We have compiled a huge list of 35 Fall Crafts for Kids and easy crafts for Toddlers. Many of these will take you through Fall, Halloween and even Thanksgiving!

We have compiled a huge list of 35 Fall Crafts for Kids and easy crafts for Toddlers. Many of these will take you through Fall, Halloween and even Thanksgiving! These ideas include pumpkins, apples, fall leaves and more. #oncecrazymom #fallcraftsforkids #fallcraftsfortoddlers #fallcraftsforpreschoolers

Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Whether you have toddlers or older children, you will love these easy fall kids crafts for kids of all ages. Even better, many of these use items you probably already have.

These easy Fall craft ideas for kids are sure to be a hit with everyone. They are so fun and festive for this time of year. There are so many adorable ones and you will keep the kids busy all season long. Happiness is homemade and these activities will provide so much fun for the whole family.

We have compiled a big list of 35 easy Fall Crafts for Kids and easy crafts for Toddlers. Many of these will take you through Fall, Halloween and even Thanksgiving! These ideas include pumpkins, apples, fall leaves and much more. #oncecrazymom #fallcraftsforkids #fallcraftsfortoddlers #fallcraftsforpreschoolers

Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall tree with fingerprint leaves.

1. Fall Q-Tip Tree

Make this fun Fall Tree using Q-Tips to make leaves in lot’s of pretty Fall colors on construction paper. You could even save and frame this fall themed tree.

Paper plate painted as jack o lantern.

2. Easiest Paper Plate Pumpkin Craft

This fall activity is so simple because there is no cutting or gluing! And you have the option of making a pumpkin or turning it into a Jack O’ Lantern with an extra step!

Cookie Cutter in playdough.

3. Ginberbread Playdough

Oh I have a fun idea for you to do with the kids this week. Together make gingerbread playdough. It is so easy to make, and it smells amazing for the perfect autumn craft.

You will want to take a bite out of it, is smells so wonderful.

Apple stamping art work.

4. Apple Stamping Craft

This apple craft looks amazing on constructions paper. It is so easy and inexpensive to make for an activity for toddlers and preschoolers. It is a great craft if you are working on the letter “A” with your child.

Apple stamping crafts would also be a festive fall art project to do with your kids.

Popsicle Stick scarecrow craft completed.

5. Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft 

Make a fun Fall Scarecrow using popsicle sticks and a little paint. Kids will have a blast painting this fun craft with a few basic craft supplies.

Burlap placemats on the table.

6. Burlap Placemats

These beautiful placemats are simple to make but bring maximum impact to your table. This easy Autumn craft is perfect to include older kids to make fall decor.

Moon sand in someone's hand.

7. Pumpkin Moon Sand Recipe

Moon sand is really easy to whip up and makes for some fantastic fun.  It has a fun texture different from other mood sand recipes.

Tissue paper tree.

8. Tissue Paper Fall Tree Craft 

You can make an adorable Fall Tree with fall leaves using tissue paper. Scrunching tissue is a fine motor skill activity so perfect for little ones. It’s also fun for older children!

Playdough with shapes.

9. Homemade Playdough 

This is a simple recipe for playdough that can be made in 15 minutes or less. This is an inexpensive hands on activity for kids that everyone will love.

Puffy pumpkin with lacing using string.

10. Puffy Pumpkin Lacing

This fun Puffy Pumpkin Lacing activity combines a fun fall craft with a little fine motor practice! Love learning activities that are fun!

Rolled Craft formed into a pumpkin.

11. Easy Rolled Paper Pumpkin Craft

The kids will be amazed at how this rolled paper turns into a gorgeous pumpkin. It’s also a great way to use up scrap paper and make your home festive.

Fall crafts for toddlers

Grab the little ones and get started. Many of these are awesome learning activities as well. Try these Fall crafts for toddlers age 2.

Fall leaf painting on paper.

12. Fall Leaf Painting

This simple painting activity uses leaves that you collected and pretty paint colors. Take a fall walk and gather your leaves.

Apple stamping artwork.

13. Apple Stamping Craft 

This apple stamping craft looks amazing, but it is so easy and inexpensive to make.

Child making fingerprint tree.

14. Fingerprint Trees 

Children use their fingerprints to make Fall trees with paint. This is also good for hand eye coordination.

Toilet paper craft into a turkey.

15. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey Craft 

I love crafts that recycle items we already have. This Turkey craft uses toilet paper rolls to make cute turkeys.

Lego stamped corn on the cob.

16.  Lego Stamped Indian Corn Craft for Kids

Kid’s love Lego’s and this fun craft using them to make Indian Corn Art Work. It’s the perfect way to re-purpose old Lego’s.

Pool noodle artwork.

17. Pumpkin Printing with Pool Noodles 

This is a super simple Fall craft using leftover pool noodles to make pumpkins! You can get these super cheap at the end of Summer.

Scarecrow art work.

18. Shape Scarecrow Craft 

Teach kids about different shapes and colors with this fun scarecrow craft. It is adorable and so fun!

Potato stamping with a leaf design.

19. Fall Leaf Potato Stamping

Use what you have at home and let the kids have a blast stamping with potatoes. The leaf art will be so pretty for Fall.

Toilet paper roll made into a scarecrow.

20. Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow

This is adorable and even includes crinkle paper for the diy scarecrow hair.

Paper plate tree with apples.

21. Paper Plate Apple Tree Kid Craft

With a few supplies and paint, this easy craft comes together to make a fun apple tree.

Apple made with red yarn.

22. Yarn Apple

Lots of red yarn make the cutest apple combined with a paper plate.

Pinecone craft with apples.

23. Pinecone Craft

This darling apple tree is crafted using pinecones. I bet you can use toilet paper rolls in this craft for an easy swap for the wood trunks.

Mosaic apple design.

24. Mosaic Apple

Make a mosaic apple for a fun fall craft that also is great for fine motor skills.

Apple scented playdough in container.

25. Apple Scented Playdough

Apple scented playdough smells delicious and is so much fun to make.

Child holding stained glass apple.

26. Stained Glass Apple

Kids can easily make a beautiful stained-glass apple using this easy template.

Stained glass etched leaves on glass.

27. Leaf Suncatcher Craft

The sunlight will shine brightly in these Fall themed suncatchers.

Scarecrow made from a bag.

28. Paper Bag Scarecrow

The printable template in this activity makes it so easy to create a scarecrow for Fall.

Pumpkin made out of handprint.

29. Handprint Pumpkin

From the handprint pumpkin to the fingerprint stem, this craft is perfect for making memories.

Candy Corn owl with candy.

30. Candy Corn Owl

This paper owl with candy corn is such a fun craft to make.

Fall slime with leaves.

31. Fall Slime

This glittery Fall Slime is perfect for sensory play and looks great too.

Lifesize scarecrow painting beside a child.

32. Lifesize Scarecrow

Kids will have a blast creating this life size Scarecrow Painting with paint and a paintbrush.

Paper bag painted orange to look like a pumpkin.

33. Paper Bag Pumpkin

Give this kid friendly paper bag craft a try and make a pumpkin.

Apple stamping to make bugs.

34. Bug Craft

Preschoolers love apple stamping and this is an adorable bug with only a few supplies.

Handprint apple tree craft.

35. Handprint Apple Tree Craft

Create a lasting memory by using your child’s hand for the tree trunk in this apple tree.

Try these easy Fall Crafts.

I think these would also be super easy and fun fall art projects for preschoolers and younger children. I know that they would love them.

Come back and leave a comment and let us know which one of these craft you try.

We have a big list of 35 Fall Crafts for Kids and easy crafts for Toddlers. Many of these will take you through Fall, Halloween and even Thanksgiving! These ideas include pumpkins, apples, fall leaves and more. #oncecrazymom #fallcraftsforkids #fallcraftsfortoddlers #fallcraftsforpreschoolers

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