Are Lego’s taking over your house? Try these 24 clever Lego storage ideas to get everything in order and make Lego time even more fun.

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Lego storage ideas

I don’t know about you but we have Lego’s everywhere.  If you are like me and desperately need to get all of the Lego’s in order, try some of these ideas for Lego storage.

Are you even a parent if you haven’t stepped on a Lego at 3 am?!   It’s time to get the Lego’s in order!

From easy DIY ideas to inexpensive storage solutions, these ideas will have your Lego collection organized in no time at all.  It seems that Lego’s tend to get out of order very quickly and can easily become disorganized.

Try these ideas to quickly and easily organize your Lego’s with very little time and money. You will love how easy and clever these diy lego storage ideas are.

Lego storage cube on floor.

How do you store Legos?

We have lots of different ideas to store Lego’s. Whether you have a lot of space or not much at all, these ideas will work for everyone.

Just find the organization system that works best for you and get started. These ideas are simple and inexpensive.

You might want to go ahead and grab some Lego plates because many of these projects use play mats.

We are going to show you how to store instruction manuals, lego minifigures and lego sets using storage bins and more. We have the perfect solution to organize lego bricks, sort legos and other lego pieces.

Here are the best Lego set storage ideas:

Lego wall and board with child.

1. DIY Lego Wall and Playboard

Make a playboard for Lego’s that easily slides under the bed. This is perfect for storage and for playing with Lego’s.

Hanging shoe organizer with legos.

2. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Turn a shoe organizer into the perfect place to store your Lego collection. This hangs over the door so the perfect way to utilize space.

Lego head with legos.

3. Lego Storage Head

Use one of these adorable Lego Heads to store all of your Lego’s. They are so practical and look so cute.

DIY Lego Table with bins.

4. DIY Lego Table

Turn an old table into a Lego Activity table. You can store Lego’s underneath with bins and baskets and play on top for the perfect combination.

Lego Cubes together.

5. Lego Cubes

You can use Lego cubes to quickly and easily store Lego’s. These would also be cute on a shelf or in cubbies.

Rolling Lego storage cube.

6. Lego storage box with compartments

Make a storage cube and play area all in one. Plus, the cube has wheels so that you can easily move it around.

Organizer cart for legos.

7. Organizer Cart

This handy cart is perfect to separate all of your Lego’s by color or style. The wheels make it easy to move around and the multiple drawers give you a lot of space.

Lego storage cabinet with play area.

8. Lego storage cabinet

Make this really cool Lego Storage shelf that even has adorable knobs that are Lego’s!

Lego bag for storage.

9. Drawstring Storage Bag

If you travel a lot or take Lego’s with you, this storage bag is a must have. Not only does it provide a play area but you can easily pull the drawstring and clean up is done.

Ottoman for lego storage.

10. Ottoman to DIY Lego Storage

Re-purpose that old ottoman into Lego storage. This idea is so clever and uses something you might already have at home. We love ideas that utilize items you already have.

Train table transformed into Lego table.

11. Train table to Lego Table

If you have an old train table, convert it to a DIY Lego Table. You might be able to find one cheap a yard sale as well. This is a great idea here and lots of fun for the kids to play and store Lego’s.

Travel lego case with lego figures.

12. Travel Lego Storage

Keep the kiddos busy in the car or when traveling with this Lego storage solution for travel. This idea uses a baby wipes case and looks very simple to make. You will love having this to travel with on trips and more.

Storage area with play area.

13. DIY Lego and Storage Table with Lego storage shelves

This idea has storage and a play area all in one. I love that the storage area is so easy to get to and you can play at the same time.

Activity box with tray and storage.

14. DIY Lego Activity Box with to go tray and storage

Use an old scrapbook storage container or grab one on sale to easily make this activity box. This seems perfect for travel as well as keeping the kids busy at home while storing Lego’s easily.

Lego storage drawers.

15. Lego storage drawers

Turn a tiered storage drawer into Lego storage. Plus, the top is easy converted to a play area too.

Under the bed Lego storage with bins.

16. DIY Underbed Lego Storage

Make Lego Storage Drawers that fit perfectly under the bed. This is a great idea to utilize under the bed space and keep all the Lego’s in order.

Hanging Lego storage.

17. Organize Legos by Color

Utilize a hanging shoe organizer to sort Legos by color. This method is perfect if you do not have much room. It also makes it so easy to find Legos by the color.

Lego play mat with Lego pieces.

18. DIY Lego Storage Pick up and Play Mat

This play mat is perfect to help keep the kiddos room clean. It is also great for traveling with Legos. This easy DIY makes it super easy to clean up anywhere.

Lego wall mats.

19. DIY Lego Wall

Save space and use your walls for lego storage and play. This is very easy to make and provides lots of useful storage area and room for play.

Lego table with bins.

20. Ultimate Lego Organizer

This desk creates the perfect Lego storage all in one place. Plus, there is room to play with the Legos too. It has everything you need in one space for Lego storage and play.

Lego binder with manual.

21. Organize Lego Manuals

Keep all of the Lego manuals in one place with this simple organization system. You will love having all of the manuals in one binder.

Lego storage bins in shelving.

22. DIY Lego Storage Solution

Utilize bins and shelving to keep Legos all in one place. This easy storage idea is frugal and easy to put together.

Storage bins with legos.

23. Ikea Lego Storage

Learn how to use Ikea furniture and storage bins to easily organize Legos.

Lego buckets with numbers.

24. Lego Buckets

Use Legos to sort and organize Legos by color and sets. This is easy, frugal and looks great. Try this idea on a bookshelf to keep the buckets in order.

The best Lego organization ideas.

There are so many ideas and various storage solution ideas to try that will keep all of the Lego pieces in order. Lego play will be much easier with so many great ideas and storage ideas to try.

Which idea do you plan to try? There are numerous ideas that you can easily utilize without a ton of time or money. Choose a couple of ideas and get organized today.

Collage pictures of Lego storage.

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Collage pictures of Lego storage.

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