Try some of these water bottle crafts for kids. These are perfect for keeping the kids busy without breaking the bank. 24 crafts that use what you already have at home.

Collage of water bottle crafts.

24 Crafts with plastic water bottles

Keeping my kids busy long enough for me to make dinner is a struggle. With the weather cooling off, they want to play outside less and less.

The best part about making crafts is I can keep an eye on them while I’m making dinner, and there’s tons of things around the house they can use. Start saving your old water bottles and you can make fun water bottle crafts all year long!

What can you make out of a water bottle?

Kids can make creations from animals to plastic bottle flowers and more. The options are endless for plastic bottle crafts for kids.

There are glow in the dark options, piggy banks, fairy gardens and much more.

We always have a ton of spare water bottles around the house so this is an easy craft. Many of these can be used as learning opportunities and incorporated into lessons if you choose to do so.

Collage of water bottle crafts.

The ideas are endless with easy plastic bottle crafts.

The kids will have a blast with these fun ideas.

Plastic water Bottle Crafts that kids will love

Flower bouquet from water bottles.

1. Water Bottle Flower

Use the bottom of water bottles to make flowers! Make mom or Grandma a “bouquet” with this clever idea.

Hanging jellyfish using a water bottle.

2. Hanging Jellyfish

Make a jellyfish with a bottle and add streamers to complete the look. Let your child decide the colors! You can make several and have an assortment of different jellyfish.

Water bottle fish lined up.

3. Water Bottle Fish Craft

Learn how to turn water bottles into cute little fish! Kids will have a blast decorating the bottles. Each fish can be decorated however your child wants. That is the beauty in this fun project.

Plastic bottle shakers decorated.

4. Plastic Bottle Shaker

The kids will love to make shakers with plastic bottles. Kids can make music and perform for you. After having tons of fun crafting, the kids can make lots of fun music for everyone.

Pets made out of plastic bottles.

5. Plastic Bottle Pet Pot

Turn leftover bottles into animal pots. You can have a little farm using empty plastic bottles. Everyone loves animals and these are just adorable. Each child can make an animal they love.

Fairy House with night light.

6. Fairy House Night Lights

Use battery operated tea lights to turn bottles into fairy house night lights. This would be so cute in a little girl’s room. Fairy gardens are so popular right now.

Water bottle octopus hanging.

7. Water Bottle Octopus

Learn about science and make an octopus. This is a great hands on activity to incorporate science and make learning fun.

Plastic bottle monsters with candy.

8. Plastic Bottle Monsters

The monsters would be cool for Halloween or anytime really! Let the kids help make and decorate these cute little monsters. Start saving your bottles and you will save a ton on decorations and a fun activity.

Fish with stripes.

9. Water Bottle Fish Craft

Make colorful fish with tissue paper and bottles. Kids will love this fun craft. Save tissue paper from gifts and you will have tons to choose from when it’s time to make this craft.

Glowing sensory bottle with stars.

10. Glowing Sensory Bottle

This DIY plastic bottle makes the perfect glow in the dark sensory bottle for bedtime. It’s a great way to help kids settle down.

Shrinky Dink in hand.

11. DIY Shrinky Dink

Recycled plastic bottles make the best supplies for shrinky dinks. You will be amazed what you can create using different colors of permanent marker and plastic.

Lightning Bug craft in hands.

12. Pop Bottle Craft

Learn how to reuse a soda bottle to make a lightning bug. Fill the bottle with glow sticks to complete the craft.

Hanging whirligigs

13. Water Bottle Whirligigs

Transform plastic bottles into yard decor when you make these whimsical whirligigs. It is such a fun plastic bottle craft idea.

Sparkling galaxy jar in hands.

14. DIY Galaxy Jar

These sensory glitter jars are perfect for old glass milk bottles, water bottles and more.

Shark plastic bottle beside markers.

15. Plastic Bottle Game

Make a fun shark game using simple plastic bottles. This is a great craft and fun game for kids.

Water bottle fish.

16. Water Bottle Fish Craft

Create an underwater friend that is so much fun for kids of all ages.

Flowers in vase.

17. Plastic Water Bottle Flowers

These darling flowers are made out of plastic water bottles for a fun craft and cute decoration.

Wind sock with markers.

18. Recycled Bottle Koinobori

You can use an assortment of sharpies and a plastic bottle to make your own version of Japanese Wind Sock.

Penguin ready to play with.

19. Macaroni Penguin

Kids will have a blast making this fun Penguin out of a bottle and a few other supplies.

Butterflies for window.

20. Milk Jug Window Craft

Create gorgeous butterflies to hang in the window using recycled milk jugs.

Hanging octopus

21. Water Bottle Octopus or Squid

Make fun ocean animals using water bottles. Kids will love making these fun animals.

Paper mache airplane.

22. Airplane

Paper mache technique transforms this water bottle into a super cool airplane.

Hanging wind spinner in yard.

23. Wind Spinner

This wind spinner is a fun duct tape and water bottle craft for children to make.

Wind chimes with beads.

24. Plastic Bottle Wind Chimes

You will be amazed what you can create with a little yarn, beads and plastic bottle. These pretty windchimes are a blast to make.

Collage of water bottle crafts.

Easy Plastic Bottle Crafts

Try a few or maybe all and let us know what you thought about these water bottle arts and crafts ideas for kids. You will be amazed what you can make from a recycled water bottle, milk jug or soda bottle.

You can make all sorts of fun crafts from the recycling bin.

Collage of water bottle crafts.

More Craft ideas for kids:

I think you will love these water bottle crafts for kids. These are perfect for keeping the kids busy without breaking the bank! Try 12 water bottle crafts for kids recycled. Your kids are going to love these DIY plastic bottle crafts! #onecrazymom #crafts #craftideas

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