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My kids love yogurt, so we can have so many empty yogurt cups in the recycle bin its crazy! As a fun summer project, we decided to see how we could reduce our waste and reuse the yogurt cups in fun new ways. This is what my kids and I came up with –

1. Mini Paint Pot

We have been working on a lot of different DIY projects at home, so the yogurt cups were just the right size for the little bit of paint we needed for touch up projects around the house.

2. Glue Holder

What? If you are a crafty person, you probably own a bottle of Aleene’s Tacky Glue. I love this glue, but it can take forever to get it out of the bottle. I cut a whole in the bottom of a yogurt cup and sat the glue bottle in the yogurt cup, upside down. Doing this ensures my glue is ready to go when I need it. You will understand if you have used this glue before.

3. Seed Starter

My kids love gardening! Starting plants from seeds can be difficult outside, so my kids thought using yogurt cups as seed starters would be a great idea. The cups are just the right size for just about any seedling. Just poke a hole in the bottle of the cup before you put your soil in. I also saw over at Vanessa’s Ventures that she used a baby food jar on top of the soil to create a mini greenhouse. We just had to try it and it worked fabulously!

4. Funnel

If you are in a pinch you can use a yogurt cup as a funnel. Simply punch a hole in the bottom of the cup (not too big) and you’ve got it. We happened to make some homemade pancake syrup the other day and I couldn’t find my funnel. This little trick worked great!

pom pom reuse yogurt cups

5. Pom Pom Shooter

Now this idea belongs completely to my children! First, we cut a hole out of the bottom of the yogurt cup (don’t cut out the entire bottom, about half of it). Then we cut off the top part of a balloon. Start with a little, you can always trim off more later. Finally, we put the balloon over the cut hole. I also wrapped a rubber band around the edge of the balloon for added stability. We used a large pom pom as our ammo, but you could also use a marshmallow. 😉 This was so much fun it was crazy!

6. Bubble Station Refills

If you tend to have kids collect at your house, why not have a bubble station? You can fill an Sun Tea Jar (with a spout) with bubble solution. You can use yogurt cups so each kid can have their own amount of bubbles. Be sure to have enough wands for everyone, too. My little one inevitably drops the bubble bottle, so the yogurt cup is much easier for him to deal with (plus it doesn’t spill as much when he drops it). 😉

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