Looking for winter activities for kids? Learn how to make snow paint with just 2 simple ingredients. Kids will have a blast with snow paint.

Bottles of snow paint in various colors.

Snow painting

This activity is frugal Winter Fun and so easy to do. You can even put this together last minute if you wake up to a snow day.

Many areas have had snow lately. Whether you still have snow or hope to get some, save this fun activity for lots of fun.

The kids will have an absolute blast painting outside. In fact, we all love it. It is a great activity for the entire family.

As if playing in the gorgeous wintry mix wasn’t fun enough, this activity takes it to the next level. Make snow paint for tons of fun.

You just need 2 ingredients so it is super quick. It is one of our all time favorite winter activities for kids.

Bottles of snow paint in various colors.

Supplies needed:

Bottles of snow paint in various colors.

How to make snow paint:

  • First, fill up your squeeze bottles with cold water. Another fun idea to try is spray bottles.
Adding food coloring to each bottle.
  • Next, add a few drops of food coloring to each water bottle.
  • Then shake well to combine. That is all you do to make this.
Bottles of snow paint in various colors.

How to paint snow:

Give one to each kid, and let them enjoy snow painting. They can choose their favorite color.

I love seeing their creativity shine in this fun activity. Each child can use a bottle to make fun designs, shapes or words in the snow.

It is so much fun and a great outdoor activity.

Painting in the snow.

Everyone loves this.

It is hard to see in the picture, but the kids drew pictures and wrote words. My son here wrote “The Lopers Rock”. They had a lot of fun, and it cost hardly anything to make.

Painting in the snow.

Fun winter activity for everyone.

From toddlers to teenagers, all of our kids love snow painting with this easy DIY. Make some today and see how fun it is for your kids. It is literally so fun to do outside. They will beg for “More Snow paint please”.

The kids will enjoy this so much that they probably will want to stay outside all day. Of course it is too cold for that but the kids sure love it.

Next time you find yourself covered in snow make snow paint recipes with the kids.

Painting in the snow.

Snow painting with kids.

Give it a try for a simple and inexpensive activity in just minutes.

I love things like this because you probably already have what you need on hand. So if you wake up to snow it is so easy to make this.

I can’t wait for you to try it. It really is a great example of having fun without much expense or work.

Looking for winter activities for kids? Learn How to make Snow Paint - Snow painting is fun. This is our favorite winter activities for toddlers and it’s easy to make with just 2 ingredients.  #onecrazymom #snowpaint #DIY #craftactivities

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