Learn 12 ways to save money on the water bill. These simple tips and tricks will help to reduce your water bill with little effort.

Water faucet and sink drain.

Ways to save money on water bill

The water bill is probably not your most expensive bill but it’s still an expense nonetheless. I wanted to share several ways to save money on your water bill. While heating and cooling result in large utility bills, the water bill can still add up.

Thankfully, this is not as large as an expense as the electric bill but it still can be substantial.

Why not make sure you’re spending as little as possible by reducing your water usage? Take a look below at some simple and unobtrusive ways to decrease your water bill every single month.

How to save money on water bill:

1.Take showers instead of baths.

Most adults already choose to shower instead of taking a bath, but what about your kids? Starting as early as age 3, start helping your kids shower. Letting the water run can use a lot of water.

Since filling a tub can use up to 70 gallons of water versus only 10 to 25 gallons for a shower, you’ll have a significant water savings with even just one bath a week converted to a shower.

2. Decrease the length of your showers.

Without getting into the specific water savings with a shorter shower, common sense tells you that if you cut your shower time even by a couple of minutes, you’ll reduce your water use. You’ll also save a little on energy since your hot water heater won’t have to work quite as hard.

3. Use the dishwasher instead of hand washing.

Think about how many dishes you can put in your dishwasher and then how long it would take to hand wash all of them. It may seem as though the dishwasher uses quite a bit of water, but in most households, there is a water savings using the dishwasher versus handwashing.

Many dishwashers come with an energy star efficiency. Plus, it takes less of your time to wash your dishes.

4. Only run the dishwasher or washing machine when full.

Make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your water buck by avoiding running your dishwasher or clothes washing machine if you don’t have a full load. If you have kids, it probably won’t take more than a couple of days, so you won’t need to worry about running out of clean dishes or clothes.

5. Get a rain barrel.

Depending upon where you live, Mother Nature may give you plenty of rainwater for free. Without a rain barrel, you are missing out on a wonderful water recycling program.

With rainwater collected from your gutter downspout, you can water plants and wash the car.

Water faucet and sink drain.

6. Wear clothing more than once before washing it.

Many articles of clothing really don’t need washing each time you wear them. Some examples include: jeans, blouses, dress shirts, and pajamas.

Not only will you save water, you’ll also get more life out of the clothing since they wear faster if they are washed more often.

7. Turn off the faucet.

Most of us already know to do this, but really think about how quickly you turn off the faucet after wetting your toothbrush or how soon you turn it back on to rinse. You most likely are using more water than you realize when you brush your teeth.

8. Keep water in the fridge.

If you find yourself running the tap to get cold water to drink, make sure to keep a pitcher in the fridge. This will ensure that you have cold water ready for you when you’re thirsty.

9. Get a low-flow shower head.

A standard shower head uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute, and a low-flow shower head decreases that output by half a gallon or more. According to the EPA, switching to an energy efficiency low-flow shower head could save a family 2900 gallons of water a year.

10. Insulate pipes.

Pipe insulation comes pre-slit so all you have to do is wrap it around the pipes. It will help the hot water pipes keep the heat in so the hot water gets to your faucets faster, decreasing the amount of time you let the tap run.

Water faucet and sink drain.

11. Is your toilet leaking?

Make sure you don’t have a leaky toilet because it can waste thousands of gallons a year. Many home improvement stores have complimentary dye tablets to add to the tank and see if the dye transfers to the water in the bowl.

If so, there is a leak in the toilet that needs to be repaired to keep water costs down.

12. Put an aerator on your faucet.

Aerators are inexpensive and easy to install (they just screw on) and reduce the flow of water without decreasing water pressure. Newer faucets usually have an aerator already included, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure.

Which tips do you play to try?

By reducing the amount of water you use, you’re not only putting more money back in your pocket each month, you are also conserving a natural resource. It is a great way to save money and the planet at the same time!

More Money saving tips:

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