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Do you use money saving apps to help reduce your grocery spending? I do, and they are the EASIEST way to save money on groceries.

There are a few different ones out there, so we thought we would give you a quick run down of the 4 BEST money saving apps that are out there: Checkout 51, Ibotta, Favado and BerryCart.

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Best Money Saving Apps for Grocery Shopping:

checkout 51 app

Checkout 51

With Checkout 51 you can shop at ANY store – just take a picture of your receipt (or pictures for longer receipts) and submit them online. You can even submit your receipt if you shop online – simply use your packing slip as your receipt. You can also use coupons in conjunction with the Checkout 51 deals, maximizing your savings!

checkout 51 how it works

Tips for Using Checkout 51

  • Their sales cycle runs Thursday through Wednesday. So, if you see an offer on a Friday, you will need to purchase and redeem that offer by the next week Wednesday.
  • You have to submit your receipt for the offers during the week when the offer is available.
  • There are a limited number of offers available, so be sure the deal you are looking for is still available before you do your shopping and then immediately upload your receipt.
  • You are limited to ONE offer per person.
  • You can only use a receipt once. If you have multiple offers on one receipt, you can choose all of the offers you are redeeming after you upload your receipt.
  • You CAN use coupons with Check 51 deals!!

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Ibotta is a free app available to iPhone and Android users. Retailers such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS and Homeland – some of your local favorite stores accept Ibotta. Get your hands on extra discounts you need by taking a survey, reading facts about the product, posting to your Facebook or watching a brief commercial.

These offers are not traditional coupons so they CAN be combined with store and manufacturer coupons so you get extra savings.

There is no need to scan your phone to get your savings. Once you shop, just take a picture of your receipt or scan the UPC code and upload it to your account and within 48 hours your PayPal account will be credited. You get cash back on your PayPal account!

What to Know About Ibotta

  • Ibotta offers can be redeemed at more than 80 different retailers nationwide
  • Ibotta offers CAN be combined with printable or clipped coupons for additional savings.
  • Credit for offers is provided through PayPal
  • Just take a survery, answer a trivia question or post something to Facebook and you can change a $0.25 savings into a $1 savings in no time.


Favado is one of my favorite money saving apps. This app helps you stop overspending on items you buy everyday by notifying you when they are on sale. Favado combines YOUR local grocery stores sales ad with coupons, to find you the best deal.

Just register for Favado and downloaded the app. You can select 10 of your favorite stores (like Homeland, Walmart, Target, etc). When you see the coupon match ups for each of your stores, you will notice they are just like the ones you will find on Coupon Closet. Woohoo!

Features of Favado

  • Select your favorite products or brands and Favado will notify you when they go on sale.
  • Compare all of the store sales at the same time.
  • See the store match ups exactly like you do on Coupon Closet, except on your smart phone.
  • Create your shopping list right on your smart phone!

Even if you aren’t a couponer, Favado will help you find the very best sales on the items you need – you can save approximately 30% without using coupons!

barrycart app


BerryCart is one of the newest money saving apps out there. This app is all about finding you the best deals on organic, gluten-free, or non-GMO foods. Through BerryCart you’ll learn all about these natural products plus hear the stories behind some of the top products and brands.

You can use BerryCart at over 25,000 retailers nationwide including: Target, Whole Foods and Sprouts, to name a few. To earn savings through BerryCart, all you have to do is snap a picture of your receipt from a valid retailer. Your reward can be cashed in for gift cards or cash through PayPal.

Important Information about BerryCart

  • Similar to Checkout 51 in that you only have to send a picture of a recent receipt in order to “get paid”
  • Rewards are given through PayPal or various gift card options.
  • One of the few apps that focuses solely on “the healthy side” of grocery shopping.
  • Learn all about products and brands so you can make informed decisions

BerryCart will help you find the best deals on the most popular and up and coming all natural food products. Sign up for BerryCart today.

No matter which apps you use, you are bound to find the best deals and save money on the products you love. Make sure you try out all of these to help you save money.

Which are your favorite money saving apps?

best money saving apps to help you save more money

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