Learn how to make an easy DIY 50s Halloween costume for kids. With a few simple supplies, anyone can make this inexpensive costume.

Learn how to make an easy DIY 50s Halloween costume for kids. With a few simple supplies, anyone can make this inexpensive costume. This DIY costume is the best last minute costume idea that works for girls and boys too! These Women 50 style costume is adorable and affordable too! #onecrazymom #diycostumes #halloween #halloweencostumes

DIY 50s Halloween costume for kids

We have so much fun dressing up for Halloween. The kids love when I make their costumes and it saves us money too.

I’m sharing this super fun 50s costume today that is so easy. You probably already have some of the items around the house needed. If not, simply head to your local thrift store and get the clothing items super cheap.

I just love this costume idea. The Poodle skirt would be really easy to make. It looks adorable and will definitely be a hit.

Why we love this costume:

  • Inexpensive. The costume is frugal to make and you can find many items at Goodwill.
  • Creative. This look is fun and creative. It is timeless and never gets old.
  • All ages. Try this DIY costume for any age.

How to make a poodle skirt

I found a great tutorial to help you out. In fact, I wouldn’t even sew the edges.

Felt is easy to work with and does not require any hemming. It is made with just felt and you really could make it with fabric glue and an elastic waistband.

Just fold your felt and stretch the elastic together.

Now if you don’t want to make a poodle skirt you could buy one on Amazon. However, it is really easy to make so you might give it a try. I don’t consider myself particularly crafty and I thought it was easy.

50's costume on boy and girl.

Supplies needed for Girls 50s Halloween costume:

  • poodle skirt (you could just add a cut out poodle to a premade skirt if you wanted)
  • tennis shoes
  • white shirt
  • cardigan
  • glasses (hot glue jewels on them to jazz them up)

How to make 50s Halloween costume for girls:

  • Start with making a poodle skirt. You will need to take your child’s waist measurement. This easy skirt tutorial has step by step instructions to make a skirt.

    Another idea is to use a circle skirt you already have and use hot glue to attach a poodle. You can also embellish with pom poms. Now, you have an instant pink poodle skirt.
  • Add a white shirt. This just needs to be a simple white shirt. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy as plain is better. Short sleeve would be best.
  • Top the shirt with a cardigan. Shop your closet or pick up one at a thrift store. The cardigan completes the look and gives it such a classic look.
  • Add a pair of tennis shoes. Any basic pair of tennis shoes will work. We used pink but you can use white or anything you have. Complete the look with white socks.
  • Wear a pair of glasses. Jazz up the glasses with jewels. Simply attach them using a hot glue gun. This is a fun and inexpensive way to quickly dress up the glasses.

Supplies needed for Boys 50s Halloween costume

  • Leather jacket (check the goodwill or ask your friends on facebook)
  • Jeans
  • White t-shirt
  • Tennis shoes
  • Glasses
  • Hair Gel to slick back the hair

How to make a 50s Halloween costume for boys:

  • Start with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It is so simple to put this together. Any plain pair of jeans will work and just a simple white t-shirt.
  • Top the outfit with a jacket. Goodwill often has leather jackets for sale or you might could borrow one.
  • Add a pair of tennis shoes. You can use a basic pair of tennis shoes or converse style shoes.
  • Accessorize with glasses. This will take the costume up a level.
  • Slick hair back with gel. Use hair gel to slick hair back to finish the look.


  • I love Lucy Costume. This DIY can easily be modified to make an I Love Lucy Costume. Use a white poodle skirt and top with a blue and white polka dot shirt. Use a red cardigan to complete the look.
  • Pink Ladies. Use a pink leather jacket or any style pink jacket to dress up as a pink lady. You can wear a black pair of pants or skirt. Either is fine.

Make this easy costume.

This 50s style costume is so simple to make and the ideas are endless. Anyone can easily make this. You will be set for Halloween and a sock hop.

I think this would be such a cute idea for a couples costume, friends or younger siblings. It is such a fun idea.

Get started today with this fun and easy DIY costume. It is a blast to put together and you probably already have most of the items needed.

Homemade costumes are so much fun to make. Let us know what you plan to dress up as. Halloween is just arond the corner.

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