15 Coat Closet Organization ideas for the best storage solutions. Make the most of your space with these clever ideas.

Coat Closet Organization Ideas

The entry way closet can quickly become a dumping ground for sports equipment, hats gloves, shoe storage and more. This can easily result in a crowded and disorganized mess once family members start tossing things.

We have the best ideas for entry closet organization. Make the most of your storage space and organize the items in your coat closet. These organization tips can easily be utilized in a small closet space.

You might be surprised at all of the organization ideas. While these tips are geared toward tips to organize a coat closet, they can work for linen closets and more. These tips will help you make the most of floor space, wall space and even the closet door.

How to organize a coat closet

Everything will have a space. The key to organizing a closet or anything is to give everything a space. From seasonal items to a dog leash, storage bins are put to good use.

The closet rod isn’t just for coats and we have great ideas to share. Keep reading for the best organized coat closet ideas.

Scarves hanging together.

1. Scarf Organizer

Using items you probably already have, this method for organizing scarves is so easy. It also costs very little to make and will have your scarves in order fast. This is a great example of organization without a hefty price tag.

Custom bench in closet.

2. Closet Bench

Make a bench for your entry way closet and turn this into an entry way concept with doors. You can easily close the closet doors to hide the coats and such. It is such a cool idea and looks great.

Closet door with hanging storage.

3. Door Organization

You can easily use the back of your closet door for even more storage. This is a clever way to make the most of your space. It is perfect for small items such as gloves, hats and hanging bookbags.

Wooden shelves in closet.

4. DIY Wood Closet Shelves

Make these custom wood shelves to easily accommodate all of your items. You can add bins and baskets to maximize the space. There is even a spot for your vacuum making this a one stop spot for most uses items.

Wire baskets for shoes on door.

5. Shoe Storage

No need to get a fancy shoe organizer when it is as simple as a wire basket. Attach these to your closet and easily store a bunch of shoes. It is best for smaller style shoes such as sandals and flip flops.

Flipped shelves on closet wall.

6. DIY Flipped Shelves

These flipped shelves make the best cubby for your entry way closet. It is the perfect way to separate smaller items and keep everything in order.

Plus, it looks really pretty and will make the closet look amazing.

Shoe rack in closet.

7. Shoe Storage

Get the pile of shoes off the floor and into an organized space. From shelves to over the door storage and lots more, these ideas are sure to do the trick.

If you despise the never ending shoe pile, put these tips to work to regain control of your space.

Closet shelving system with baskets.

8. Coat Closet with Baskets

With a few simple changes, a small entry way closet becomes much more useable. Implement baskets for small items and to help reduce clutter. Install new shelving to accommodate vacuums and more.

Coats hanging in closet.

9. Hooks for Coats and more

Hang more closet hooks so that you can utilize the sides of the closet too. This is perfect for scarves, purses and more.

There is extra shelving on the top for shoes and more. You can really utilize every inch of space with these clever ideas.

DIY Coat shelving in closet.

10. DIY Coat Closet Organization

This DIY solution is easy to make with step by step instructions. We love having rods at two different heights for maximum storage.

The varying heights will be ideal for children’s coats or smaller items and will give you even more space.

Closet with coats and shoes in open concept.

11. Coat Closet Organization

It’s amazing what a little wallpaper can do to transform a closet. Plus, add a few shelves and you have a gorgeous closet that is perfect to store lots of things.

From purses and shoes to bags and more, this closet has a space for it all.

Entryway closet with shelves for shoes and purses.

12. Small Entryway Tips

Learn how to declutter and keep only the necessary items in the entryway closet. You will have plenty of room for coats and the bins are perfect for smaller items.

You can easily store purses out of the way in one of the shelves.

Closet with bins and cubbies.

13. Closet Organization

Bins, cubbies and more save the day and provide the perfect solution for the entryway closet. Strategic shelving make the most of a small space.

Kids can easily leave lunchboxes and more because everything has a place.

Closet door with shelving for wrapping paper and gift bags.

14. Coat Closet and Wrapping Paper Organization

Learn the best way to store coats and your wrapping paper all in one place. These clever hanging baskets make it so easy to organize gift bags and gift wrap in vertical space. You will love having this all in one place.

Ikea Hack unit in closet.

15. Closet Ikea Hack

Turn your closet into an organizer’s dream with this Ikea Hack for a great price. It includes everything you need to get organized and you will love how easy it is.

The best Coat Closet Organization Ideas.

Take a look at these clever and inexpensive ideas to organize your entry way space. With just a few of these ideas applied to your closet, it will quickly be transformed into a great space.

Instead of this area being one of frustration, it will become a haven of coats and supplies. Your family will be able to quickly find everything in one place.

Mornings will be more streamlined with everything easily accessible in one spot. Choose the tips and tricks that best suit your space and get started today.

More organization ideas:

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