Learn how to easily store and organize all of your canned food with these easy canned food storage ideas. Whether you have a ton of space or not much at all, these canned food storage hacks will help get your pantry or cabinet in order.

Canned food storage ideas grouped together.

Canned food storage ideas

We have tons of canned goods but they are all over the place. I knew something had to be done before my kitchen pantry and kitchen cabinets got any worse.

Not only did I have no idea what I even had on hand but things were expiring before I could even use them. They were hard to find and even more difficult to reach so they didn’t get used.

That is until I found these canned food storage hacks!

From small spaces to large pantries, we have ideas for all kitchens. You will love these space saving hacks that are frugal and easy to assemble.

Each item will be easily accessible and grouped together. Learn how to use spice racks, magazine holders and storage units for a food organizer.

Canned food storage ideas grouped together.

How do you organize canned goods?

It depends on the type of space you have and how many canned goods you need to store. There are so many ideas we are going to share with you that will work for everyone’s space.

Keep reading to see some really great ideas!

Where do you store canned goods?

From the pantry to cabinets to drawers and more, there are lots of places to store canned goods. Sometimes you have to get creative based on the space and layout of your home, but it can be done!

Can you store canned goods in the garage?

You can even use your garage or basement to store canned goods.  Many people use their pantry or cabinets for some of the canned goods and create additional store in their garage.

Let’s get started with these canned food storage ideas!

Soda box for canned food storage idea.

1. Soda Box Storage Idea

This idea reuses a soda box and turns it into clever storage for canned goods. I love ideas that are frugal, easy and use something you probably already have!

Stackable can organizer.

2. Stackable Can Organizer

Make the most of your space with this organizer that stacks the cans into multiple rows.

Magazine storage rack for cans.

3. Magazine Storage Rack

Grab some magazine racks from the dollar store or Amazon to organize your canned goods.

Custom can organizer.

4. Customizable Can Length and Rotating Organizer

This organizer is perfect if you have multiple size cans to store.

Soda can organizer for cans.

5. Soda Can Organizers

Turn soda can organizers into a canned food storage solution. They fit perfectly and you can easily stack cans.

Plastic shoe bins with cans.

6. Plastic Shoe Bins

Small plastic bins are a great size to hold canned goods and you can get them at the dollar store or we order in bulk on Amazon. 

Over the door storage rack can organizer.

7. Over the Door Storage Rack

Make the most of all of your space and hang this door rack for storing cans.

Lazy Susan in cabinet with food.

8. Lazy Susan in Cabinets

Put an inexpensive lazy susan in your cabinet so that you can store your cans.

Wall storage unit with cans.

9. Canned Food Storage Rack DIY 

If you are crafty, make this easy DIY storage rack for cans. This is perfect for the garage or basement.

wall mount pantry shelves for cans.

10. Wall Mount Pantry Shelves

Turn wall shelves into pantry storage. They are inexpensive and hold several cans easily.

Wall mount pantry shelves for cans.

11. Rotating Canned Food Storage Idea

This is another clever DIY to hold cans. You can easily see what you have and group things together for a super organized food storage solution.

Sliding can storage.

12. DIY Canned Good Storage

This idea really makes the most of storage by utilizing that small space between your fridge. This shelving unit rolls out for easy access.

Wooden shelves with cans.

13. Wooden DIY Canned Good Shelves

Make wooden shelves that will hold lots of canned goods in your pantry to utilize shelf space.

Photo boxes with canned goods.

14. Photo Boxes to organized cans

If you have old photo boxes you are not using, they are the perfect size to hold canned goods.

Drawer storage with cans.

15. Drawer Canned Food Storage

Make the most of your kitchen space by organizing and storing canned goods in drawers. You can use a sharpie to write on the tops of the cans to be able to easily see what you have on hand.

Try these space saving can storage hacks.

Which of these diy canned food storage ideas do you plan to try?

With so many storage systems to choose from, you will definitely find something that works for the type of food and space you have! These storage ideas will help you maximize the space you have.

From food storage to closet racks and magazine racks, there are ideas for everyone.

More ways to organize your home:

Learn how to organize canned food with these easy canned food storage ideas. Over 15 canned food storage hacks that will get your pantry in order. Check out these Easy DIY ideas to organize cans in your pantry or your home.  You’ll love these easy storage ideas. #onecrazymom #storageideas #cannedfoods #DIYstorageideas

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