We have the perfect solution to get your home organized with 25 Dollar Store Home Organization Ideas. Everything you need can be purchased at your local dollar store saving you time and money.

Collage of organization ideas.


It can be a challenge to get your home organized. Plus, organization tools can be so pricey.

We have lots of great ideas that are budget friendly. These ideas also are effortless.

Try these simple ideas that are so easy that even the kids can help. We have ideas from fridge organization and spice racks to toys and more.

Collage of organization ideas.

Dollar Tree organizing ideas

Let’s get started with these clever ideas from the dollar store. I love saving time and money.


Bakeware organizers in cabinet.

1. Bakeware Organizers

You can pick up a few bake ware racks to keep baking sheets and pots and pans in order. These racks are so inexpensive and easy to use.

Cabinet bins with spices.

2. Dollar Tree Pantry Organization

Utilize bins to organize all of your small pantry items so that they are in one place. You will love being able to easily find items when you use storage bins.

Magazine rack with paper plates and napkins.

3. Paper Goods Organizer

Get a magazine file to keep paper plates and napkins in. This is is so handy and makes it super easy to pull out when you need it. These are also good for small sizes of gift wrap and bags.

Cutting Boards stored on cabinet.

4. Cutting Board Storage

Running out of cabinet space? Use this solution for a quick and cheap idea for cutting boards. It is a great way to cut down on clutter in your cabinets.

Utensil jars on counter.

5. DIY Mason Jar Organizer

Make these cute mason jar organizers to keep all your cooking utensils in order. They look so cute but also help to keep everything organized and together.

Shoe organizer in pantry.

6. Shoe Holder for Pantry Organization

Use an over the door shoe organizer to keep snacks handy for the kids. This is also a great way to store smaller items like seasoning packets and more kitchen items.

Foil hanging rack.

7. Foil and Plastic Wrap Organizer

Lean this trick to store foil and plastic wrap in your kitchen. You won’t have to deal with a twisted mess anymore with tons of containers all over. This is perfect for the cabinet door.

Freezer bins with food.

8. Chest Freezer Organization System

Baskets and bins make the perfect storage solution for freezers. You will be able to see where everything is and can easily take out each container to grab smaller items.

Hanging storage on pantry.

9. Organizer for medicine, spices and more

Use a dollar store shoe organizer to store little items like medicine, spices and more. This will free up so much space in your pantry and make it much easier to find items that you need.

Bins and containers in pantry.

10. Dollar Store Pantry Makeover

Give your pantry a makeover with these bins for dry goods like pasta, rice and more. You can easily see what you have with these dollar store organizing ideas.

Upright freezer with bins.

11. Upright Freezer Organizing Ideas

Get bins to keep meat and other freezer items together in your freezer. You will always be able to find what you need to cook for dinner with these handy dollar store freezer organization ideas.


Hanging baskets with crayons.

12. Kids’ Pen Storage

If art supplies are taking over your house, try this trick. Use little buckets to make a hanging storage idea for pens, markers and other art supplies.

Crates on the wall with stuffed animals.

13. Plastic Crate Storage Shelves

Use plastic crates dollar tree to easily store books, puzzles and stuffed animals and other toy storage. You can hang them so it doesn’t take up floor space and instantly add more storage to the room.

Scarves hanging on a rack.

14. DIY Scarf Organizer

No need to buy expensive scarf organizers for your closet when you can shop the dollar store. Make this one for under $1 and your closet will be organized and streamlined in no time at all.


Tiered tray with jewelry.

15. Tiered Storage Tray

Keep your jewelry organized with this gorgeous tiered tray. It’s all from the dollar store and looks really pretty and so organized.

Ice cube trays with earrings.

16. Earring Organizer 

Don’t lose anymore earrings with this simple solution. Each pair will have a place and you will never search again while using an ice cube tray to keep things organized. Another idea is to use a muffin tin from dollar tree.

Hair accessories in a tray.

17. Hair Accessories Tray

Make a hair accessory tray with all your hair bows, hair ties, brushes and more. Getting ready in the mornings will be a breeze when you have everything organized.

Bathroom storage baskets.

18. Dollar Store Bathroom Organizing

Use bins, baskets, shower caddies, suction cups and more to get your bathroom in order. This solution will create so much more space. Curling irons and other items will be easy to find with these Dollar Tree bathroom organization hacks.

Baskets hanging on the wall.

19. Hanging Basket Storage

Create this hanging basket storage set for towels, beauty supplies and more. Plus, it look so pretty and would also work in a laundry room with laundry baskets.

Bins and paper towel holders used for storage.

20. Jewelry & Accessory Organizers

Get creative with paper towel holders and magazine racks. Your accessories will be so organized with this storage solution and it is so inexpensive.

Silverware tray hanging with jewelry.

21. Jewelry Organizer

Silverware trays make handy organizers for jewelry and can be decorated with spray paint, hot glue and more. They can easily be used for drawer organizers for jewelry or hanging organizers.

Hanging basket in shower.

22. Shower Organization

Hanging baskets from the dollar store make the perfect way to organize your bath and shower items.

Drawer organization with beauty supplies.

23. Bathroom Drawer Organization

Plastic bins in various sizes make the perfect way to organize bathroom drawers.

Baskets in linen closet with sheets.

24. Line Closet Storage

Baskets and Bins make a great way to store sheets and more in the linen closet. You can use chalkboard labels or tags to easily identify each basket.

Lazy Susan with cake pans.

25. Lazy Susan

It is so easy to make a Lazy Susan with cake pans and marbles from the dollar store. This is great for food storage but also bathroom items.

Collage with organization ideas.

Dollar store organization hacks

Get started with these fabulous ideas to organizer your home. These ideas are so creative, inexpensive and easy to do.

Collage with organization ideas.

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