Here are several special mother son night out ideas. You might want to pick a special day every month and choose one of these mother son bonding activities.

Mother and son.

Mother Son Night Out Ideas

If you’re a mom of boys, you’ve probably had twinges of jealousy at “Daddy & Daughter” dances. Don’t get me wrong – it’s great that dads get to take their daughters out for a fun night, but what about mother son bonding activities?

In that spirit, why not make your own date with your son? Here are some fun ideas for mother son date nights that you and your little man will love.

You will both enjoy this special date filled with fun activities to spend time together.

Mother and son

Fun Mother and son activities

Try some of these ideas for spending quality time with your son. This will be a special time with lots of memories made together.

Part of the fun is deciding what to do. Get your son involved in selecting an activity.

1. Minor league sporting event.

Major league games are fun, but minor league might be a better fit if you’ve got a younger boy. The games are often shorter.

The tickets and parking are cheaper (so it’s not such a huge deal if you leave before the game is over), and you’ll probably be able to get closer to the action.

2. Laser tag

This is a great activity if you’ve got a really active boy who loves to run around. It’s a fun time and kids love this activity.

Bonus – this date could also double as a mission for scoping out birthday party locations.

3. Ice skating or roller skating

This one is better if you’re already pretty adept at skating since you might be required to keep your little guy from spending the whole time on his bottom. Most ice rinks or roller skating rinks have an open skate.

You can rent skates versus needing your own. You’ll spend a lot of time laughing together.

4. Don’t discount the awesomeness of the library.

Many libraries have a fantastic children’s section where you can read and play quiet games. You may even be able to get in on a children’s story hour.

Plus, your little guy can check out some books to take home and enjoy after your “date.”

Mother and son with a football

5. Mommy & me cooking class.

This one will be a little more costly, but if you have a little helper, he will LOVE this date. Check into a high-end grocery store in your area if you’re not sure where to take a class.

Who knows – you might spark a love of cooking and one day see your son on Chopped Junior.

6. Pottery/ceramic painting.

There are a bunch of pottery/ceramic painting stores out there where your son and you can each pick which item you want to pain. Then you both get to tap into your creative side while painting your item.

After they cure your pieces, you get to take them home. Prepare to get a little messy on this date.

7. Train ride.

If you’ve got a son who loves trains, look into taking a commuter train or Amtrak for just a couple of stops. You can travel a few towns over, hop out for lunch or dinner, then take the train back home.

You’ll be a hero for thinking of this road trip date.

8. Fancy dinner.

Going out to eat may be a regular occurrence for you, but you probably don’t normally get dressed up. Invite your son to dinner with a card or some other more formal invitation.

Once the big night arrives, both of you get dressed up. You don’t need to go to a ritzy restaurant, but take the time to make a big deal out of your date night. It will be a fun night out and teach your son the ins and outs of a formal dinner too.

More fun ideas to try:

  • bike ride
  • mini golfing
  • ice cream
  • board games
  • video games
  • watch a movie

There are so many fun mother son bonding activities!

Anything you and your son do just the two of you will be wonderful. Hopefully one of these ideas will get you started on planning a terrific date. Really think about your son’s interests and make your date reflect what he loves.

You will both have a fantastic time, and your little man will relish how special you made him feel. These special dates will create lasting memories for years to come.

Let us know what you decide to do by leaving a comment.

More kid friendly activities:

Here are several special mother son night out ideas. Pick a special day every month and choose one of these mother son bonding activities. You will love these mother and son date night ideas that everyone will enjoy! #onecrazymom #datenightideas #mothersondatenights

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  1. Thanks so much! My son is only 2, but I want to start spending more quality time with him now and make it a ritual. Thanks for the inspiration!