Find out the best things to buy at Dollar Tree Store. Dollar Tree store has tons of items but knowing what to buy and what not to buy can be tricky. Find out my favorite things to buy.

Collage of dollar tree items on shelves.

Best things to buy at Dollar Tree store

Are you a Dollar Tree shopper? I have been shopping there for a while, but it hasn’t always been that way. Honestly, I used to think the Dollar Tree store was just a bunch of cheap junk.

I wondered why people would shop there and how people could think they were getting a good deal. I used to think that, until I happened in a store one day and my eyes were opened. There actually are some great deals to be had at the Dollar Tree store.

Collage of dollar tree items on shelves.

Yes, there are definitely things that I would suggest steering away from. Not everything at the Dollar Tree store is a good deal. However, there are a bunch of great things to buy that will save you money.

If you need help figuring out what is a good deal at the Dollar Tree store and what isn’t, check out my list!

Best things to buy at dollar store:

Seasonal items on shelves.

1. Decor:

Regardless of the season, Dollar Tree always has plates, cups, tablecloths and every decoration imaginable for the upcoming holiday. Whether its New Year’s or Christmas or anything in between, they have you covered to save money.

I cannot tell you how many times I have bought frames at Dollar Tree. They carry picture frames in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are a great starting point for fun home DIY and decor projects.

Decorative glassware is also great to buy at Dollar Tree. Glass vases make such a great starting point for mantle and dining table decor.

Plastic dishes and toys.

2. Seasonal Items:

I bought some plates and cups that we can use for outdoor picnics. They come in great colors and their plastic. Since they are plastic, they won’t break if someone drops them on the patio. It is such a great deal!

Dollar Tree is a great place to find items for pool fun. They have pool noodles at Dollar Tree, swim goggles, water balloons and so much more!

3. Kids and Teacher supplies:

If you are a teacher or just like to have fun teaching your kids at home, Dollar Tree has a lot of basic teacher supplies. You can find decor for bulletin boards, rewards charts, stickers and more.

Before you head out on that road trip, stop by to get some Dollar Tree coloring books! You can also find activity books for the kids. You can let them each child choose a few books they like and not worry that you are over spending.

Shelves with containers, cooking gadgets and glassware.

4. Kitchen Items:

Did you know you can find drinking glasses, too? There are colored glass and stemmed glasses, short glasses and tall glass. Dollar Tree glassware is a really great deal!

You can find a ton of different types of aluminum disposable pans at Dollar Tree. These are great for freezer cooking or for taking meals to others.

School and office supplies.

If you need an extra serving spoon or another spatula, the Dollar Tree is a great place to look! I hate paying a lot for these kitchen utensils and the ones I have bought from Dollar Tree hold up just fine. 

In fact, you can find 21 Easy Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas.

5. Office Supplies & Gift Bags:

Have you bought a gift bag lately? They are so expensive! You can find a variety of gift bags in various sizes, all for only $1.25.

They also have tissue paper to stuff in the gift bags in an array of colors and designs. You can also buy wrapping paper at your local Dollar Tree and save money from big box stores.

Buy your office supplies at Dollar Tree without breaking the bank! Items like envelopes, rubber bands and paper clips cost only $1.25. They would be much more expensive at an office supply store.

You can also find highlighters, dry erase and permanent markers at Dollar Tree. These are great for the home office, for back to school or even for a teacher’s gift basket.

Party supplies on shelves.

6. Party Supplies:

Whether you are looking for white, clear or colored cutlery, Dollar Tree has it! They usually carry cutlery in seasonal decor colors and/or colors to match their stocked party supplies. Since packages are only $1.25 you are paying just pennies for a set of forks, spoons and knives.

I have known several people that have used inexpensive Dollar Tree items to help with wedding or other party planning. You can find clear plastic cups in all shapes and sizes and even silver plastic ware.

Balloons with helium.

If you’re planning a themed birthday party for a child, you can find a variety of options at Dollar Tree. Items are significantly cheaper as opposed to a party store.

Dollar Tree has Mylar Balloons for only $1.25! These can be pretty expensive at a party store, so buy your balloons here. You can also pick up craft supplies for smaller projects.

7. Bread:

You can get a great deal on name brand bread in an assortment of varieties. I don’t really buy a lot of groceries at Dollar Tree, but bread is a definite yes!

You can find buns and a ton of different breads that are just $1.25 each. I love to get sub rolls at Dollar Tree. Those are normally very expensive at the grocery store.

The assortment often changes so it is a good idea to check weekly for a new supply.

Bread on shelves.

8. Pet Care Items

Dollar Tree has some pet care items. You can find dog and cat toys as well as some grooming tools.

Sometimes, you can find items that they bought from over stock or close to expiration dates. I have been able to find some great finds lately.

Merchandise varies greatly by store and it goes quickly. We recommend stopping in frequently so that you don’t ever miss anything.

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  1. DilgersRock says:

    My best “prize” I have found at Dollar Tree is an 18 count carton of eggs. (At Walmart or HEB a dozen eggs cost almost $2.00)

  2. Max says:

    Movie-sized candy for only $1. Great for prizes, too!

  3. Janice tucker says:

    We buy all types of cards there, they have a wide variety and they are only a dollar, which is much more inexpensive than they are at other stores.


    Don’t forget greeting cards

  5. Kathy Brown says:

    I get the Whales crackers and Pringles. Yes, they are smaller packages, but ounce for ounce, they are cheaper than the grocery store.

  6. Judith says:

    Greeting cards

  7. Lori Neilson says:

    Kleenex. Cotton balls. Cotton swabs.

  8. Nancy Jowers says:

    I like to buy Bibles to donate yo my church at Dollar stores. They make great presentation gifts for new members, vacation bible school graduations, or just to scatter around the sanctuary for those who may not have brought their own.

  9. Kathy A says:

    I love buying hygiene items for our church’s mission health kits. Combs, soap, toothbrushes, even towels and facecloths. As a crafter, I always check out craft supplies and cardmaking stuff; some of their 3=D stickers are awesome. Kids’ coloring books and word search books are high on my to-gift list, too!

  10. Lise says:

    My favorite? The health aisle! 30 generic benadryl for $1! Toothbrushes and toothpaste should not cost more than a dollar, but go to the drugstore and you can spend $10 just on the pair!

  11. Adria says:

    You didn’t mention socks are the best find for me and my family bc we always have that loose goosey one that gets away. For summer they have the short socks and winter they bring in a stock of long socks. So I spend about 20 bux a year for winter and summer. That’s an awesome deal. Always socks guys at the store for like 6 pair almost 8 bux and you can get six pair for 6 bux! What huge savings!

  12. Lexi says:

    Appliance light bulbs are good to get there and the quality is the same.

  13. Leslie says:

    Dollar store gift basket items for specialty gift baskets. Items like candy and popcorn for movie night treat basket. I did a whole New Years eve basket with appetizers, dinner and dessert for mom in law. I’ve heard the smaller stores have the more gourmet select items.

  14. L Pete says:

    Reading glasses! They are sometimes $20 for a couple pairs anywhere else, but $1 a piece at Dollar Tree. And in various colors, styles and powers. I buy a handful at a time and stash them in the cars, purse, desk, etc!

    1. carrie says:

      Great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Savannah Smith says:

    Our family buys almost everything at Dollar Tree! Especially greeting cards, board books, and seasonal items. They have very good sections for everything being one dollar! The things you posted are wonderful ideas to get from Dollar Tree. We even buy toys from there for my two year old, because he’s like any other two year old and is extremely rough with his toys. So losing a dollar to a toy isn’t no where as bad as losing $10 or more on one.

    1. carrie says:

      Great ideas – Thanks for sharing Savannah!