If you need some new ideas, we have lots of fun Kids Summer activities . Try some of these 100 days of Fun Summer Activities for kids.

100 days of Fun Summer Activities for kids

What are summer activities for kids?

This can mean different things to different people. For us, Summer means the days are a little more laid back. Activities include trips to the library, fun with friends, water games and more.

An afternoon blowing bubbles on the front porch or making homemade popsicles brings back so many memories over the years.

The best days are spent together having fun. Looking back, children won’t remember what you bought them but the time spent on them.

I think you will agree that the best memories usually are made doing the simplest things.

Fun summer activities for kids

Today we are talking about fun Kids Summer activities that we can do. We just love Summer and being able to sleep in, go swimming, family time, movie nights, and hanging out with friends. It is so much fun.

However, something happens after a few weeks of Summer and the “fun” just starts to fizzle out and somehow boredom starts to set in.

This year, I’m prepared. We are kicking things up a notch with a checklist of 100 Kids Summer Activities to keep us from the Summer boredom slump.

How do I keep my child entertained in the summer?

There are lots of great ideas to do in the Summer. Many are free activities or very inexpensive. You don’t even have to leave your house for many of these ideas.

You do not have to spend money to have a fun summer or to keep the kids busy. Try out some local parks or take a day trip to somewhere nearby.

Free summer activities for kids

Many communities offer free summer activities that include free movies, Summer Library activities and more.

Beat the heat with a water gun fight. You can pick up a squirt gun at the dollar store. Another fun idea is to have a pool noodle fight in the back yard.

Spend the afternoon drawing sidewalk art with chalk. Get creative and make lots of memories without breaking the bank.

Get your flip flops ready because it is going to be a great Summer.

100 days of Fun Summer Activities for kids

100 days of Fun Summer Activities for kids

1. Play Jacks
2. Four Square
3. Freeze Tag
4. Red Rover, Red Rover
5. Play in the the water hose – make a sprinkler
6. Capture the Flag
7. Have a Water Balloon fight
8. Play Kickball
9. Create an obstacle course
10. Play Red light, green light
11. Make tin can phones
12. Play Hop Scotch
13. Create a Scavenger Hunt
14. Family Game Night
15. Play the game Mother May I?
16. Have friends over and Play baseball
17. Flashlight Tag
18. Marco Polo
19. Ring Around the Rosie

Fun games!

20. Tic Tac Toe
21. go to the library
22. go to the movies
23. make paper airplanes
24. build a sandcastle (or a mud castle)
25. slip n’ slide
26. go on a scavenger hunt
27. make some slime
28. build a fort
29. go to the movies
30. through a BBQ party
31. watch fireworks
32. got to a baseball game
33. have a family sleepover in the living room
34. go to the zoo
35. Amusement park
36. Blow Bubbles – make bubbles
37. Play frisbee
38. Make homemade pizza (homemade pizza sauce recipe)
39. Put together a puzzle
40. have a movie night in
41. Do face paining
42. Have a picnic in a park
43. Visit a plash pad (free park)
44. Roast Hot Dogs/Marshmallows
45. Wash the cars and have a water fight
46. Have a nerf gun fight
47. Make Paper Planes
48. Play Tennis
49. Take a road tip and go on a a hike
50. Color with Sidewalk chalk

Yummy treats!

51. Get Sno Cones
52. Make Ice cream
53. Play Simon Says
54. Make cupcakes together
55. Make homemade lip balm
56. Make a gift for someone
57. Have a spa day at home
58. Exercise together – do a video or go outside
59. Feed ducks at a park
60. Have a camping trip
61. Make Homemade popsicles
62. Visit a new park
63. Make Glow in the dark chalk paint and play at night
64. Play charades
65. Go Bowling
66. Make cookies for your neighbors
67. Visit a water park
68. Plant flowers as a family
69. Have a pizza party at home.
70. Have a Family Fondue Night
71. Make Root beer or Coke floats (or Rootbeer Float Popsicles)
72. Cook a dinner together
73. Make S’mores either on the grill or on the stove (how to grill s’mores)
74. Have a read-a-thon
75. Have a picnic in the backyard

Get creative.

76. do a science experiment
77. Camp out in the backyard
78. Star Gazing at night
79. Start a garden (How to start a garden)
80. Go on a bike ride
81. Make a treasure hunt
82. Paint artwork for your home
83. Have a pajama party
84. Have a shaving cream fight in the back yard
85. Paint a flower pot
86. Make a piñata. Make a Minecraft Piñata – How to make a Frozen Piñata – How to make a Tangled Piñata
87. Visit a local museum
88. Go swimming at night
89. Write a letter to a friend or family
90. Make a bird feeder
91. Make homemade freezer jam
92. Have a hula hoop contest
93. Have a jump rope contest
94. Go to a drive in movie
95. Rescue some toys from an ice block
96. Walk the dog or go on a family walk
97. Play “I spy”
98. Make Homemade chalk
99. Tie Dye shirts
100. Visit a local farm

Try these fun summer activities for kids.

WHEW! Now that is one extensive list of fun things to do in the Summer. Which one of these Kids Summer Activities is your favorite? Which do you think your kids are going to like the most?

Now make sure you click the link below so you can download yours and check them off as you enjoy them with your kids.

Free Printable: Fun summer activities for kids 

100 days of Fun Summer Activities for kids

More fun things to do in the summer:

We have 100 days of kids summer activities. We even have a printable for your to check off fun things to do in the summer. Check out these great activity ideas for kids this summer that are fun and affordable.  #onecrazymom #kidsactivities #summeractivities

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