25 New Years Eve party ideas for kids that are budget friendly and sure to be a blast. Try these family friendly New Years Eve ideas everyone will enjoy.

Party balloons and favors.

New Years Eve Party Ideas for Kids

I love celebrating New Years with my kids. I thought I would share some quick New years Eve party ideas without spending much money.

In fact, invite family and friends over to celebrate with you. I promise… you don’t have to spend a fortune to celebrate. Some of these ideas are even free.

How do you make New Years Eve fun for kids?

There is no need to spend tons of time and money throwing a lavish party. Kid’s don’t need tons of fancy décor and food.

Toss together some simple food, a few balloons and simple party games. Kids do not need much to have fun.

25 New Years Eve party ideas for families

You are going to love these fun and budget friendly ideas for the best party yet.

Fireworks in the sky.

1. Do the Countdown early.

Unless you have teenagers, kids just can’t handle staying up till midnight for the ball drop. Extend their bedtime by an hour or two and make that the New Years mark.

Make it a big deal like it really is midnight and they really won’t care that it’s early. Include party favors such as glow sticks and noise makers for a fun New Year’s activity.

2. Make it a Pajama party.

Instead of dressing in your New Years best, wear your PJs. The kids will love this idea and even the adults will have a lot more fun being comfortable in their pajamas.

Pigs in a blanket on platter.

3. Skip Dinner and serve finger foods.

Kids will absolutely love having finger foods for the party.

Some ideas include:

Pinwheels stacked together.

This idea will definitely be a hit with the kids.

4. Potluck Style

If you are inviting friends and family over, ask them to bring a finger food.

Let guests bring anything they want. It is a great time to utilize what is in the fridge.

You are not spending any money if you are making from what you already have.

5. Play classic family games.

You don’t have to spend a dime on fun activities to do with your kids. Turn off the TV. Play hide-n-seek, charades, musical chairs, hot potato, tic tac toe, and hopscotch.

6. Make your own party hats.

Grab the stuff you have laying around and you can make your own party hats for New Year’s Eve.. It isn’t difficult and everyone will love it.

7. Decorate with what you have.

Decorations make the party.. don’t you think? However, don’t spend money.

Have the kids Cut out letters saying “2023” or “Happy New Years”. Add some twine or string and you just made a banner.

Do you have balloons left over from a birthday party? Blow them up and toss them around.

Cotton Candy drink in glass beside a spoon.

8. Make your own “Sparkling Drink”

No need to spend money on a sparkling beverage for the kids when you can easily make your own. All you need is Sprite and some juice.

You will also love this 2 ingredient Cotton Candy Drink recipe.

9. Make a party punch

This Party punch recipe only has 3 simple ingredients.

10. Balloon Countdown

Turn inexpensive balloons into a New Year’s Clock Countdown. This is easy to put together and fun.

Glitter dipped fortune cookies in a bag.

11. Glitter Dipped Fortune Cookies

These glitter adorned fortune cookies make the cutest party favors to take home.

12. Sugar Cone Party Horns

Store bought ice cream cones get transformed into party horns. These can also double as party favors.

13. Champagne Glass Treats

Serve these kid friendly glasses with cupcakes and candy. It is perfect for a celebration.

14. New Year’s Crescent Dippers

Turn plain crescent rolls into a fun appetizer perfect to bring in the new year.

15. Mocktails for Kids

Whip up these kid friendly drinks to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

16. New Years Slime

This fun slime DIY is a blast to make and play with. It is perfect for a party.

Photo booth party favors.

17. Photo Booth Props

Snag free printable photo booth props. These are so cute to preserve the memories.

18. DIY Party Crackers

Make homemade party crackers for a fun party basket. These also make great decor ideas until ready to use.

19. New Years Bingo Printable

Bingo is always a blast and these printables look so festive.

20. Paper Plate Shakers

Turn leftover paper plates into fun party shakers.

Fireworks ring on hands.

21. Fireworks Ring Craft

Use simple pipe cleaners to make these fun Fireworks Rings.

22. New Year’s Activities for Kids

From party poppers and glitter wands and more, there are lots of fun activities to choose from.

23. Shooting Star Pull Piñata

This shooting star themed piñata is perfect for a celebration.

24. Party Printables

Transform plain drinks and more into personalized party gear with these free printables.

25. Family Friendly Party Ideas

Try these family friendly ideas for a fun party complete with a dance off.

Money doesn’t make a party – the family does.

No need to spend a ton of money or time. Just use what you have and gather the family around.

It’s about memories and experiences and not spending tons of money with lavish parties.

Give these kids new years eve party ideas a try.

You don’t have to spend money or go anywhere fancy to have a great time. It can be hard to find places to go for New Years Eve with family.

Try some of these New Year’s Eve party ideas for kids that will make for a fun night. 

Balloons and party favors.

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