rules of couponing so you can save more money
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Did you know that there are rules of couponing? Don’t worry – they are not strick or hard rules. 😉 However, if you follow these simple rules, your couponing will be much easier and you will be able to save even more money!

If you are just now joining us, make sure you check out our Couponing 101 page to learn more on how to coupon. You will also like to check out our Saving Money on Groceries page.

If you ever have a question about coupons or how to use them, I suggest you read the Coupon Information Center page. They have a TON of great information.

4 things you should never do when using coupons

Here are the 4 rules of couponing:

1. Do not photocopy coupons

This applies to not only paper coupons but also printable coupons.

2. Only use a coupon for the product written on the coupon.

Each coupon is a contract and should be used only for the item described in writing on the coupon itself. (remember, it is the words that are important) Make sure if your coupon says “excludes trial size” that you do not use that coupon on the trial size. If you are having trouble understanding coupons, you can read my How to Read coupon post.

3. Do not buy coupons or sell coupons

First, selling coupons is illegal, so just don’t do it. If you have extra coupons, then give them to a friend and share the coupon love. When you buy coupons, you could be purchasing stolen or counterfeit coupons. Since you cannot be 100% sure that they are legitimate coupons, you just shouldn’t ever buy coupons. Besides there are tons of easy places to find coupons that you should never need to buy or sell coupons.

4. Do not try to stack manufacturer coupons.

Sometimes people will try to use more than one manufacturer coupon on one item. If you have a $.75/1 colgate toothpaste coupon and a $.50/1 colgate toothpaste coupon you will need to buy 2 tubes of toothpastes to use both of those coupons.  You can stack coupons, but one has to be a store coupon and one has to be a manufacturer coupon. You can go here to read how to tell if your coupon is a store coupon or a manufacturer coupon.

There are several more suggestions that you can read on the Coupon Information page. They even have an Etiquette section now. :)

I know we have talked about a lot of negativity today on this post with what you should not do. But… if you now what you should not do, then you will know what you can do to save a ton of money each week. After all… isn’t that all what we are trying to do?

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 Read the full Couponing 101 series here to learn more about couponing.

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