Learn how to save money on k-cups. These tips and tricks will help you save money on any brand k cups.

How to save money on K-cups. 4 of the best ways to save money on k-cups. K-Cups money saving tips to help you save on your favorite coffee.

How to save Money on K-cups

I know a lot of people who own a Keurig Coffee Maker, and I have never heard anyone say, “I do not like my Keurig.” It’s been quite the opposite.

Coffee drinkers love the convenience of their Keurig coffee machine. What I have heard people complain about is the cost of K-cups.

Yes, brewing your own coffee is significantly cheaper than purchasing one from the local coffee shop every day, but it can still get expensive. If you are tired of spending so much money, I want to share with you how to save money on Keurig K-cups.

What is a good price for k-cups

For me, a good price for K-cups is under $0.50 per single serve cup – a GREAT price is under $.37. If I buy k cups in bulk, I can usually get them for about $.29 per cup.

So, if you drink just one cup of coffee a day, at this price you would spend about $183 a year on k-cups.

That is a significant amount of money on coffee pods! Let’s see how we can reduce this cost.

How to save money on K-cups. 4 of the best ways to save money on k-cups. K-Cups money saving tips to help you save on your favorite coffee.

4 of the Best Ways to Save Money on K-Cups

1. Shop Sales with Coupons

You can check your favorite grocery store and see if there are any K-cups deals available.  

The lowest price I have seen in the stores was about $0.37 per K-cup. At this price, you would be spending about $135 a year for a nice savings.

2. Buy K-cups from Amazon

Shopping at Amazon is great because you can have your favorite K-cups shipped straight to your door.

You may also get the option to “Subscribe and Save”, meaning you can opt in for future automatic shipments and save 5% off the purchase price. If you Subscribe & Save to 5 items delivered within the same month, you’ll save 15%!

You can cancel your subscription at any time – no penalties, no questions asked. Readers love this Amazon Brand coffee. It is as low as $.31 per K-cup which is a nice price.

At this price, you would spend about $113 a year on K-cups. Let’s keep bringing the price down!

3. Reuse K-cups

Did you know that you can reuse your coffee k-cups? Simply brew your cup of coffee like normal and then brew another cup from the same K-cup.

I do have one tip for you. Take the K-cup out of your brewer after making the first cup and give it a little shake. The grounds will be packed inside the K-cup, so giving it a brisk shake will loosen the grounds up.

If you don’t shake it, you’ll end up with coffee-ish hot water and it won’t be good. Do be sure to cover the holes in your K-cups before you shake it so you don’t end up with coffee grounds all over the kitchen.

Let’s say you buy the cheapest K-cups on Amazon and use each one twice. You will now be spending about $57 a year.

Now we are starting to see some serious price reductions!

4. Make Your Own K-cups

Now if you are looking to save some serious money this is the BEST way to go! All you have to do is buy a reusable k-cup filter and fill it with your own coffee.

There are several different brands of filters available. Here are the most popular/highest reviewed filters on Amazon:

Prices vary for these reusable filters, but let’s average them a say you spend $8 on your reusable filter. Now let’s consider the price of the coffee.

Regular price for a 42 ounce can of Maxwell House Coffee is $10. You can fit about 0.4 ounces of ground coffee in a reusable filter. That means you’ll get about 105 servings per 42 ounce can of coffee.

That equals about $0.09 per K-cup! Now THAT is a very low price for a single cup! Obviously, coffee varies greatly by price depending on the brand you buy.

What K-Cups Money Saving Tips are your favorite?

We just love coffee and anytime you can save a lot of money is helpful. Which tip do you plan to try to save money on keurig pods?

How to save money on K-cups. 4 of the best ways to save money on k-cups. K-Cups money saving tips to help you save on your favorite coffee.

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