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I have such cute baby Halloween costume ideas for you today! Let your little one be comfortable and adorable this Halloween.

Make sure you also check out our Homemade Halloween Costumes for kids page to find even more ideas for your kids.

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1. Baby Dragon Costume – so cute!
2. First Halloween Pumpkin Costume w/Hat
3. Baby Elvis Costume

4. Snow White Infant Girl Costume – let little one be just like big sis
5. Tootsie Roll Baby Bunting Costume – so cute -make sure you also check out our Homemade Tootsie roll tutorial too.
6. Baby Monkey Costume
7. My First Minnie Mouse Costume
8. Infant Puppy Costume – so cute!

9. Banana Bunting Costume – Keep that baby warm
10. Baby Boy Garden Knome Costume
11. Infant Owl Costume
12. Superman Baby Bunting Costume
13. Little Lamb Costume

14. Pretty Pink Flower Costume – This is probably my favorite for a little girl. I wonder how long the actually flower would stay on. 😉
15. Baby Duck w/Tights Costume

Aren’t these just adorable?

These were just the top 15 Baby Halloween Costume ideas that were my favorites – go here to see all the adorable baby Halloween costume ideas on Amazon.

Halloween Costumes for Couples

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