Learn how to keep your house clean with one daily task. These house cleaning tips will help you rethink how you clean your house!

No need to spend hours at a time cleaning with these home cleaning tips.

Learn how to keep your house clean with one daily task. No need to spend hours at a time cleaning once you know how to keep house clean and tidy daily.


How to keep your house clean.

I struggle with this everyday. No matter what I do, I can’t find the time to get it all done. Then the house gets REALLY bad and our entire life goes on hold while we clean up the entire house.

We recover for a day or two. Then we find ourselves 3 weeks later back the the same situation.

It’s a vicious cycle and so exhausting! Who else has been there or maybe is there currently?

One day I asked myself, what are the secrets to keeping a clean house?

I wasn’t happy struggling every day and knew there was a better way. Our home was always a mess and we all felt the chaos.

It was stressful and I cleaned all the time only for things to stay messy. If you are in the same place, keep reading to learn how I got my house in order…….

Trying to keep your house clean and organized is hard work… Trust me I know.

I decided that I needed someone to come clean my house. I work a lot now on the blog, so I am just going to have to admit that I need help – until I got the quote.

It was a lot of money. Our house is bigger now, so it isn’t cheap to pay someone to clean our house.

Plus they would only be cleaning our house every other week.  I just could not fathom spending that sort of money to have someone could clean my house.

That is a lot of money to spend the reality is, it would likely be dirty in between cleanings!

Then the light bulb went on once I learned these house cleaning tips!

Why is it ok to pay someone for them to clean my house every two weeks, but I think I have to clean EVERYTHING every single week. I then become overwhelmed and I give up.

So to solve this dilemma I decided that I would clean my house every other week. This keeps everything clean and tidy.

But instead of doing it all in one trip, I would do one small task every single day (with weekends off most of the time). That way my house always looks clean and I can prevent myself from getting overwhelmed.

Let’s play the keep your house clean game!

The problem starts when we feel like we have to do it all at once. The all or nothing mentality.

Don’t get caught in this trap. It’s a vicious cycle and one that will leave you overwhelmed. The key is to do a little each day.

It’s just like taking a goal and breaking it down into bite size pieces. If you look at the bigger picture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and quit before you even started.

This method of cleaning I’m going to show you never requires anyone spend an entire day or even hours cleaning. Each day you have an assigned task and that is what you do for that day to have a clean home.

Learn how to keep your house clean with one daily task. No need to spend hours at a time cleaning once you know how to keep house clean and tidy daily.

5 things used to keep your house clean

First, I printed off these really cute calendars . You can also find 13 Free Printable Calendars here for more options. You can also print off upcoming years if you like to plan in advance. 🙂

I printed them off and then started writing in my duties. That way after it is completed I can put a big FAT X on top. 😉 It feels great to put that X on there!

You might also like to download cleaning apps to stay on track. This one from BrightNest also helps to keep up with home maintenance! Goodness knows that’s another area that can be tough to tackle.

Or if you prefer something you can hang, try this washable calendar from Amazon. I also like this Framed Dry Erase Calendar. So pretty! Just wipe and reuse every month!

Learn how to keep your house clean with one daily task. No need to spend hours at a time cleaning once you know how to keep house clean and tidy daily.

I also use an app to tackle my children’s artwork. Learn how to reduce mom guilt with these 5 Amazing Apps for Kids Art Storage.

These apps really help cut down on clutter and piles of paper everywhere. It can be hard to know what to do with all the little creations our precious kids come home with.

If toys are out of control. try these Easy Kids toy storage ideas. I like to go through toys frequently and give away what we can and  toss broken toys.

Once you tackle the kitchen, try these 21 Easy Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas. There are some really clever ideas!

How can I keep my house clean if I work full time?

Some families like to have a grand central station of sorts where they keep track of  activities, homework and more. This would be a good place to put your calendar.

Use the cleaning schedule so everyone can help and do their part. Keeping house clean working full time can be accomplished when you have a list and schedule.

How do you keep your house clean everyday?

Learn how to keep your house clean with one daily task. No need to spend hours at a time cleaning once you know how to keep house clean and tidy daily.

How to keep a big house clean fast?

Let’s face it. We don’t have enough hours in the day. So cleaning can’t take all day every day.

Use these tips to clean your house quickly. You will love having your house in order every day.

This will eliminate so much stress in your family. No arguing or scrambling to get things clean for company.

How to keep a clean house schedule:

Here is my two week cleaning schedule I use to clean my house. This is the cleaning routine that works for me and my household.

Feel free to play with the schedule to make it work for you. Maybe you would rather dust on Monday and do bathrooms on Tuesday?

Monday – Bathrooms (Toilets, mirrors, sinks, Tub and shower) – no floors

Tuesday – Dust (light dusting – only what you see)

Wednesday – Upstairs (Dust, vacuum, and toilets) – If you don’t have an upstairs this can be an off day – or maybe you have a playroom that you can tidy up every week)

Thursday – Vacuum – Wipe down appliances – check inside of Fridge (throw away food – whip down any spills)

Friday – Sweep and mop (do a good job)  – Spot clean windows

Saturday – Wipe down cabinets in kitchen (then in two weeks do a quick wipe down baseboards) that way you are only doing one of these once a month

Sunday – off

Monday – Bathrooms (Toilets, mirrors, sinks, sweep and mop) – no shower or tub

Tuesday – Dust – Do a good job this time like get on the chair and clean that top shelf (check if ceiling fans need to be dusted)

Wednesday – Upstairs (only clean the entire bathrooms including the tubs) – Remember, find another spot to clean if you don’t have an upstairs, or take the day off

Thursday – Vacuum – Quickly wipe down appliances

Friday – Sweep and touch up mop (only spot clean and do it fast) – clean any windows or doors with fabulous kids fingerprints

Saturday – off

Sunday – Off

How to keep your house clean all the time?

We also have a free Spring Cleaning Checklist you can download for free for more tips on how to keep house clean. These are really great tips for learning how to keep your house clean and tidy.

I think you will find them all very useful. I use this every Spring to help keep my house clean and organized.

Learn how to keep your house clean with one daily task. No need to spend hours at a time cleaning once you know how to keep house clean and tidy daily.

Now you know how to keep your house clean everyday!

I wanted to share this with you to hopefully inspire some of you who may be struggling with keeping up with your house. I really feel that taking a few minutes each day is really going to make a difference in your house.

We have been doing this for about a year and it has really helped. We no longer spend Saturday cleaning. Ugh!  Who wants to do that.

Family days are rare so it’s not any fun to spend an entire day cleaning. In fact, I typically just spend a few minutes cleaning Monday – Friday. I take off Saturday and Sunday. Yeah!

That is it – It is that easy and everything stays clean!

Plus staying organized is going to save you some money. 😉 It’s a good habit to start.

If you have a hard time keeping things clean, try this cleaning routine to keep things in order. You will be amazed what a quick wipe a few times a day can do for your home during weekly cleaning.

Doing a little bit every day will prevent pots and pans from piling up in the sink or other dishes in the sink. These are great tips to prevent a messy kitchen, living room or other high traffic areas.

Keep junk mail from piling up by the front door and tackle this daily.

Good luck! You will be so happy you learned how to always keep your house clean.

Things will be clean and organized. I’m certain this will change your daily routine and provide more time for fun and things you enjoy!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think you are going to give this a try?

What do you do to help stay on top of your house? I’m always looking for new tips and tricks.

The struggle is real. 🙂 But we can do it!!! Let’s get started!

Leave a comment and let us know any tips you have on how to keep house clean and tidy.

For even more ways to save money, try some of these homemade cleaning products:

Learn how to keep your house clean with one daily task. No need to spend hours at a time cleaning once you know how to keep house clean and tidy daily.

Learn where and how to start with these 5 home organization ideas that make getting things in order so easy!

Keep your house smelling fresh with DIY Febreeze you can make easily at home.

We have several Chore Charts for kids that you can choose from that will teach your kids responsibility.

We have over 100 ideas for Age appropriate Chores for kids.

Check out some of our other frugal house cleaning tips:

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Share this recipe!


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  1. Christina says:

    I haven’t “fluttered” in a while, but Fly Lady is awesome!!!! You can subscribe to her daily emails. Each week focuses on a different area of the house, once a week you “bless” your house with 1 hour of cleaning, and she gives you ideas to help with the little stuff that gets in the way in a hurry. She also tackles de-cluttering. 🙂 Ok, I’ve convinced my self to start flying with her again today. 🙂

    1. Carrie says:

      I have always gotten overwhelmed with flylady. 🙁

  2. Jessica says:

    You can also utilize Cozi (a family calendar available both online and in app form). You can load the Fly Lady’s “to do’s” into it, as well as customize just about everything from your calendar, to recipes/meal planning, to-dos, etc. My husband and I love this app!!

    1. Carrie says:

      I have heard of this – I just need to check it out. Thanks!

  3. Melody says:

    I love Cozi, but I detest Fly Lady. She makes me feel like an incompetent boob. I can never keep up with her & just get even further behind.

    1. Carrie says:

      I struggled with Fly lady too

  4. Anna says:

    I started a cleaning co-op with my sister! I think we both love it…the motto is “just clean, don’t judge”. Each week we go to one another’s homes and do whatever needs to be done. It has been about 6 weeks and my house is staying pretty clean and getting more organized.

  5. gg says:

    Hi Carrie,
    WE are living in apartment and moving to new house on March,I was worrying about cleaning the house,I like your Idea and I am going to try, hope it will help me.Thanks a lot for posting this kind of Ideas.

    1. Amber says:

      I think this is an awesome idea, and I want to try it.

  6. Olivia says:

    What about laundry? I always get behind with our laundry.

    1. Carrie says:

      I assign a day per person and that person gets their laundry done on that day. It has REALLY helped me. I think I’ll have to do a post on that.

      1. Teresa says:

        Assigning a day is necessary. Before we did this with my 4 kids, everyone always needed to do their laundry on Sunday evening for the week ahead!

    2. JoannE says:

      Try to wash while having dinner and dry soon as wash is completed. Electric and water are cheaper in the PM.

  7. Natalie says:

    I just need energy and motivation. Can anyone help me with that?

  8. Nancy says:

    When do you strip beds and wash linens and towels and other clothing?

  9. Nancy says:

    Sorry I didn’t read your responses before the question on personal laundry. I do the same on the laundry. I do mine and my husbands on Thursday and the kids basically my daughter takes care of hers and her brothers on Friday night or Saturday. We have front loaders by Samsung and I love the efficiency of those machines. They are time savers for doing laundry . If anyone can afford them, they come highly recommended by me. You don’t feel like you are doing laundry all day. I got mine at lowes for a super deal because some kid had peeled some of the samsung lettering off both and they were deeply discounted and got another 15% off for buying the pair. Full warranty and all.

  10. josee payette says:

    But the mopping, it is upstairs AND downstairs on the same day? Because downstairs alone, in the living room, I have to remove the area rug, move the footstools, the couch, the chair and vacuum first before I mop, and all of that is quite a lot of work in itself.
    But your model is generally what I do also, and yes, sometimes I have too much work to do so the cleaning falls behind a little bit. But it is so nice when the house is clean and smells nice. Thanks for your help.

  11. Jennifer says:

    I think this is a great idea- but having kids I would incorporate them, as well. They have daily chores, and then Saturdays are cleaning day. In the morning they bring down laundry, and then they clean their rooms. Sundays they put away their clean laundry and vacuum. The kids too young to do it themselves get help from the olders. 🙂 Mommy and daddy inspect when they are done. Having six kids, I’d go insane if I didn’t require work from them.

  12. JoannE says:

    Your schedule is very close to mine. except as soon as I get out pf my bed, I make it. Bed made, no dishes in sink (home looks tidy) then continue on with schedule. It does work.

  13. Stephanie Catudal says:

    Looking forward to more simple ideas!

  14. rebecca says:

    Such a great and helpful article and so true. Thanks for sharing!

  15. carrie says:

    I’m so glad you loved it!

  16. Diane says:

    This is good advice. I’m older and I read these housekeeping tips in Family Circle in the 60’s or 70’s. It helped me keep a tidy home when I had 3 small children and a picky husband.😊