We have over 10 board game storage ideas that will help get your games organized. Make game night even more fun when you get your board game collection in order.

Stack of board games

Board game storage ideas

We absolutely love game night around here! The entire family gets involved and we have the best time.

However, we did have one problem- board game storage! Our cabinets were an absolute mess with games all over the place.

I knew something had to be done to get the games in order.  Thankfully, I found a bunch of board game storage solutions.

If you are tired of piles of board games, cards and puzzles all over, try some of these ideas. They are budget friendly and very simple to do. You will love these ideas.

Stack of board games

The best DIY board game storage ideas.

Stack of board games
Rolling game table with games

1. Turn a Coffee Table into a Rolling Game Table

Re purpose an old coffee table into a space just for board games. Not only can you store the games here but you have a great space to play the board games!

Board games on a bookshelf.

2. Tip for Board Game Storage

This trick will help you learn how to store board games vertically. Use an inexpensive headband to wrap around the board games so they can stand up without losing any pieces. This shelving unit idea is perfect to save storage space.

Board games in a basket.

3. Board game storage bags

Use bags to save space and store all game pieces inside the bags. This is a great way to do away with the box all together.

Board games on a ladder.

4. Ladder Shelf

Turn a ladder into the perfect storage for all of your favorite games. You can easily stack lots of board game boxes.

This is such a clever way to organize your games. Make these diy board game storage shelves to keep everything in order!

Hanging organizer with games.

5. Hanging Closet Organizer

We love these hanging organizers for lots of different uses. Use one to keep all of your game boards in order in order and out of sight.

Board games in a pile.

Storage container with drawers for games.

6. Game Storage System

This storage idea completely eliminates all of the boxes and containers. Get a plastic storage container with plastic drawers and assign a game to each drawer with a label.

You will love this board game storage without box.

Bookshelf with scrapbook organizers for games.

7. Scrapbook Pouches to Organize

Grab some scrapbook pouches to keep all of your games and small pieces together. This is great for storing games and keeping pieces together so you never have to hunt for them.

Board games and cards in bins.

8. Tips and Tricks for Organizing Board Games

Use baskets, bins or cardboard boxes to group small games together. This is perfect for decks of cards, smaller games and more so that you are not looking everywhere when you want to play.

Ziploc bags with game pieces and games.

9. Organize board games and puzzles

Use ziploc bags to organize game pieces, puzzle pieces and more. This will easily fit inside the game boxes and you won’t have to worry about losing these small pieces.

Pencil pouch with cards.

10. Use Pencil Bags for Storage

This is a great idea and you probably already have several pencil bags just laying around the house. Use these for playing cards and this also makes it perfect for traveling.

Storage containers in shelf with games.

11. Storage Containers

This is a great way to store lots of different games in one space while keeping everything uniform. Find containers that work for your space and easily contain the games.

You can use labels to adhere to the outside and it will be easy to identify each game quickly.

Baskets with games.

12. Storage Bags and Baskets

Instead of piles of games, cards and more all tossed about, use this basket storage idea. Start by purging unused or broken games. Then place games inside of bags and then organize in baskets.

Small containers with pieces.

13. Storage for Small Pieces and Puzzles

Utilize small containers from the Dollar Store to keep puzzles and small game pieces safely in order. This will keep everything in order and well organized without much cost or effort.

Stack of board games.

Try these board game organizer ideas.

Let us know which storage solution you plan to try to keep your games organized. There are so many great ideas for board game storage.

Game night will be so much easier once you get all of your games in order. You can easily find all your games and pieces quickly.

It will also be nice having more room and less clutter. The games will be easily accessible and neatly organized.

Which of these ideas do you plan to try?

Stack of board games.

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Stack of board games.

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