Removing permanent marker stains can be frustrating. Learn how to remove sharpie from furniture in a few easy steps.

Sharpie on table.

How to remove sharpie from furniture

My sweet boy accidentally grabbed the permanent marker instead of a washable marker when he decided to make Dad a card. The sharpie marker bled through the paper and all over my kitchen table.  

After some research, I learned that it is pretty easy to remove permanent marker stains from wood. If you have permanent marker spots that need to be removed, try these easy tips.

You will be able to remove permanent ink much easier than you think. These easy steps will quickly remove marker stains with just a magic eraser and water.

Sharpie on table

What you need:

Yes, that is really all that you need to get the job done. The magic erasers are simply magical! A friend of mine told me to try magic erasers and I was truly shocked.

I guess I can add this to my pretty awesome list of uses for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

As many of you know I was shocked at how clean my stove top got when I used these magic erasers. So, I’m pretty excited about this new use for these magical sponges.

Magic Eraser on counter.

How to Remove Permanent marker from Furniture:

  • Step 1. Identify the stain. Below, you will see my beat-up table. Ignore the scratches – I have 8 kids, I’m ok with scratches.

    See the beautiful Sharpie marker that bled through the table? Lots of beautiful markings….Try to remove the stain as soon as possible before it sets. It will make it easier to remove.
Table with permanent marker marks.
  • Step 2. Wet the magical eraser and scrub the stain. After a quick scrub of just a minute or two on the permanent marker stain, it was gone! It was that easy!

    There isn’t any need for other cleaning supplies or tons of products. Just the magic eraser and water. It is really that simple.
Table with marks removed.

Will this work for other surfaces?

Yes, it should work for any hard surfaces including walls. Once I meant to grab a dry erase marker but instead used a permanent marker. The magic eraser easily removed the stain and it looked good as new.

I’m sure you have heard lots of other tricks using cleaning cloths, paper towels or a damp cloth to remove stains using hand sanitizer, baking soda toothpaste, nail polish remover, gel toothpaste and regular toothpaste, baking soda and water, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer and the list goes on.

I find this handy cleaning sponge quickly and easily does the job without all of the extra supplies needed. Just a little water applied, and minimum scrubbing and the stain is gone.

It works on numerous surfaces and quickly removes the stain.

Magic eraser and sharpie on table.

Tips for cleaning off sharpie:

  • Gently Scrub. I would be cautious that you don’t take off the finish of the table. It did not take much scrubbing so I’m thinking the finish is just fine on my table. I just want to warn you just in case.
  • Use circular motions. Scrub in circular motions with the magic eraser. Continue to scrub and wipe with a clean cloth. Keep doing this until the entire stain has been removed.
  • Off Brand Magic Erasers. Also, you can find the off brand of magic erasers on amazon for much less. They work just as well if you are curious.
  • Remove the stain as soon as possible. The newer the stains are, the easier it is to remove them. Try to remove them soon after it happens if any way possible.
  • Rinse the area if it has direct contact with food. The area will need to be rinsed after removing the stain if it has direct contact with food.
  • Do not use bleach or household cleaners. Magic Erasers work with water and adding extra cleaner is not necessary.
  • Test the area first. It is recommended to test a small area with light pressure first to ensure it will not damage the surface. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Try this easy trick.

Have you tried this handy trick before? I am curious what else you use magic erasers for. It certainly has tons of household uses that are so helpful for stain remover.

We keep a supply on hand since they are so useful for many different things. I am always amazed at how great these sponges work and for so many uses.

They are inexpensive and reduce a lot of the household cleaning clutter. There really isn’t any need for lots of various cleaners thanks to this handy tool. Pickup a supply today and you will love them too.

We think they are brilliant and so easy to use. Give them a try and watch your permanent marker stains disappear. Leave a comment once you try these easy tips.

Magic eraser and permanent marker on table.

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