We have 25 Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas to help keep everything organized. Learn how to organize Christmas decorations with these simple and easy ideas.

Storage box in front of a Christmas tree.

Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! It comes and goes so quickly. Last year I finally decided to invest in some good Christmas storage to help with storing and organizing Christmas decorations.

It was the best investment. Today I wanted to share with you some easy Christmas storage ideas that will help you organize Christmas decorations this year (without spending a fortune!).

Learn how to maximize your storage space this holiday season with storage hacks.

Storage box in front of tree.

The best Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

From Christmas ornament storage ideas to Christmas tree storage ideas and Christmas light storage ideas, there are lots of ideas for all your storage needs.

You are going to love how simple these ideas are and how streamlined your Christmas decorations will be. These storage solutions are so easy and will take the stress out of sorting all those decorations.

Easy Christmas Storage Ideas

Topiary storage bag.

1. Topiary Storage

Keep the dust off Christmas topiaries with these handy bags.

2. Wreath Storage

Store your holiday wreaths in this easy Wreath Storage container.

3. Christmas Wreath Container

This container holds a 24″ wreath for holiday storage.

4. Storage Totes

These red and green totes will be perfect to tuck away lots of holiday items.

5. Oversized Storage Bags

Get a 6 pack of large storage bags for tons of storage.

Christmas Tree Storage ideas

Large Christmas tree storage bag.

6. 9 Ft Christmas Tree Storage Bag

Keep your tree stored in this easy to use storage bag.

7. Large Tree Storage

You can easily store a large Christmas tree in this wheeled container.

8. Rolling Tree Storage

This extra large storage container is perfect for a large tree.

9. Upright Christmas Tree Storage

If you prefer to store your Christmas tree upright, this upright bag is handy.

10. Tree Storage Bag

This festive bag holds up to a 9 ft Christmas tree.

Christmas Light storage

Light storage reels with container.

11. Light Storage Reel

Store up to 150 feet of lights in this handy storage reel.

12. Lights Storage Bag

Keep lights safe in this thick storage bag for holiday lights.

13. Fabric Storage Box for Lights

You can store up to 800 lights in this easy to use storage box.

14. Premium Lights Storage

With 3 reels of storage, this container is convenient and also sturdy to keep lights tangle free.

Christmas ornament storage ideas

Red box with dividers for ornaments.

15. Ornament Storage Box

This box with multiple layers has room for 64 ornaments. The cardboard dividers keep each one in its place.

16. Christmas Ornament Divided Storage

Store up to 72 ornaments in this bin with 3 trays. The pieces of cardboard help in this ornament organizer.

17. Ornament Storage

This set of hinged ornament storage containers can hold lots of ornaments and holiday decor.

18. Christmas Ornament Tote

Store 48 ornaments in this sturdy tote with clear window on the lid for easy access.

Wrapping paper storage

Wrapping paper storage with handle.

19. Wrapping Paper Storage Bag

Conveniently store all of your wrapping paper in this handy bag.

20. Christmas Wrapping Paper and Bow Storage

Keep all of your wrapping paper and bows tucked neatly in this storage solution.

21. Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Storage

This convenient tube keeps wrapping paper safely stored for next season.

22. Hanging Wrapping Paper Storage

Save space with this hanging storage container for wrapping paper and more.

Christmas Garland storage ideas

Green bag with handle for garland.

23. Garland Bag

Durable zippered bag perfect for garland.

24. Garland Wreath Container

This large 36″ container is ideal for holding lots of garland.

25. Garland Storage

This is the perfect storage item if you have a lot of garland to store.

Storage container with ornaments.

Try these storage ideas.

We have listed so many great ideas for Christmas storage. Don’t forget to shop your house first.

You might be surprised what is laying around that you can use. Egg cartons make great holders for smaller ornaments.

Plastic cups are wonderful to separate ornaments and you can use tissue paper if they are fragile. Then place the cups inside a storage bin.

Whether you order a few storage bins or take a look at home, there are lots of options to get your organized.

Ornament box in front of tree.

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