The kids will love to create this fun and simple DIY Sock Snowman Craft. This easy sock snowman is a blast to make and the results are adorable.

You will love learning how to make sock crafts! Find out how to make a snowman made out of socks. This DIY Sock Snowman craft is so cute and simple to make!

DIY Sock Snowman Craft

We love sock crafts and this Sock Snowman Craft does not disappoint. The kids will love helping with this fun craft.

Each snowman has a little scarf and hat. You can let the kids choose the color!

This is a great craft to try over Christmas break when you need to keep the kids busy.

Sock snowmen sitting together.

Easy DIY Sock Snowman Craft Video

Sock snowmen sitting together.

This snowman sock craft is easy to make.

Supplies needed for snowman craft.

Materials Needed for Sock snowman

Close up photo of Sock snowman.

How to make snowman with socks:

1. Make the rice filled socks. For the adult size sock, I used 4-¼ cups rice (3 cups on the bottom/body and 1-¼ cups on the top/head). For the child size sock, I used 1-½ cups rice (1 cup on the bottom/body and ½ cup on the top/head).

Sock being filled with rice using a funnel.
Funnel with rice in a sock.

How to add rice to the sock

2. Roll down the cuff of a sock and place a rolled paper plate into the sock. This will create a funnel to use.

Pour rice into your sock. Remove the plate. Shake the rice down into the bottom of the sock filled with rice. 

Securing the sock with ribbon.

3. Secure the sock. We used yarn or ribbon and then tied the top. You can use a rubber band but I fear they will rot and fall apart.

Close the top and secure tightly with a double knot. Trim excess string from the snowman body.

Securing the sock with ribbon.

4. Create the head. Return the paper plate to the sock and pour in more rice to create the head. You may need to pay attention to the sock as the heel may create an awkward head on part of the sock.

Make sure the heel portion of the sock is on the back. Secure the sock just as you did for the body.

5. Trim the sock snowmen. Trim the top of the sock and discard based on the size of your snowman.

How to decorate a sock snowman

6. Make the winter hat for the snowman. Cut a piece of fleece for the hat. As well as a thin strip to tie the hat (about 1/2″ x 6″)

(Adult Size was about 6″ x 11″ with a 12″ x 1″ scarf. Child size was 6″ x 8″ with the same size scarf)

Securing the fabric with hot glue.

7. Secure the fabric. Fold the long edge of the hat up, twice and secure with hot glue. This will create the brim of the hat. Wrap the hat around the snowman‘s head and attach together in the back with hot glue.

Gathering the hat with fleece to secure.

8. Gather the top of the hat to secure it. Secure it with the thin strip of fleece by tying in a double knot. If desired, trim the top of the hat with scissors.

9. Trim the ends of the scarf to create fringe. Wrap the scarf around the snowman and adjust as desired.

Trim ends if necessary and re-cut fringe to create a scarf. Secure the scarf where it intersects with hot glue.

Placing button eyes on snowman.
Placing snowflakes on hat.

10. Create the eyes and nose. Add buttons or you can also use black beads for eyes and a mouth on the snowman.

Add a pom pom nose. Secure with hot glue.

Close up photo of snowman hat.

11. Add embellishments. Attach foam snowflake stickers with hot glue on the hat if desired.

Sock snowmen sitting together.

This sock snowman idea is so fun.

Give them a try and let us know what you think about this diy project. The kids will love learning how to turn the sock into a fun sock snowman craft.

You can use this craft for kids as holiday decor.


  • Fuzzy Socks. Jazz things up and use use different socks instead of a plain white sock.
  • Colored Sock. Feel free to us any color you prefer.
  • Embellishments. We used snowflakes on the hat but anything would be fun. If you have some jewels or anything in the craft box, give those a try.
  • Pipe cleaner option. Secure the hats with pipe cleaner for another option.
Sock snowmen sitting together.

This easy Christmas craft is so fun.

We have so many traditions we do each year and these are truly the things that memories are made of. Add this adorable sock snowman to your list of traditions to continue year after year.

You will love learning how to make sock crafts! Find out how to make a snowman made out of socks. This DIY Sock Snowman craft is so cute and simple to make!

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