We have  over 100 ideas for Age appropriate Chores for kids. Help your kids learn task completion, responsibility and more with these age appropriate chores for children.

We have 100+ ideas for Age appropriate Chores for kids. Help kids learn task completion, responsibility and more with age appropriate chores for children.

Age appropriate Chores for kids

Do you want your children involved around the house and doing chores? If so, keep reading for a huge list of chores for kids that they can do according to their age.

We have ideas from toddlers to teenagers and everything in between. Get the entire family involved with these ideas.

Once you determine the chores that will work for your household, grab one of these Chore Charts for Kids they will love. Choose from over 10 free printables that you can use to organize the chores.

Children do better when they know what is expected of them and having everything clearly listed and defined will take much of the stress away of weekly chores.

You won’t find any surprises and everyone will know exactly what is expected of them. You can even find chore charts for young children that do not read yet that have pictures.

Kids are never too young to learn and can accomplish quite a lot.

Let’s get started with this chores list!

We have a huge list of age appropriate chores. These are great ideas to help children learn responsibility.

You will find great ideas for younger kids and older children to participate in household chores. Kids learn by chores and they will take with them many life skills.

Keep in mind this chore chart is just a guide. Each family is different and what works for one family may not work for another.

While one child may be ready to start mowing the lawn another in the same age group may not. Perhaps their lawns is more sloped or they are just not ready.

You know you child best so just use the chores listed as a guide to chores for children.  They will learn lots of new skills and abilities while completing each chore.

While it might be frustrating at first, keep in mind they are just kids and they are learning. The longer they do their chores, the better they will get.

We have 100+ ideas for Age appropriate Chores for kids. Help kids learn task completion, responsibility and more with age appropriate chores for children.

What are age appropriate chores for toddlers?

  1. Pick up toys and put in the appropriate place.
  2. Take care of pets – Make sure the family pet has food and water each day.
  3. Put dirty clothes in the hamper.
  4. Set the table.
  5. Swiffer or sweep the floor.
  6. Put up silverware
  7. Dust
  8. Fold Wash cloths
  9. Put books back on the shelf
  10. Put shoes up.

What are appropriate chores for a 5 year old?

  1. Help sort laundry by color.
  2. Fold laundry- kitchen towels or similar small items.
  3. Vacuum
  4. Clean door knobs
  5. Put up dishes that they can reach
  6. Clean baseboards
  7. Wipe down the bathroom sink and counters
  8. Make bed
  9. Help to clear the dinner table after eating.
  10. Put clothes in the appropriate drawers.
  11. Brush Pets
  12. Take laundry to the laundry room
  13. Water plants
  14. Wipe down light switches
  15. Pick up sticks in the yard
  16. Pick up blankets
  17. Match socks
  18. Wipe cabinets

What chores should a 7 year old have?

  1. Dry dishes.
  2. Wipe kitchen counters
  3. Empty the trash can and put new trash bag in.
  4. Empty dishwasher
  5. Pick weeds in the flower bed or yard.
  6. Rake leaves.
  7. Clean toilets
  8. Take the dog out to walk around the yard.
  9. Sweep porch.
  10. Water plants.
  11. Wash fruit.
  12. Put groceries up.
  13. Check mail.
  14. Clean/dust stair railing
  15. Clean out the car- bring toys inside, trash etc.

What are age appropriate chores for a 9 year old?

  1. Change bed sheets and pillow cases.
  2. Peel veggies such as cucumbers and carrots.
  3. Organize pantry or cabinets.
  4. Wipe down microwave.
  5. Clean kitchen sink.
  6. Load dishwasher.
  7. Dust blinds.
  8. Hang up clean clothes.
  9. Help with baking and cooking.
  10. Mop floors.
  11. Clean mirrors.
  12. Cut up veggies.
  13. Read to younger siblings.
  14. Pick clothes out to wear
  15. Sweep driveway
We have 100+ ideas for Age appropriate Chores for kids. Help kids learn task completion, responsibility and more with age appropriate chores for children.

What are age appropriate chores for 11 year olds?

  1. Make snacks.
  2. Pack lunches.
  3. Clean shower.
  4. Wash dishes such as pots and pans.
  5. Bake cookies and simple meals.
  6. Vacuum car.
  7. Help mow the yard.
  8. Plant flowers.
  9. Dust pictures on the wall.
  10. Use leaf blower to clean porch.
  11. Wash car.
  12. Organize toys

What chores should a 14 year old have?

  1. Cook simple meals
  2. Laundry
  3. Help with younger brothers and sisters.
  4. Dust hard to reach places.
  5. Meal prep
  6. Make grocery list.
  7. Yard work
  8. Wash windows
  9. Organize basement
  10. Clean fridge.
  11. Clean freezer.

What about chores for teenagers that are older?

  1. Use the weed eater
  2. Babysit
  3. Paint
  4. Help to drive younger children to and from activities.
  5. Clean oven
  6. Clean stove
  7. Grocery shop
  8. Errands for mom and dad.
  9. Learn how to make a budget.
  10. Replace batteries in smoke detectors
  11. Learn how to menu plan.
  12. Do laundry
  13. Help with younger siblings homework.
  14. Cook complete meals.
  15. Deep cleaning.
  16. Take care of the pool if you have one.
  17. Change light bulbs
  18. Car maintenance
  19. Help pressure wash outside.
  20. Iron

Now you can get started with these age appropriate chores 2019.

Decide what will work for your family and get started with a chore list. Your kids will learn responsibility and be a huge help around the house.

Plus, they will be children that grow into adults that can take care of themselves.  Even younger children can help around the house.

You might be surprised what they can do. Assigning chores and expectations to children will help them now and in the future.

They will be a big help to the household while learning lots of different tasks and how to accomplish each one.

What are age appropriate chores and allowance?

We have several kids chores that they have to do simply because they are part of the family.  These are required and expected as part of the family chore chart based on kids ages.

This chore list is on our bulletin board where everyone can see the assigned chores and what they need to do.  We also have a rewarding system of additional chores the kids can choose to do to earn money.

Each family is different and you just have to do what works for your family. Once you find what works, everyone gets into a routine and it is all second nature.

There is something so rewarding about crossing off a task or chore once completed. This will help to build confidence in your child while helping them to see what all they can do.

Keep in mind that each chore may not be the way you would do it but they are learning and these are steps in the right direction. Get the entire family involved!

We have 100+ ideas for Age appropriate Chores for kids. Help kids learn task completion, responsibility and more with age appropriate chores for children.

Find out how to keep your house clean with just one daily task. This has been a game changer for us and it really does work.

No need to spend Saturdays completing chores all day when you can make a list and do a little each day.

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