We have 8 of the Best Grill Tools you need. Make grilling a breeze with the Best Grill Tools.

4 piece grilling tools

Best Grill Tools

Get ready to learn all about the best grilling tools. From dishwasher safe options to extra thick stainless steel tools, this list has the best selection.

We love to grill. In fact, grilling is something we do year round. The food turns out delicious, the kitchen stays clean and it is just plain fun.

There is so much to love about grilling. We have the absolute best grill tools you need to make grilling easier.

You don’t need a ton of supplies and gadgets. Just a couple of tools will do the trick. We have only listed the best ones to make this super easy.

What are the essential BBQ tools?

There are several tools you need to BBQ. I always need my long handled tongs and fork. These are a must have for turning the food on the grill.

Another must have is a meat thermometer. You want to be safe and ensure the meat is fully cooked.

Using a meat thermometer will prevent you from cutting the meat and guessing. Plus, when you cut the meat, all of the juices run out that you want to keep inside.

Other handy items include a good basting brush for getting the delicious marinade on the meat or veggies. You might also want some grill gloves to protect your hands.

Keep reading to find out even more helpful tools and grilling accessories.

How do you clean rust off BBQ tools?

You can use a combination of vinegar and baking soda to remove rust from grilling tools. This also works to remove rust from the grill.

Start with a cup of baking soda and gradually add vinegar until you have a paste. Rub the paste into the tools. Allow this to set for about 20 minutes. If it is very rusty, you may need to let it sit longer.

Use a sponge and water to scrub it. Then use warm water to rinse the paste off.

How do you store BBQ tools?

There are several options to store these tools. It really depends on your storage space and needs.

Some ideas include:

  • Designate a kitchen drawer if space allows for grilling tools.
  • Hang tools on hooks in the pantry.
  • Place tools inside a plastic bin and put in the pantry or in a cabinet.
  • Use a wooden caddy for grilling tools and spices.
  • If your BBQ tool set includes a case, you can keep the tools stored in that.

How do you store your grill tools?

Fork and spatula on grill

Best Grill Tools

1. Long Grilling Tongs

Grilling tongs with chicken

You definitely need BBQ tongs that are long for grilling. Regular kitchen tongs will not work because they are too short. You definitely do not want to get your fingers in the fire.

Invest in a good set of tongs that will make it easy to flip chicken, veggies, hot dogs and more.

2. A good Grill Brush

Grill brush on grill

It is important to keep your grill clean. Using a good brush will make it so much easier. This is not an area you want to skimp on as the cheap brushes fall apart.

You don’t want to use a cheap brush that will shed and leave fragments on the grill. Make sure to start off with a high quality cleaning brush to use.

3. Grill Spatula

grill spatula holding burger

Make sure to purchase a really good heavy duty spatula. The high heat makes it difficult to use a small metal one or plastic kitchen spatula.

You need a really good one with a long spatula. It will be perfect for flipping burgers. This is definitely a must have for grilling.

4. Grill Gloves

grill gloves

Protect your hands and arms with grill gloves. The heat can be very hot and these help protect you. A good pair of high temperature resistant gloves make grilling so much easier.

meat thermometer

5. Grill Meat Thermometer

This is a must have if you are grilling meat. Using a meat thermometer makes it so easy to ensure each piece of meat is safely cooked. Just simply insert the thermometer and quickly see the temperature.

We use a digital thermometer and it is so quick and easy. I love using one of these and not having to cut into the meat. It really isn’t safe to guess and cutting the meat lets all the juices run out.

grill basket with potatoes

6. Grill Basket

If you are grilling smaller items, a grill basket is a must. You don’t have to use foil on the grill when you have a handy grill basket.

These are perfect for grilling veggies, shrimp or anything that might fall in between the grill grates. Toss everything in the basket to make it so easy.

grill pan with lid

7. Grill Pan

Use a grill pan to place directly on the grill. This is perfect for baked beans so you can cook everything on the grill. You can also use a grill pan to cook meat and veggies as well.

These cast iron pans are heavy duty and made to last. You will enjoy cooking with them on the grill.

meat claws

8. Shredder Claws

These easily lift, cut and shred meat. Every professional grill master will want to have some of these shredder claws. They are super sharp and heat resistant.

Perfect for the grill.

grill tool set with case

Best Grill Tool Set

If you would like to get a handy set with all of the tools in one place, a grill tool set is the best option. You also get a convenient carrying case for the tools. This is perfect for storage and easily transporting the tools.

It is usually an aluminum case with these bbq grill tools set. These grilling sets often include a 3 or 4 piece set with grilling tools. Each set usually includes spatula fork and lots more.

The Best Grill Tools

Which of these tools do you plan to use? They are all super handy and make grilling even more fun and easy.

Get your spatula and your tongs ready for an easy dinner made on the grill.

Make your home complete with these convenient tools for a charcoal grill or gas grill. The next time you grill, you will be set with so many handy tools.

Grilling is so fun and we enjoy it for weeknight meals as well as the weekend. It requires very little work and the food has that grilled flavor everyone loves.

4 piece grilling tools set

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We have 8 of the Best Grill Tools you need. Make grilling a breeze with the Best Grill Tools for burgers, veggies and more. These are the best grill tools set for you to use this Spring or Summer.  You are going to need these grilling tools.  #onecrazymom #grillingtools #grilling #grillingtips

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