Learn how to season brown rice quickly and easily. There are so many ways to have delicious seasoned brown rice.

Bowl of brown rice.

How to make brown rice taste good

Brown rice is so good for you, but often people tend to stick with the white rice. In fact, we have been guilty of it too.

Forget the boxed rices (unless you get them for cheap $.50 a box) – buy the brown rice in the bags and cook it from scratch. It is CHEAPER and it is actually healthier for you.

Delicious seasoned brown rice is easy to make.

The entire family will enjoy rice with so many tasty and delicious flavoring options.

How to season instant brown rice:

You can use instant rice or regular rice. Another time saving tip is to learn how to freeze rice so you can have it ready in minutes.

Does brown rice taste good?

Brown rice can be a bit boring especially if you eat it as often as my family.

However, with just an extra ingredient or two your rice can really come to life!

How to Season Brown Rice:

  1. Add in Garlic salt (This is our all time favorite!) – So easy and really bumps up the flavor. You can use garlic powder if salt is an issue.
  2. Add in a bouillon cube or granules when you cook the rice for extra flavor.
  3. Mix in some salsa and some cumin for a tex-mex taste.
  4. Add an egg and fry it for a healthier fried rice.
  5. Add butter and lots of pepper – our neighbors make this pepper rice and it is GOOD!
  6. Mix some black beans with it (another family favorite)
  7. Mix in some pico or just plain chopped tomatoes and cilantro.
  8. A Dash of Soy sauce (don’t use too much)
  9. a Dash of Tabasco sauce or Taco sauce mixed in is good.
  10. Sprinkle with salt and Parmesan cheese. This is an odd combination but very good.
  11. Mix in some cheddar cheese for cheesy rice (not healthy but still good)
  12. After it is cooked sprinkle with apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar for a slightly sweet taste.
  13. Add ground beef and make it a one pot meal.
  14. Mix in Sliced Sausage for another easy one pot meal.
  15. Mix in some cilantro and a splash of lime juice for a very fresh tasting rice.
Bowl of brown rice.

Brown Rice seasonings

As you can see you can season rice with almost anything. After you start eating it regularly, you will actually find yourself preferring brown rice over white.

We make a big batch of brown rice and enjoy it for a delicious side dish.

What is a good spice for rice?

As you can see from the list above, there are lots of great spices to use. Depending on what mood you are in, you can use a variety of different spices.

Garlic is one of our favorites and so easy. We are always trying new things.

You can also try cayenne pepper, black pepper, lemon juice, olive oil and more for the perfect side dish.

The cooked rice is tender and tasty. It is so simple to cook amazing flavor packed rice.

Just bring to a boil, reduce heat and you will see how easy it is to cook brown rice. Try ½ cup serving and see how much your family loves this easy side dish.

Bowl of brown rice.

How to season brown rice Mexican?

We like to use cumin or salsa for rice with a Mexican flare.

How to make brown rice taste like white rice?

If you try these various seasonings, the rice really becomes hearty and flavorful. Once it is seasoned, even those that are fans of white rice will love it!

Try some of these options for not only a healthy side dish idea but a really flavorful side dish as well. Even your kids will eat brown rice when you cook it this way.

Sometimes, I even cook extra for leftovers or quick lunches. It is easy to portion into containers and eat for quick meals or side dish ideas.

Bowl of brown rice.

How to cook brown rice:

Find out how to season brown rice and turn boring rice into something everyone will love! Try the best seasoned brown rice recipes that you can also freeze.

Cooked brown rice recipes:

I thought now that you have this tasty and frugal side dish I thought I would show you what to cook with rice. Here are a few of my favorite recipes:

Add some rice and you have such an easy and fabulous meal. Plus, with so many wonderful ways to season brown rice, the entire family will love this easy side dish.

We all love to save money and time. Try some of these other fabulous ideas.

Find out how to season brown rice and turn boring rice into something everyone will love! Try the best seasoned brown rice recipes that you can also freeze.

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