Try these tips and tricks to throw a Halloween party on a budget. From food and décor to games and more, these 27 ideas are fun and easy.

How to Throw a Halloween party on a budget with these easy tips. Here are easy tips for Halloween party food, Halloween party games, and Halloween decorations.  Learn how to throw a Halloween party at home and on a budget too! #onecrazymom #halloweenparty #halloweenideas #moneysavingideas

Halloween party on a budget

Do you enjoy having an annual Halloween Party for the kids? We love hosting parties for the kids and neighbors but the cost can quickly add up!

However, with lots of frugal ideas and thinking outside the box, you can easily throw a Halloween Party on a budget!

From food and decorations to games and party favors…..we have you covered!  It is so fun to use dry ice, glow in the dark items, plastic spiders and a few stragetcially placed spider webs. Get creative because the possibiliites are endless.

Here are my favorite tips

How to Throw a Halloween party on a budget with these easy tips. Here are easy tips for Halloween party food, Halloween party games, and Halloween decorations.  Learn how to throw a fun and adorable Halloween party at home and on a budget too! #onecrazymom #halloweenparty #halloweenideas #moneysavingideas

How to throw a Halloween Party on a Budget:

Each of these ideas will make it easy to throw the best party on a budget. Let’s get started.

Halloween Decorations on a budget

There is no need to spend tons of money on party decor. Get creative and make your own decorations. Don’t forget about setting the mood with a Jack o lantern. The kids can have the pumpkins carved prior to the party as a fun activity.

You can use things that easily can be found at home! Here are some very simply and fun Halloween decorations on a budget.

Spider decoration diy on wall.

1. Homemade Large Spider Decoration

This DIY spider is so easy and very frugal! The kids can even help.

2. Candy Corn Banner

Learn how to make a festive Candy Corn Banner. This is super cheap to make and very quick.

3. Glow Sticks

Put glow sticks in lanterns on the porch, jars or anywhere! These can also double as party favors.

4. Halloween Treat Bucket

Transform a dollar store bucket into a fun and festive treat bucket for Halloween.

5. Black Glittered Pumpkins 

Turn plain pumpkins into décor that sparkles. The glitter is so fun and the kids can make these.

6. Mummy Decorations

Learn how to make mummy decorations using old cereal boxes. It is a great way to recycle and spend no money.

FREE Halloween party games:

What’s a party without games? Here are several fun and easy Halloween party games that are cheap and even free.

Each of these games can be quickly put together. You can find several ideas for ALL ages.

Candy apples on a platter.

7. Halloween Party Games for Adults

Find 5 easy but fun games perfect for adults. These Halloween games will be a blast.

8. Halloween Party Games for Kids

Choose from an assortment of Halloween games that are frugal and so fun.

9. Halloween Party Games for Families

The entire family will enjoy these simple games for a spooky activity.

Paper plate pumpkin.

10. Fun Fall Crafts

The paper plate pumpkin activity would be a cute one for a Halloween Party.

11. Pumpkin Bowling

Anyone can easily put together this simple but fun bowling activity for the kiddos. It is so frugal and really easy.

12. Pin the Boo on the Ghost

This fun pin the boo game is a blast at Halloween parties. It is fast and easy to make and so fun to play.

13. Hay Bale Jumping 

No special supplies needed for this hay bale activity. Just a few hay bales and kids will have a blast.

Halloween party food on a budget

Here are some easy Desserts and Snacks to save money. Get the kid’s involved and let the preparation be part of the fun.

You will love these frugal Halloween party food ideas that include lots of sweet treats. Halloween food is so fun to make and serve. If you need a main meal, hot dogs go over well and do not cost much.

Collage of Halloween desserts and treats.

14. Easy Halloween Dessert for Kids

Choose from lots of easy snacks using food you probably already have.

15. Ghost Twinkies

Jazz up twinkies with a little white chocolate and turn them into a fun Ghost treat.

16. Halloween Snack Mix

This fun snack mix has has lots of popular ingredients sure to be a hit.

17. Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

These whimsical pumpkin cookies will look stunning on the dessert table.

Spider cupcake on a plate.

18. Easy Spider Cupcakes

Learn how to make spider treats for a delicious cupcake that is fun to make.

19. Spider Pudding Pies

Turn Mini Chocolate Pies into Spider Pies for Halloween.

20. Ghost Cupcakes

Make spooky Ghost Cupcakes for a tasty and fun party treat.

21. Orange Jack-0-Lantern Fruit Cups

If you need an alternative to sweets, make these fun fruit cups that look like a Jack-o-Lantern.

22. Ghost Sugar Cookies

It is so simple to make these tasty sugar cookies in ghost shapes.

Halloween Party Favors

Kid’s love party favors and we have several non candy ideas that are mom approved! I particularly like the glow sticks because they can be used for multiple activities.

Keep the goody bags simple with these fun and festive ideas.

Glowsticks arranged in a centerpiece.

22. Fun Non-Candy Halloween Treats

There are lots of party favor ideas from play-doh and tattoos to stickers and whistles!

23. Glowsticks

Glowsticks are so much fun and kid’s can use these for trick or treating too.

collage of Halloween costumes

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes can be pricey but I have lots of frugal homemade options for you. Encourage your guests to make their own Halloween costumes. You might even consider throwing a Homemade Halloween costume contest.

This will encourage your friends so they don’t feel they have to spend a fortune on a Halloween costume.

24. Homemade  Halloween Costumes for Kids

There are so many options from Laffy Taffy to 50’s Halloween Costume and spiders and more.

25. Spider Costume

This homemade Spider Costume is so easy to make and really cute.

26. Hershey’s Candy bar

Chocolate fans will go crazy over this Hershey’s Candy bar costume.

27. Laffy Taffy Costume

Choose any color you like and make this easy Laffy Taffy Costume.


Easy tips for a Halloween Party on a Budget.

I hope these tips will help you throw a super fun and easy Halloween party on a budget this year for your family.

Do you have any tips to add?

Get the entire family involved in dressing up for Halloween . We even like to include the animals. You will love these 15 easy homemade dog costumes that are so cute for Halloween.

How to Throw a Halloween party on a budget? Here are easy tips for Halloween party food, Halloween party games, and Halloween decorations.  Learn how to throw a Halloween party at home and on a budget too! #onecrazymom #halloweenparty #halloweenideas #moneysavingideas

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