DIY Halloween Decorations are fun and frugal to make. We have over 25 Halloween DIY decoration ideas that will make your home festive.

Check out these DIY Halloween decoration ideas. 25+ ideas that are creative but won't break the bank. Your house will be so festive! These decoration ideas are cheap to make and get for indoor or outside.  You’ll love these fun decoration ideas for Halloween! #onecrazymom #halloweendecorations #DIYdecorations

DIY Halloween Decorations

We all want to be the spookiest house on the block, but we don’t want to bust our budget trying. You can decorate your house without spending a lot of money with these Halloween decoration ideas for families on a budget.

Don’t miss these 25+ budget friendly decorating ideas. Get the kids involved and everyone can have fun creating these.

How can I decorate my house for Halloween cheap?

It is easy to get carried away when it comes to Halloween decorations. Today, I wanted to give you some DIY Halloween decoration ideas you can make on a budget.

The easiest way to decorate inexpensively is to shop your house first. Take inventory of what you already have. You likely have supplies or items that can be used for these projects.

How to make homemade Halloween decorations

Get creative and utilize things around the house or at thrift stores. Make these easy DIY projects for cheap. There isn’t any need to buy expensive store bought decorations.

Plus, I think the homemade ones are much cooler anyway. From Halloween crafts and candle holders to plastic spiders and more, the ideas are endless.

Check out these DIY Halloween decoration ideas. 25+ ideas that are creative and affordable too. Your house will be so festive! These decoration ideas are cheap to make and get for indoor or outside.  You’ll love these fun decoration ideas for Halloween! #onecrazymom #halloweendecorations #DIYdecorations

Halloween Decorations DIY

Let’s get started with these easy and fun ideas. Anyone can make these DIY decorations for Halloween.

Halloween homemade decorations

Glow in the dark pumpkins.

1. Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

Kids will love helping with this glow in the dark pumpkin project. Choose from several different colors and create a cool theme.

Glow in the dark balloons.

2. Halloween Glow Stick Balloons

Use glowsticks and balloons for frugal and fun way to decorate for Halloween.

Spooky house luminaries lit up.

3. Creepy House Luminaries

Make these Creepy House Luminaries with black felt and decorate your house for Halloween frugally.

Potion bottle beside pumpkins.

4. DIY Potion Bottles

Re-purpose your used wine bottles into Halloween Potion Bottle décor in no time.

Spider décor hanging from ceiling.

5. How to Make a Spider for Halloween

This is SO easy to make and costs less than $1! Learn how to make a spider in minutes.

Paper lanterns in a row.

6. DIY Paper Lanterns

Do you have a Cricut machine? Make these cute DIY Halloween Paper Lanterns.

Halloween candles on a table.

7. DIY Halloween Candles

Transfer pictures with tissue paper to make Halloween candles. It is easy but the results look custom.

Spooky Village setup on a table.

8. Spooky Halloween Village

I love how they made this spooky Halloween village by simply spray painting houses and figurines. Everything is from the dollar store. Simple and creative!

Spiders on the door.

9. Magnetic Spiders

Make this creepy crawly Halloween décor in no time. Magnetic spiders on the door look so festive for Halloween.

Spider paper lantern over a food table.

10. Paper Lantern Spiders

Dye a paper lantern black and follow this great idea to make a creepy spider.

Ghost garland lit up.

11. K Cup Ghost Garland

Recycle your K Cups into Ghost Garland by day and Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins at night. It is so festive.

Halloween lanterns in a row made from jars.

12. Halloween Lanterns

Make these whimsical Halloween Lanterns that are easy to make and sure to impress your Halloween party guests.

Plastic pumpkins topiary in a planter.

13. Tipsy Plastic Pumpkin Decoration

This is such a cheap and fun way to decorate your front yard for Halloween! If you want to do without the solar lights you could also fill the pumpkins with flowers.

Masking tap spooky hand in the yard.

14. Masking Tape Hand Prop

Make this spooky mummy hand out of masking tape! This is so inexpensive but leaves a big impact.

Medusa head on table.

15. Medusa Head

Check out these three different ways to add a DIY Medusa Head to your Halloween décor.

Spider webs hanging on the window.

16. Trash Bag Halloween Decor

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Make this awesome spider web decor using a black trash bag.

Floating ghost on the table.

17. Floating Ghost

This Floating Cheesecloth Ghost is perfect to make for Halloween. It is effortless to create.

Floating witch hats on the porch.

18.Floating Witch Hat Luminary

Make this magical Halloween decor and your porch will be the talk of the town.

Hanging ghosts on the porch.

19. Hanging Ghosts

Make these hanging ghosts for a fraction of the cost of what stores are selling them for. It’s easy to make in minutes.

Bats on the wall.

20. Bat Decoration

Make this fun bat decoration with black construction paper. So simple and kids would love helping with this, too!

Tin can luminaries on the porch.

21. Tin Can Luminaries

These luminaries look really great at night and can be used year after year.

Pool noodle candles grouped together.

22. Pool Noodle Candles

Learn how to make spooky candle using pool noodles. This is so creative and you likely already have the supplies needed.

Ghost candles in a row.

23. Ghost Candles

These DIY Ghost Candles are quick and easy to put together. The kids can help make these spooky candles.

Skull wreath on the door.

24. Halloween Skull Wreath

Grab a few skulls from the dollar store and make this easy wreath. Your door will be super festive for Halloween. You can easily reuse this year after year.

Window silhouette with bats.

25. Window Silhouettes

Crepe paper and more can turn a simple window into a spooky scene. These silhouettes for Halloween are so creative.

Tombstones in the yard.

26. Cardboard Tombstones

Turn simple sheets of cardboard into tombstones. These decorations are very simple to make and frugal. Get creative and start crafting.

Gold pumpkins on the table.

27. Dollar Store Pumpkin

Use spray paint to turn cheap plastic pumpkins into festive decorations. This is a great idea for Fall as well.

Eyeball lantern on the table.

28. Eyeball Lantern

This project only requires 7 supplies and it is so easy. It looks spooky and gives the atmosphere a nice glow.

Bats in trees.

29. Hanging Foam Bats

Jazz up plain trees or anything you like with this hanging bats. They are light and easy to make with foam. Hang a few from trees to provide the perfect setting in the yard.

Cake stand with candy.

30. DIY Halloween Cake Stand

This clever idea makes the perfect DIY for treats at the Halloween party. Everything needed for the cake stand is dollar store supplies. Top the stand with candy, cookies or anything you like.

Make these DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas!

There are so many frugal and creative ideas to choose from. You can easily make these ideas without a ton of time or expense.

Each idea is super easy and your home will be festive on a budget. Give these ideas a try for Halloween. They are so fun and easy too.

More fun ideas for Halloween:

Check out these DIY Halloween decoration ideas. 25+ ideas that are creative and affordable too. Your house will be so festive! These decoration ideas are cheap to make and are great for indoor or outside.  You’ll love these fun decoration ideas for Halloween! #onecrazymom #halloweendecorations #DIYdecorations

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