We’ve rounded up the 35 best candy corn decorations that you will love. Get ready for Fall with these candy corn decor ideas.

35 of the best candy corn decorations that you will love. Get ready for Fall and Halloween with these DIY candy corn decor ideas. Ideas include wooden decor, crafts, mason jars, wreaths and large outdoor ideas. Learn how to make the best candy corn decor. #onecrazymom #candycorndecorations #diycandycorndecor

Candy Corn Decorations

Lift everyone’s holiday spirit by making some candy corn Halloween decorations. These are festive orange and white crafts perfect for the holiday season.

35 of the best candy corn decorations that you will love. Get ready for Fall and Halloween with these DIY candy corn decor ideas. Ideas include wooden decor, crafts, mason jars, wreaths and large outdoor ideas. Learn how to make the best candy corn decor for your home. #onecrazymom #candycorndecorations #diycandycorndecor

1. Reversible Candy Corn

This candy corn inspired idea can change into Christmas trees.

Reversible Candy Corn
Make this cute reversible candy corn and Christmas tree holiday craft out of only one 1×12 wood board. It’s a fall and winter decoration all in one!
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2. Felt Banner

It looks lovely on a mantel making it a fantastic decor for Halloween.

Felt Candy Corn Banner
This cute felt banner is perfect for decorating for fall and would look great on a mantel.
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3. DIY Candy Corn Garland

This DIY garland is a beautiful and fun holiday decor worth trying.

DIY Candy Corn Garland
For some reason, I feel like this really cool craft supply has been relegated to the “kids-only” craft section and I really don’t know why.
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4. Candy Corn Wreath

Add this wreath as a festive decoration to your upcoming Halloween party.

Candy Corn Wreath
This candy corn wreath is the perfect decoration for your Halloween party whether it is inside or outside.
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5. Starburst Candle Holder

Transform your favorite sugary treat with this holiday decor that you can easily and quickly make.

Starburst Candy Corn Halloween Candle Holder
Since nothing says Halloween like CANDY, I turned a few sugary pieces of yum into a pretty Halloween decoration — in less than 5 minutes.  
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6. DIY Candy Corn Card

It is a fantastic craft you can quickly make in less than an hour.

Sweet and Simple DIY Candy Corn Card
What could be sweeter than learning how to make this handmade Sweet and Simple DIY Candy Corn Card?
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7. Candy Ball

These are festive starburst like balls inspired by your favorite treat.

Candy Corn Ball
This my idea for cheap modern easy decoration.
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8. Crochet Backpack

It is easy and fantastic for your trick or treating time with family.

Candy Corn Backpack
Learn how to crochet a SWEET candy corn themed backpack in this beginner-friendly crochet tutorial.
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9. Cookies

This easy recipe creates festive desserts perfect for Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Candy Corn Cookies
Start your Fall baking with this Candy corn cookies recipe. Soft and fluffy sugar cookies are so amazing and even more delicious with candy corn!
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10. DIY Painted Bottles

It is a wonderful craft that you can easily make in under 15 minutes. You will need white paint, yellow paint and orange paint for a candy corn theme.

DIY Painted Candy Corn Bottles
I bought yellow spray paint and made painted candy corn bottles!
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11. Veggie Tray

Try this tasty and healthy veggie tray, perfect for everyone this Halloween.

Candy Corn Veggie Tray
A festive & healthier Halloween party tray idea, ready in 30 minutes or less.
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12. Candy Corn Kids

It is an easy to make Halloween craft with simple supplies that comes together quickly.

Candy Corn Kids
Candy Corn Kids are easy to make, cute, and make a great decoration in a classroom or home. 
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13. Candy Pots

It is an easy and cheap candy gift idea perfect for everyone.

Candy Corn Candy Pots
These Candy Corn Candy Pots are a fun fall craft to make, even the kids can help!
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14. Mason Jar Luminaries

The colors of these jars are exactly like your favorite treat.

Candy Corn Mason Jar Luminaries
This iconic striped candy is what inspired these candy corn luminaries that adorn my front stoop
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15. Pompom Wreaths

It is a bright, colorful decor with corn striped bows that everyone will love. 

Candy Corn Pompom Wreath
These candy corn pompom wreaths are inspired by my favorite fall candy and my addiction to pompoms! 
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16. Decorative Candles

These DIY decorative candles are festive home decorations perfect for autumn.

DIY Candy Corn Decorative Candles
And even though many folks don't like the taste of it, candy corn does make a fun home decor motif during the fall season.
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17. Throw Pillows

Design your own themed throw pillows using leftover fabric scraps.

Candy Corn Throw Pillow
This candy corn patchwork pillow was made with fabric scraps left over from quilting projects.
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18. Felt Treat Bag

It is a helpful bag for collecting mini rocks or keeping small candies and marbles.

Candy Corn Felt Treat Bag
This easy craft tutorial makes candy corn shaped treat bags from felt fabric for a simple Halloween sewing project you can do in one afternoon.
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19. Witches’ Vitamins

The witch hats are on top of a mason jar filled with treats.

Witches’ Vitamins
They’re the perfect circumference to top off a mason jar, or just to use as party decor, party favors or teacher’s gifts!
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20. Coffee Filter Craft

Try this craft if you’re looking for a fun decoration to hang on your front door.

Coffee Filter Candy Corn
Using dyed coffee filters, this candy corn project is such a fun door hanging for Halloween!
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21. Earrings

Candy corn earrings are inexpensive and easy to create, made of clay.

Candy Corn Earrings
Today I have a fun little project for you; some festive earrings made from one of my favorite supplies, Sculpey clay.
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22. Button Art

It is a button art piece with basic materials that come together quickly for an easy Halloween craft.

Candy Corn Button Art
 thought a button candy corn would add some nice color and texture to my Fall mantel.
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23. Sugar Scrub

You will surely have glowing, smooth, and soft skin with this sugar scrub. It is an easy project.

Candy Corn Sugar Scrub
It’s so fun to make and would be a perfect handmade gift to someone special this Halloween!
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24. String Art

Display this candy corn craft on a mantle or shelf and experience the Halloween vibes!

Candy Corn String Art
I’m excited to share how to make Candy Corn String Art, in just a few steps.
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25. Popsicle Stick Craft

It is a unique holiday decoration that anyone can easily make at home for fall decor.

Popsicle Stick Candy Corn Craft
Create your own unique candy corn decoration with some simple popsicle sticks and a little bit of creative flair.
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26. Pumpkin With Felt Ruffles 

This holiday craft combines your favorite pumpkin and candy into fantastic home decor.

Candy Corn Ruffled Felt Pumpkin
See how to make a candy corn pumpkin using felt ruffles that is perfect for fall!
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27. Candy Corn Flowers On Paper

These flowers on paper are adorable decorations, and kids can help make them. It requires simple supplies like candy corn, green glitter, and glue that come together quickly.

Candy Corn Flowers on Paper
Keep your kids entertained and inspire their creativity with this fun paper craft.
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28. Wood Candy Corn

Wood candy corn is a fantastic craft you can quickly make for the holidays. It includes materials such as acrylic paint, paintbrush, sandpaper, chip brush, and lint free cloth.

Wood Candy Corn
And with that I need to make lots of new pieces to decorate the seasons with. Including these adorable wood candy corn.
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29. Candy Corn Cheese Tray

Don’t worry about a festive and delicious snack at your upcoming Halloween party. This cheese tray with chips forms like your favorite corn. Serve it alongside queso dip or bowls of salsa for an extra burst of flavor.

Candy Corn Cheese Tray
This Candy Corn Cheese Tray takes minutes to put together and taste WAY better than real candy corn!
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30. Halloween Centerpiece

Make a lovely holiday centerpiece with this quick and easy to make home decor. You will need four supplies: candy corn, flowers, scissors, and big and small vases. Halloween centerpiece is a great addition to your holiday decoration you will love!

Halloween Candy Corn Centerpiece
 If you’re hosting an upcoming fall or Halloween party, we have a quick and easy centerpiece that guarantee to brighten up your table.
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31. Candy Corn Ornaments

These ornaments involve clear ornament balls, candy corn, and ornament hooks. It is a festive ornament that will surely be a crowd favorite. You can hang them on garland or a wreath on your door.

Candy Corn Ornaments
This is literally the easiest DIY ever, but you’ll want to make sure you purchase clear ornament balls that are at least two inches in diameter for a very important reason: so you can get the candy corn inside!
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32. Candy Corn Soap

Are you looking for a fantastic party favor at your next Halloween celebration? You can make this soap in less than 15 minutes with minimal effort. It is a cute craft that smells and resembles exactly like candy corn.

Candy Corn Soap
This easy DIY Candy Corn Soap is totally adorable, and it only takes about 15 minutes of work to create! 
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33. Fruit Cups 

These candy corn fruit cups have vibrant layers of fruits that everyone will love. It contains pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, and coconut whipped cream that comes together quickly. Serve these dairy free, plant based, vegan desserts at your next holiday party. 

Candy Corn Fruit Parfait
This super simple Candy Corn Fruit Cups made with mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, and coconut whipped cream is a healthy and festive candy-free Halloween dessert!
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34. Festive Juice Boxes Using Duck Tape

Make this easy, cute, and festive craft with your leftover juice boxes. It is a fun holiday decor to make with your loved ones, especially with kids. Enjoy spending time with family while creating these candy corn juice boxes using duck tape!

Candy Corn Juice Box
uice boxes aren’t inherently exciting, so I knew I gave myself the challenge of coming up with a fun way to make them Halloween themed.
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35. Cute Felt Ornament

You can easily and quickly make this cute candy corn felt ornament at home. It includes the following supplies: felt, thread, iron on adhesive, button, and standard mat.

Cute Candy Corn Felt Ornament
A candy corn ornament that can double as a gift topper? Yes please! DIY felt ornaments with your ScanNCut are easy, fun, and endlessly customizable.
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35 of the best candy corn decorations that everyone will love. Get ready for Fall and Halloween with these DIY candy corn decor ideas. Ideas include wooden decor, crafts, mason jars, wreaths and large outdoor ideas. Learn how to make the best candy corn decor. #onecrazymom #candycorndecorations #diycandycorndecor

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