These DIY Cat Toys are the ultimate guide to turning everyday items into homemade cat toys. 63 DIY Toys for Cats that will entertain your cat with common household items.

These DIY Cat Toys are the ultimate guide to turning everyday items into homemade cat toys. 63 DIY Toys for Cats that will entertain your cat with common household items. DIY ideas include ideas with yarn, easy cardboard boxes, sewing and more homemade cat toys. #onecrazymom #diycattoys #homemadecattoys

Easy Homemade Cat Toys

These DIY Cat Toys are the ultimate guide to transforming everyday items into homemade cat toys. 63 DIY Toys for Cats that will entertain your cat with simple household items. DIY ideas include ideas with yarn, easy cardboard boxes, sewing and more homemade cat toys. #onecrazymom #diycattoys #homemadecattoys

1. Toilet Paper Roll Toy

Transforming a simple empty toilet paper roll into a cat toy is so easy. You could also use an empty paper towel roll to make easy toys for cats that are homemade.

Toilet Paper Roll Toy
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2. Feather Fascinator

Take your cat’s playtime to the next level with a feather fascinator with colorful feathers in this easy diy cat toy.

Feather Fascinator
Turn feathers into cat toys your kitties will go wild for!
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3. Kitty Food Puzzle

Keep your cat’s mind sharp and their tummy satisfied with a food puzzle.

Cat Food Puzzle
Food puzzles can offer benefits to almost every cat, young or old.
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4. Cat Scratching Post

Give your furniture a break and indulge your cat’s scratching instincts with a homemade cat scratching post. 

Cat Scratching Post
Instead of sacrificing your beloved couch or armchair, find some enriching toys to give your feline to keep them happy and healthy. 
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5. Tree Stump Scratch Pad

Bring the outdoors inside with a tree stump scratch pad for your cat.

Tree Stump Scratch Pad
Give your kitty a little slice of nature with this easy scratch pad.
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6. Cardboard Cat Scraper

Your feline companion will love this budget-friendly and DIY solution.

Cardboard Cat Scraper
Is your kitty constantly sharpens its claws everywhere? Is it spoiling the furniture all the time? Make a scratcher!
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7. Wiggle Wand Toy

Get ready for captivating interactive play sessions with your feline friend using this cat toy diy.

Wiggle Wand Toy
Making a wand toy is easier than you think! Here’s the how-to for this deceptively simple, super-cute, cat-approved toy!
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8. Cat Puzzle Toy

Watch as your clever feline masterfully solves the puzzle and enjoys the rewards.

Cat Puzzle Toy
These DIY Cat Toys are so cheap and easy to make they are practically free! 
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9. DIY Cat Tent

Dream a little bigger and create a cozy retreat for your cat with a DIY cat tent.

DIY Cat Tent
This cat tent is super easy to make – you really just need a t-shirt, some wire hangers and a piece of cardboard.
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10. Cat Dancer Toy

This toy is guaranteed to keep your cat entertained for hours on end.

Cat Dancer Toy
We’re even turning our plush felt catnip toys into a flying feather and pompom cat toy. Tron is all the way into it. Attack mode go! 
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11. Cardboard Hide-and-Seek Toy

Spark your cat’s curiosity with a homemade cardboard hide-and-seek toy using a hot glue gun and more.

Cardboard Hide and Seek Cat Toy
Cats love to scratch and claw at things, and cardboard is the perfect material for them to do so.
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12. Junk Food Cat Toys

These adorable and interactive toys are a treat for both you and your feline friend.

Junk Food Cat Toys
They are way easier to make than you would think, and since you can get sheets of felt for around $1 at a craft store, they are also pretty economical too.
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13. DIY Fork Pom Poms

Get crafty with DIY fork pom poms for your cat.

DIY Fork Pom Poms
I hope you enjoy making these sweet little bits, they are just balls of fluffy, happy, fun!
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14. Cattail Catnip Toy

Harness the power of nature with a homemade cattail catnip toy for a fun cat treat.

Cattail Catnip Toy
Just ONE seam is all the sewing required to make a Cattail Catnip Toy. 
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15. Fishing Pole Cat Toy

Reel in the fun with a homemade fishing pole cat toy.

Fishing Pole Cat Toy
Making this DIY cat toy is super simple, and it could be a great opportunity to introduce basic hand stitching to your little ones.
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16. DIY Cat Tree

This multi-level structure will keep your feline friend entertained.

DIY Cat Tree
How to make a cat tree from real tree branches
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17. Knotted T-Shirt Cat Toys

The soft fabric and knots provide texture and entertainment.

Knotted T-shirt Cat Toy
 Simple toy for your kitty cat or small dog.
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18. DIY Cat No-Sew Pom Poms

You can add a playful touch to your cat’s world with DIY no-sew pom poms.

DIY Cat No Sew Cat Toys
But he needed something new and I had some fleece on-hand so I made a few DIY no-sew cat toys.
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19. DIY Sisal Rope Cat Scratcher

Protect your furniture and satisfy your cat’s scratching needs with a DIY sisal rope cat scratcher.

DIY Sisal Cat Scratcher
File this natural wood and sisal rope cat scratcher under the “not so pretty but necessary” DIY projects in my portfolio of work.
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20. Wine Cork Cat Toy

Turn leftover wine corks into a delightful cat toy.

Wine Cork Cat Toy
These DIY Cat Toys are so cheap and easy to make they are practically free! 
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21. DIY Treat-Filled Cute Cat Toys

Combine play and treats with DIY treat-filled cute cat toys.

Treat Filled Cute Cat Toys
This fun diy cat toy is a great project for the kids! Fill it with your cat’s favorite treats for a noisy, smell-good experience that your kitty will love.
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22. DIY Felt Mouse Toy

Cut and sew together felt pieces, stuff them with catnip, and add a playful tail.

Felt Mouse Toy
Our DIY cat toy is as cute as a button and will have your kitty giddy with excitement at their new little handcrafted mouse friend.
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23. DIY Paper Mache Kitty Toys

These lightweight toys provide lots of playful interaction that cats love.

Paper Mache Kitty Toys
Today, I have a fun DIY tutorial for you today that will give your furry feline family members a treat that will not only entertain, but will be free of poisonous rubbers and harmful chemicals.
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24. Ribbon Cat Wand

Ignite your cat’s playful spirit with a homemade ribbon cat wand.

Ribbon Cat Wand
You can make this easy cat toy with simply materials and steps. 
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It’s a fun and rewarding way to keep your feline friend entertained.

Fortune Cookie Cat Toy
Are you fortunate enough to have a cat? See what I did there? Make your sweet kitty these felt fortune cookies!
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26. Soda Box Cat Toy

Cut holes in a cardboard soda box and watch your cat explore inside.

Soda Box Cat Toy
Have an old soda box on hand? All you need are a few things to turn it into a super fun whack-a-mole game for your cat!
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27. Sock Fish Cat Toy

Fill a colorful sock with catnip and secure it with knots to create an enticing toy.

Sock Fish Cat Toy
Looking for a quick and easy cat toy DIY that’s just as fun for you to have around as it is for your cat?
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28. Cardboard Cat Playhouse

Watch your cat explore, climb, and play, providing them with endless entertainment.

Cardboard Cat Playhouse
Try our do-it-yourself solution: All you need are basic supplies to build a cardboard castle for Kitty.
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29. Self-Petting Station

This DIY creation provides a satisfying sensory experience for your feline companion.

Self-Petting Station
This is a fun little project that can be completed in an hour or two depending on what you have laying around the house. 
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30. PVC Pipe Hammock Bed

This DIY project provides a cozy and elevated resting spot.

PVC Pipe Hammock
Cats will love this hammock for any day.
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31. DIY Cat Play Gym

This DIY creation encourages exercise, exploration, and endless hours of entertainment.

Cat Play Gym
Want to build a fun toy for your cat? Here’s how to build a DIY cat play gym!
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32. DIY Cat Tower With Hammock

This homemade creation offers both vertical exploration and a comfortable resting spot.

Cat Tower with Hammock
Make this Cat Condo from an old stool. It is perfect for an apartment or other small space.
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33. DIY Cardboard Mouse Cat Toy

Cut and fold the cardboard into a mouse shape and watch as your cat pounces.

Cardboard Mouse Cat Toy
This instructable will show you how to jazz up a lazy Sunday afternoon for your lovable little feline in just a few minutes with a simple piece of cardboard!!!
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34. Pipe Cleaner Cat Toy

This DIY toy stimulates your cat’s playfulness and keeps them entertained for hours.

Pipe Cleaner Cat Toy
Then check out this homemade cat toy you can make in minutes from cheap little pipe cleaners you probably have lying around from other crafts.
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35. Felt Emoji Cat Toys

Express your cat’s emotions with DIY felt emoji cat toys.

Felt Emoji Cat Toys
I think I love the heart ones the best but Marla seems to be a fan of them ALL!
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36. Menswear Mouse Toy

Bring a touch of charm to your cat’s playtime with a menswear mouse toy.

Menswear Mouse Toy
Treat a kitty to a game of cat and mouse with a few dapper toys.
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37. Ball of Yarn

Roll up yarn into a tight ball, offering your cat endless play opportunities.

Ball of Yarn
I came up with this method to make the yarn ball toy slightly harder to destroy.
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38. Knotted Ball Cat Toy

This DIY creation provides tactile stimulation and endless entertainment.

Knotted Ball Cat Toy
Watch her pounce, chase, and swat at a lightweight toy for hours of fun.
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39. Cactus Catnip Toy

This unique DIY toy combines cute aesthetics with the allure of catnip.

Cactus Catnip Toys
Using felt, thread, stuffing, and some very potent catnip I created three different cacti for her to tear apart.
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40. Catnip Conversation Heart Toys

Sew hearts together and fill with catnip for a fun toy.

Catnip Conversation Hearts
Treat your kittens this Valentine's or any day with catnip conversation hearts.
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41. Knitted Catnip Candy Toy

Delight your cat with a knitted catnip candy toy. This DIY toy combines knitting skills and feline fun.

Knitted Catnip Candy Toys
These are super cute and your cat will love it.
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42. Catnip Heart Mice

These catnip filled fabric mice will be a hit with cats.

Catnip Heart Mice
We made these little heart-shaped catnip mice out of charm pack squares, but they’re a purrfect way to use any scraps of fabric
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43. DIY Cactus Cat Scratcher

Wrap sisal rope around a cardboard cutout cactus shape, providing your cat with a stylish and functional scratching post. 

Cactus Cat Scratcher
Craft a scratching post your feline will love and protect your furniture at the same time.
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44. Cardboard Cat Play Box

Spark your cat’s imagination with a DIY cardboard cat play box.

Cardboard Cat Play Box
So, today I am sharing with you a DIY cat play pen made from a cardboard box! 
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45. Cardboard String Cat Toy

This simple yet effective homemade toy provides interactive fun and exercises for your feline companion.

Cardboard Cat String Toy
Super easy to make from a cardboard box and a piece of string
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46. DIY Cardboard Ball Cat Toy

Roll up strips of cardboard into a ball, providing an interactive toy for batting and chasing.

Cardboard Ball Cat Toy
Make a ball for your cat out of cardboard!
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47. DIY Box Fort for Cats

This DIY project provides your feline friend with an adventurous space to explore.

Box Fort for Cats
Making a DIY Cardboard Box Cat Castle is super easy, and you don’t need many supplies at all! 
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48. DIY Kitty Playspace

This homemade creation offers a variety of play and exploration options.

Kitty Playspace
Kitties love to play with boxes, yes? But a box tricked out with all of their favorite toys AND a scratching post AND cat treats? Well, their wildest dreams have just come true.
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49. Crinkle Pom Pom Cat Toy

Indulge your cat with this fun pom pom cat toy.

Crinkle Pompom Cat Toys
These crinkle cat toys make kitties go wild! And they are surprisingly simple to make!
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50. Catnip Kicker

Kick up the fun with a homemade catnip kicker toy.

Catnip Kicker
his year I decided to try something a bit different; a cat kicker toy!
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51. The Two-Minute Cat Toy

This DIY toy requires minimal effort and provides instant entertainment.

The Two Minute Cat Toy
Make a fun and simple toy for your cat using only an empty toilet paper tube. It’s a fun craft you can do in only two minutes!
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52. DIY Refillable Catnip Toy

Keep your cat captivated with a DIY refillable catnip toy.

DIY Refillable Catnip Toys
I wanted some refillable toys that didn’t also come with a small tube of the stuff.
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53. DIY Macaron Cat Toys

These cute designs make these homemade toys a delightful addition to your cat’s playtime.

DIY Macaron Cat Toys
I decided to let my (very spoiled) kitties in on one of my favorite treats by making them a set of colorful DIY macaron cat toys…as if these two needed any more toys!
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54. Cardboard Bus Cat House Toy

Take your cat on a fun journey with a DIY cardboard bus cat house toy.

Cardboard Bus Cat House
Transform a cardboard box into a vintage-style VW bus where kitties can jump and play and nap all day.
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55. Chic Cardboard Cat Hammock

Combine comfort and style with a chic cardboard cat hammock.

Chic Cardboard Cat Hammock
Create a cozy nook for kitty with a colorful hammock they can curl up in for cat naps.
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56. Cardboard Cat Tower

Stack and secure cardboard boxes to create a multi-level tower.

Cardboard Cat Tower
Thus inspired, I set forth to construct for them an Emergency Climbing Toy.
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57. Cutest Little Feather Cat Toy

Unleash your cat’s hunting instincts with the cutest little feather cat toy.

Feather Cat Toy
I’ve got the cutest little DIY Feather Cat Toy Craft to share with you today.
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58. DIY Cat Toys From Cotton Precuts

These homemade toys offer a combination of soft textures that provide endless entertainment.

DIY Cat Toys From Cotton Precuts
DIY Cat Toys, like this catnip toy mouse for kittens and indoor cats, are easy and quick to make at home with fabric scraps, quilting fabric precuts, and dried catnip from your garden.
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59. Fleece Catnip Toy

Create a cozy and fun fleece catnip toy.

Fleece Catnip Toys
But call them whatever you want – cats will love them and they are easy to make with or without catnip added!
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60. Felt Sushi Cat Toy

Serve up some fun with a DIY felt sushi cat toy.

Felt Sushi Cat Toy
Fill the sushi with catnip from your nearest pet store, or simply use this tutorial to add to your collection of felt food!
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61. Wooden Dowel Cat Toy

Engage your cat’s agility with a DIY wooden dowel cat toy.

Wooden Dowel Cat Toy
I decided to create a DIY Cat Toy that stays in one piece longer than two days. Here’s how I did it and you can too!
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62. Traffic Cone Cat Scratching Posts

Watch as your cat happily sharpens their claws and stretches on their personalized scratching post.

Traffic Cone Scratching Pad
Is your cat ripping your furniture and curtains to shreds?  Make a DIY Cat Scratching Pad to match your decor and make Tiger so happy!
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63. DIY Cat Scratching Frame

Protect your furniture and satisfy your cat’s scratching instincts with a DIY cat scratching frame.

DIY Cat Scratching Frame
Providing your cat with a variety of vertical and horizontal surfaces to choose from can help keep those claws off your couch!
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Get creative and bond with your feline friend by making homemade toys for cats.

These DIY Cat Toys are the ultimate guide to turning everyday items into homemade cat toys. 63 DIY Toys for Cats that will entertain your cat with common household items. DIY ideas include ideas with yarn, easy cardboard boxes, sewing and more homemade ideas for cat toys. #onecrazymom #diycattoys #homemadecattoys

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