Choose from lots of fun and festive St. Patrick’s day desserts sure to be be a hit. From candy and cupcakes to popcorn and other treats, there are delicious ideas for everyone.

Everyone will love these fun St. Patrick's Day desserts. Find over 15 easy St Patrick's Day Desserts. Festive desserts and snack ideas sure to be a hit.

The Best St Patrick’s Day Desserts

I love St. Patrick’s Day. It’s the perfect excuse to make lots of cheerful and brightly colored treats.

It’s literally a rainbow of colors and you can’t help but smile. The kids will love helping make these and certainly everyone will enjoy eating these treats.

Pick a couple of favorites and get this party started. These easy St Patrick’s day desserts are sure to impress.

Everyone will love these fun St. Patrick's Day desserts. Find over 15 easy St Patrick's Day Desserts. Festive desserts and snack ideas sure to be a hit.

What do you serve at a St Patrick’s Day party?

I always try to serve a few rainbow or green themed desserts. No need to spend tons of time or money. The kids are always so excited to see the festive treats.

Add a few fun accessories like cute cupcake wrappers or toppers for desserts, and you are set. You might also want to go ahead and grab some green sprinkles because many of the recipes use them.

Easy Desserts for St Patty’s Day

Shamrock shake in glass.

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Recipe

No need to hit the drive thru for your favorite Shamrock shake. Make this copycat McDonald’s version super cheap and easy. It is so delicious and pretty too.

St. Patrick's Day Cake.

Peek-A-Boo St. Patrick’s Day Cake

This gorgeous cake has a surprise in the middle. You will love the colorful rainbow shamrock inside this st paddy layered cake.

Sherbet punch in punch bowl.

Sherbet Punch Recipe

This punch recipe cannot get any simpler. It’s super easy and everyone always goes crazy over it. It’s yummy and uses sherbet but I bet you could use ice cream as well.

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes.

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes look really fancy and complicated but they are so simple. With a little candy and creative placement, you have a rainbow and pot of gold.

Mint M&M Cookies.

St. Patrick’s Day Mint M&M Cookies

Use mint M&M chocolate candy to make these chocolate cookies perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. The green really pops against the chocolate cookie.

Lucky Charm treats stacked.

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats Recipe

Use Lucky Charm cereal to make marshmallow treats. This is perfect for celebrating St. Patty’s day.

Green velvet cupcakes on top of candy.

Green Velvet St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

Make these green velvet cupcakes for a pop of green on St. Patrick’s Day. The frosting looks delicious too.

St. Patrick's Day popcorn in bowl.

St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn

Make this mix of yummy popcorn and candy. The lucky charms add a special touch too. This is the perfect lunchbox snack to surprise the kids.

Puppy Chow in bucket.

St. Patrick’s Day Puppy Chow

Whip up a batch of puppy chow complete with green sprinkles.  So festive.

Rainbow Cookies around bucket.

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Cookies

You need a rainbow to complete the holiday. Make these colorful rainbow cookies that are sure to be a hit.

Stack of Mint Chocolate Squares.

Mint Chocolate Squares

Chocolate layered with a delicious mint green layer look festive for St. Patrick’s Day. The chocolate and mint squares taste divine together and remind me of creme de menthe.

Pretzel Pops.

Shamrock Pretzel Posts

These adorable pretzel pops are perfect for classroom parties, lunch box treats and more. Kids will go crazy over these shamrock pretzels.

St. Patrick's Day parfait in cup.

St. Patty’s Day Parfait

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with these pretty parfaits.  They are layered with brownies, mint pudding,  Andes mints and whipped cream.

Leprechaun Popcorn in bowl.

St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn Recipe: Leprechaun Popcorn

Lots of delicious green & white chocolate covered popcorn with M&Ms make the best Leprechaun Popcorn. It is perfect for St patrick’s day desserts and the kids will love it.

Rice Krispie Bites

St. Patrick’s Day Rice Krispie Bites

Bite size rice krispie balls are the perfect treat for any St. Patrick’s day celebration. Lots of green and white make these treats perfectly festive and so delicious.

Mint Chocolate Chip Swirl Brownies.

Mint Chocolate Chip Swirl Brownies

What could be better than brownies? Mint chocolate chip brownies. These are swirled to perfection and look gorgeous.

Lime Jello poke cake on serving plate.

Lime jello poke cake recipe

This Lime jello poke cake recipe is so light and fluffy. Everyone will love the topping and festive green sprinkles. 

St. Patrick's Day cake mix cookie on platter.

St Patrick’s day cake mix cookie

Make a festive treat in minutes with this St Patrick’s day cake mix cookie recipe.  The secret is a cake mix and you can whip this up in minutes for a delicious cookie.

St. Patrick's Day Puppy Chow in a bowl.

St Patrick’s Day Puppy Chow

This festive Puppy Chow recipe is the perfect treat to enjoy with very little work. Lots of delicious peanut butter, powdered sugar and more combine for a decadent treat everyone will love.

Rainbow Sugar Cookies.

Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make gorgeous Rainbow sugar cookies that are easy enough for the kids to help with. Each cookie is bursting with color and equally tasty. 

Fruit kabobs on a platter.

Fruit kabobs

These fruit skewers are great to serve for parties and more. Everyone will enjoy these fruit kabobs for kids.

What do you bring to a potluck on St Patrick’s Day?

There are so many yummy recipes. Whether you are looking for a special treat to make to enjoy at home, school or work, there are lots of great ideas for the perfect St. Patrick day dessert.

Mix things up with white chocolate or regular chocolate chips for a chocolate stout or mix things up with chocolate cupcakes and cream cheese or irish cream. You never can go wrong with these ideas.

These recipes are super easy. Another really simple idea is key lime pie or St. Patrick’s day cakes ideas.

Let us know which desserts you plan to make.

With so many recipes and treats, the kids are going to love celebrating St. Patrick’s day.

Everyone will love these desserts.

You can even easily make healthy St Patrick’s day desserts with fruit. I think fruit skewers would be cute or a fruit try made into a rainbow.

There are so many fun and tasty ideas that are not only festive but so delicious. Each idea is easy to make and even the kids can help.

Get started and have a blast making these fun dessert and snack ideas for St. Patrick’s Day. Your kids are going to love seeing what all you have planned.

Let them help and get the entire family involved. Not only will you have lots of tasty treats but precious memories for years to come.

Find more St. Patrick’s Day fun ideas here:

Everyone will love these fun St. Patrick's Day desserts. Find over 15 easy St Patrick's Day Desserts. Festive desserts and snack ideas sure to be a hit.

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