If you have friends and family that love to bake, we have some of the best gifts for bakers. Check out this fun and frugal list of gift ideas they will love.

We have rounded up 25 of the BEST Christmas Gifts for Bakers. Easy gift ideas for bakers that they are going to love. Check out our gifts for bakers.  These are the best Christmas gifts for bakers and bread bakers too!  #onecrazymom #giftguides #giftideas #giftsforbakers

Best gifts for bakers

It can be hard to think of gift ideas and we have taken the work out of it for you. We have fabulous ideas for bakers for all budgets.

Whether you are looking for gadgets or cookware, this list is sure to please bakers of all interests. I bet you could even make a gift basket with lots of fun baking items.

Bakers love practical gifts and these ideas are so useful. Take a look and see what you like best.

Check out over 25 of BEST Christmas Gifts for Bakers. Easy gift ideas for bakers that they are going to love. Check out our gifts for bakers.  These are the best Christmas gifts for bakers and bread bakers too!  #onecrazymom #giftguides #giftideas #giftsforbakers

Homemade gifts for bakers

I like to include a homemade gift with something they can enjoy. Everyone loves baked goods and these ideas make it so easy to bake.

Each of these ideas have many of the ingredients needed conveniently packaged together. All the recipient needs to do is add the wet ingredients.

This is also a great gift for a child or teen that loves to bake. I have given many of these and they are always well received. Everyone appreciates the convenience of it.

You could add some oven mitts with one of these homemade diy gifts for a nice touch.

Let’s get started with the best gifts for bakers. I think you are really going to like these ideas.

Christmas cookies in a jar

Christmas Cookies in a Jar Recipe 

It is so easy to make this Christmas Cookies in a Jar Recipe and very frugal as well. Your kids will love creating them too so this is a great family gift. This cookie in a jar recipe creates delicious M&M cake mix cookies. 

homemade brownie mix in a jar


Brownies are always a hit with everyone and nothing is better than homemade brownies!  You can easily make this Homemade brownie mix and enjoy delicious brownies in even less time. Homemade gifts are some of the best best gifts for bakers.

homemade hot chocolate in a jar

Homemade Hot Chocolate

My kids love hot chocolate. In the Fall and Winter time, I can barely keep enough in stock as they drink it constantly.  In an effort to save money, I created this Easy Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix.  Now I love it more than the store bought ones.

vanilla extract in a jar

How to Make Vanilla Extract at Home 

Learning to make homemade vanilla extract was a ton easier than I thought and it has really enhanced my baking game.  I was excited to learn How to Make Vanilla Extract at Home and I hope you enjoy it as well. It is the perfect gift.

Best Gifts for Bakers

Apron for baking


Every baker needs an apron to keep there clothes clean. This fun apron is sure to be a hit. It makes a great gift.

Baking Mat

Cleanup is a breeze with these silicone baking mats. They are so handy to line baking sheet with.

KitchenAid Mixer

Any baker would love a stand mixer. They definitely make baking much easier. There are several styles and colors to choose from.

set of cake pans

Cake Pan Set

This 5 layer cake pan set will make baking a breeze. It is so convenient to have this many pans when making a layer cake.

3 Tier Cooling Rack

This tiered cooling rack is perfect for cookies, cakes and more. You can use it to cool a bunch of baked goods.

Bakers Gonna Bake Apron

If you are looking for a fun and whimsical gift, this apron is the one to get. It is perfect for keeping clothes clean and so fun at the same time.

set of pantry containers

Pantry Containers

Keep baking supplies stored nicely in these clear containers. You can easily see what is inside and they keep supplies fresh and dry.

Cake stand and punch bowl

Save storage space with this multifunctional platter. It doubles as a cake stand and punch bowl. You can also use it as a veggie tray.

Baking Measuring Mat

These non stick making mats are perfect for rolling dough and more. Pastry mats are so handy and easy to store. Anything to make baking sheets easy to clean is definitely one of the best gifts for bakers.

2 striped aprons

Traditional Aprons

For the baker that prefers a more traditional apron without quotes, take a look at this assortment. There are multipole color and pattern choices.

Hamilton beach Stand Mixer

If you are looking for a stand mixer that is budget friendly, Hamilton Beach makes a great mixer. Perfect for baking and mixing together ingredients in minutes.

Magnetic measuring spoons

Every baker needs a good set of measuring spoons. This set is very convenient and easy to store. You might also add a set of measuring cups to the gift.

wilton piping set in container

Wilton Piping Set

Decorate cakes like a professional with this piping set. Everything you need to make gorgeous designs is in this set.

Cookie Scoops

Baking is easy with cookie scoops. You can easily scoop cookie dough ensuring uniform cookies that will all cook evenly. This is something every baker needs because it can be used for so many different things from cookies and cupcakes to truffles and more.

Bakeware organizer

Running out of storage is an ongoing problem for many. Give the gift of organization with one of these baking organizers.

10 piece bakeware set

Bakeware set

This 10 piece set includes baking sheets and pans for every baking need. One pan even has a lid for easy storage and I spotted a loaf pan.

Mixing bowls

From small to large and lids included, this set is all you need. This mixing bowl set nests together and takes up less room.

Marble Rolling Pin

Baking bread, pastries and pizza will be easy with this rolling pin. The stand is included for a great set. It looks nice and sturdy for something that could be handed down in the future.

cake decorating kit

Cake decorating kit

Practically everything you need to bake a cake is in this baking set. From a springform pan to baking tools and decorating accessories and much more, this set has it all. This set would be perfect for someone just starting out or someone that needs all new items.

Check out over 25 of BEST Cookbook Christmas Gifts for Bakers. These are easy and affordable cookbook gift ideas for bakers that they are going to love. Check out our gifts for bakers.  These are the best Christmas gifts for bakers and bread bakers too!  #onecrazymom #giftguides #giftideas #giftsforbakers

Cookbooks for bakers

Every baker I know gets really excited about a new cookbook. Choose from several of these for new baking inspiration.

Bake from Scratch: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker 

From brioche to rye bread, this book is packed with artisan bread recipes. Everything you need to know about homemade bread is in this book.

The Cake Mix Doctor Returns: With 160 All-New Recipes 

Learn how to transform any cake into an amazing cake. This recipe book teaches how simple additions make all the difference.

Baking from scratch

Lots of quick tutorials for baking from scratch will have anyone baking like a professional. Try these tips and tricks for the best recipes.

Baking for kids

Over 100 recipes for young chefs to try out. This recipe book has sweet and savory recipes to please everyone.

Small batch baking

Enjoy 60 sweet and savory recipes that are perfect for small batches. This is a great book for small quantities.

Bread Machine

Learn how to make perfect bread in the bread machine. There are so many delicious bread recipes to choose from. If you know someone that recently bought a bread machine, this is a great book to get them.

Bread baking for beginners

The essential guide to baking bread. Everything you need to know is in this cookbook.

These are the best gifts for bakers.

From gadgets to cookbooks, this list has it all. There is something on this list for every baker and every budget.

Each of these gifts are useful and sure to be a hit with any baker on your list. I think another good idea is to make a basket for a baker.

You can add accessories and even a few kitchen towels or special ingredients. They would make great fillers to some of these ideas on the list.

From nordic ware to kitchen scales, it is fun to think outside the box when shopping.

Let us know what you decide to get. This list is so helpful for Christmas but also gifts needed during the year as well.

Check out over 25 of BEST Christmas Gifts for Bakers. These are easy and affordable gift ideas for bakers that they are going to love. Check out our gifts for bakers.  These are the best Christmas gifts for bakers and bread bakers too!  #onecrazymom #giftguides #giftideas #giftsforbakers

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