21 delicious popcorn snacks to please the entire family. From salty and sweet and more, these tasty ideas will be a hit.

21 easy and delicious popcorn snacks to please the entire family. From salty and sweet and more, these tasty ideas will be a hit for kids, for adults and there are so great healthy options too!  #onecrazymom #snackideas #popcorn #kidsnacks #healthysnacks

Easy Popcorn snack ideas

Most people like popcorn and for good reason. It is tasty, easy to make and inexpensive.

While popcorn is delicious alone, we have some ideas to jazz it up. I think your entire family will love these easy snack ideas.

Try some of these yummy popcorn ideas for after school snacks, movie night or to pack in school lunches. The options are endless with popcorn and everyone will enjoy it.

What snack goes well with popcorn?

The ideas are plentiful. Some ideas we love with popcorn include: mini marshmallows, M&M’s, peanuts, mini crackers and more.

Popcorn goes with just about anything. It is so versatile and can easily be sweet or savory. You can also mix both together for a new treat.

This is one thing that goes with so many different snacks. It is so easy to jazz up plain popcorn. Just a simple dash of parmesan cheese can make this a special snack.

21 easy and delicious popcorn snacks that the entire family will love. From salty and sweet and more, these tasty ideas will be a hit for kids, for adults and there are so great healthy options too!  #onecrazymom #snackideas #popcorn #kidsnacks #healthysnacks

Is popcorn a healthy snack?

Generally speaking, yes it is. If the popcorn is air popped and only lightly seasoned with salt. Now, if you cover it in butter and salt, that is another story.

It definitely won’t be healthy if you melt butter and pour a ton on the popcorn.

Microwave popcorn is healthier than movie theater popcorn. Stove top popcorn can be healthy depending on how much oil you use.

For the perfect popcorn cooked on the stove, shake the pan so the popcorn kernels do not burn. You can use coconut oil or olive oil to make stovetop popcorn.

As the kernels pop, the delicious smell of popcorn will fill the house.

The best popcorn recipes

1. White Chocolate Popcorn

You only need 3 easy ingredients to make this white chocolate popcorn. It is so frugal and absolutely delicious.

White Chocolate Popcorn
We love making fun treats at our house that don’t take a lot of work. This White Chocolate Popcorn is not only festive and delicious but so easy to make!

White Chocolate Popcorn

2. Caramel Popcorn Recipe

It is super easy to make caramel popcorn. The combination is the best and so decadent. It is the best snack and so easy.

Caramel Popcorn Recipe
This Homemade Caramel Popcorn Recipe is the perfect snack for your next holiday party or family movie night. We love that we can make it at home and it taste so much better than the store bought stuff.
Caramel Popcorn Recipe

3. Caramel marshmallow popcorn recipe

The delicious combination of caramel and marshmallow makes a great popcorn treat. It is so sweet and really amazing.

Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn
Make this caramel marshmallow popcorn recipe for a fun afternoon snack! With three amazing tastes in one recipe you can’t go wrong with marshmallow caramel popcorn! Plus it is easy, fast, and fabulous!

Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn

4. Popcorn Balls

This classic treat is sweet and delicious. Plus, popcorn balls are just fun to eat. The salty and sweet combination is delicious.

Popcorn Balls
This Popcorn Balls Recipe is great for the holidays, a party or family get together. There are tons of ways to switch up this recipe to make it work for anytime of the year!

Popcorn Balls

5. Mix in Peanut M&Ms

Toss in a handful of peanut m&m’s into a bowl of popcorn. This is so easy and always a hit.

6. Reese’s Oreo Popcorn

This recipe is effortless and easy to feed a crowd. If you love Reese’s peanut butter cups and Oreo cookies, this is a must try recipe

Reese’s Oreo Popcorn
Reese’s Oreo Popcorn is perfect whether you are making a little or a lot – this comes together so quickly so it’s easy to feed the masses.
Reese’s Oreo Popcorn

7. Rainbow Popcorn

Make a colorful treat perfect for a snack anytime. This rainbow popcorn is easy to make, yummy and so pretty.

Rainbow Popcorn
Jello candy coating makes this DIY rainbow popcorn an easy, fruit-flavored snack. Make as many batches as you want to create a few colors, or all the colors of the rainbow!
Rainbow Popcorn
Bowl of popcorn with crackers.

8. Mix in Crackers

Make snack mix with popcorn by adding gold fish, cheeze its or other small crackers. It is simple to toss this together and so tasty.

9. Add Pretzels

Choose from pretzel sticks, squares or any variety you like. Add them to popcorn for a great snack everyone will like.

10. Stir in raisins or craisins

Popcorn and raisins or craisins make a tasty combination. Add a handful of your favorite or both to popcorn for a great snack mix.

11. Stir in gummy bears or gummy worms

This is definitely a favorite with the kiddos. Stir in some gummy bears or gummy worms for a salty and sweet combination sure to be a hit.

12. Stir in chocolate chips or caramel chips

Chocolate chips or caramel chips make the perfect add in to popcorn. I like to use mini chocolate chips and often combine them with caramel chips too.

13. Stir in chopped candy bars

Use leftover candy to make a decadent popcorn snack. Just chop the candy bar up and toss into the popcorn. Some yummy ideas include: snickers, Butterfinger, milky way, heath bar and Reece’s cups.

14. Unicorn Popcorn

There are so many gorgeous colors in this vibrant Unicorn Popcorn. It would be so pretty for parties or just a fun snack.

Unicorn Popcorn
Learn how to make unicorn popcorn with this yummy recipe.

Unicorn Popcorn

15. Sweet and Salty Popcorn Snack Mix

Everything you need for the perfect snack mix is in this recipe. The popcorn is loaded with Reese’s Pieces, peanut buter cups, pretzels, caramel and more.

Sweet and Salty Popcorn Snack Mix
This Chocolate Peanut Butter Sweet and Salty Popcorn Snack Mix is perfect to serve at your next game day party! 
Sweet and Salty Popcorn Snack Mix

16. Tailgate Snack Mix

Popcorn, goldfish, chex mix and more make the most delicious snack mix. Whip this up in just minutes.

Tailgate Snack Mix
This snack mix can be made in just a few minutes and will be ready to feed a crowd!!!
Tailgate Snack Mix

17. Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

If you are looking for an easy snack, try making cinnamon sugar popcorn for a sweet and delicious snack.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel
The perfect movie night snack, after-school snack or anytime snack. You’ll fall in love with this popcorn tossed with ghee and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel

18. Maple Bacon Popcorn

Bacon makes everything better. Give it a try with popcorn for an amazing flavor combination.

Maple Bacon Popcorn
Bacon fans will go crazy over this Maple Bacon Popcorn. It is absolutely delicious and super easy to make.
Maple Bacon Popcorn

19. Mix in nuts

Add about ½ cup nuts to popcorn for a salty snack. Some of our favorites include: mixed nuts, cashews, peanuts, almonds and walnuts. Sesame Seeds are also delicious.

20. Mix in mini marshmallows

Kids love mini marshmallows in popcorn for a sweet and salty combination. You don’t need to melt them. Just toss in a handful into the popcorn.

21. Lemon Popcorn

This is a must try for a light and satisfying snack. The sweet and salty and citrus make this super yummy.

Lemon Popcorn
It’s the perfect combination of salty, sweet and citrus all rolled into fabulous treat. It’s the best lemon popcorn recipe.
Lemon Popcorn

Which popcorn recipes do you plan to try?

We love popcorn just about any way you can make it. The kids really love a large bowl of caramel corn to snack on during family game night.

You can’t go wrong with any of these delicious ideas. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

More easy snacks:

21 delicious popcorn snacks to please the entire family. From salty and sweet and more, these tasty ideas will be a hit for kids, for adults and there are so great healthy options too!  #onecrazymom #snackideas #popcorn #kidsnacks #healthysnacks

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