If you are looking for craft ideas that use what you already have at home, try these 21 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids. These ideas are inexpensive but so much fun and creative. 

Collage of toilet paper crafts.

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

We have 21 fun crafts to make using toilet paper rolls! Your kids will love making these and parents will love that they are so inexpensive to make.

There are so many different ideas that kids are going to have a blast during craft time! Craft ideas using empty toilet paper rolls are so fun and easy to make.

From animal crafts and robots to dolls and more, there is so much you can do with toilet paper tubes.

Collage of toilet paper crafts.

Learn how to make glue and save some money with these crafts.


Let’s make toilet paper crafts for kids.

It’s all about the crafts in our house. My kids love the chance to be creative, and I love being able to use items in my house I would have otherwise thrown away.

Start saving your toilet paper rolls, because your kids will ask to make these crafts again and again! This is something everyone has in their home and your kids will love to craft with them.

Octopus toilet roll craft.

1. Octopus Craft

Kids will love making the octopus legs sparkle in this fun toilet paper roll craft. This one is easy for little hands and so fun.

Butterfly craft side by side.

2. Butterfly Craft

These are darling! Kids will love the cute faces on these butterflies. It is so simple to make using carboard tubes.

Train craft with child.

3. Train Craft

Creativity will abound in this fun train activity. Even better, when kids are finished they have a train to play with. This kids activity will keep kids entertained.

Stained glass flower on window.

4. Stained Glass Flower

Hang these dazzling flowers in your window for a sweet reminder of your kids. They will be so proud to have their creation on display.

Toilet paper roll alien standing up.

5. Alien Craft

Aliens have taken over! Get crafty and start attaching “arms” and “legs” to this wild alien.

Butterfly craft decorated.

6. Butterfly Craft

If you need a preschool craft, turn simple supplies into a colorful butterfly! Plus, decorating is so much fun.

Binoculars with child.

7. Binoculars Craft

Lay back and watch the clouds with these “binoculars“. I love that this craft is also an activity too.

Super hero cuffs on child.

8. Super Hero Cuffs Craft

The kids will to play and pretend with these Super Heroes cuffs! Add a little glitter and paint to tp rolls and you have some pretty awesome super hero accessories.

Cardboard tube art on paper.

9. Cardboard Shape Tubes

This activity with cardboard tubes will keep little hands busy while also helping with eye hand coordination. They can also learn about colors.

Car craft ready to play with.

10. Car Craft

Get creative and put together an entire fleet of race cars with this tube craft! After they are dry, the kids can all have a race.

Rocket craft against blue backdrop.

11. Rocket Craft

Learn about space with this rocket craft that is so easy to make! Kid’s will have a ton of fun playing with this rocket.

Bracelets with jewels.

12. Bracelet Craft

Use jewels and sparkly little items to make these bracelets so fancy! No one will guess they started out as paper towel rolls.

Submarine craft with straw.

13. Submarine Craft

Grab a few toilet paper rolls and some straws and you can make this cools submarine. Let kid’s choose the colors they like best for this fun idea.

Toilet paper boat craft with child.

14. Toilet Paper Boat Craft

Rain, Rain go away……Let kid’s make DIY boats to keep them entertained on days you are stuck inside.

Robot cardboard tube sitting up.

15. Robot Craft

Buttons make the perfect accessory on these robots! Kid’s will love selecting and putting each one on their special robot.

Peacock craft ready to play with.

16. Peacock Craft

This fun Peacock Craft almost looks like a turkey too. I bet you could use different colors and turn this into a Thanksgiving craft in a pinch.

17. Owl toilet paper roll craft

Turn a simple cardboard tube into a fun and whimsical owl. Kids will have a blast creating this.

Kaleidoscope with beads.

18. DIY Kaleidoscope

You probably already have most of the supplies needed for this DIY Kaleidoscope. It is super easy.

Pencil pouch from paper tubes with paper clips.

19. Pencil Pouch

This clever ideas turns leftover cardboard into a pencil pouch. This easy toilet paper roll craft for kids is so creative.

Scribble DIY art with pens.

20. Paper Roll Scribblers

If your child loves to draw, this is a fun DIY to make. This paper roll scribbler is so cool.

Phone holder with phone.

21. Phone Holder

Decorate a toilet paper holder for an inexpensive phone holder.

Try these fun toilet paper roll crafts for kids.

Everyone will enjoy these fun crafts. You do not have to spend a ton of money on expensive supplies. These DIY ideas make great examples of frugal craft activities.

Collage with crafts using cardboard tubes.

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