these will definitely be the hit of the part.

Halloween party games don't have to be expensive. Try these fun Halloween Party Games for Kids that won't cost you a thing! These DIY Halloween party games are perfect for kids and for teams.  #onecrazymom #halloweenpartyideas #halloweenpartygames

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