We have cute and adorable baby Halloween Costume ideas. 21 baby costume ideas for Baby’s First Halloween and more. These cute and funny baby costumes will make adorable pictures.

We have cute and adorable baby Halloween Costume ideas. 21 baby costume ideas for Baby's First Halloween and more. These cute and funny baby costumes are comfortable, festive and will make adorable pictures. #onecrazymom #babyhalloweencostumeideas #halloweencostume

The Best Baby Halloween Costumes

This list includes 21 cute baby Halloween costumes. There are so many adorable costumes to choose from. From costumes for babies that are perfect for trick or treat to family costumes or couples costumes.

The ideas are endless and include newborn Halloween costumes, baby shark costumes, Star Wars and Pottery Barn Kids hacks. This list is full of fun ideas that look great but won’t break the bank. There is something for everyone.

We have cute and adorable baby Halloween Costume ideas. 21 baby costume ideas for Baby's First Halloween and more. These cute and funny baby costumes are comfortable and festive. #onecrazymom #babyhalloweencostumeideas #halloweencostume

Do you want to make the costume?

It is important to initially decide whether or not you want to make a DIY Costume or buy the costume.

There are ideas for DIY Halloween costumes that include simple instructions and there are also numerous costume ideas you can buy. Whichever option you choose, your child is sure to be adorable in any of these fantastic costumes.

If you plan to make the costume, many of these ideas include supplies that you already have around the house. Some DIY costumes start with pajamas and make an easy and comfy costume idea.

How to choose the best costume?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Halloween costume for your child. While it is fun to choose a costume based on the cuteness factor, there are more aspects to consider.

Some of these include:

  • Does your child mind wearing items on their head? Many costumes have head pieces, headbands and other items. If your child typically refuses to wear hairbows, hats or other items than it might not be the best fit.

    It might not be a deal breaker if the included head piece doesn’t have to be used to complete the look. However, if the costume includes a hood that is necessary you might opt for another selection.
  • Family Costume theme. Whether or not you plan to utilize a family costume theme is the starting point of selecting the costume. Before choosing the babies Halloween costume, decide if you plan to coordinate the entire family.

    It is usually best to choose a theme based around the children and select something they are comfortable wearing. Then you can proceed with the rest of the family.
  • Location. Another important aspect to consider is where you are going in the costume. You will need to think about transportation and if the costume is hard to buckle in the car seat.

    It might not be worth the hassle if you have to wait to put the costume on.
  • Weather and environment. The weather and location should be considered when choosing a Halloween costume. If the Halloween event is inside or outside weighs heavily on the costume selection.

    You don’t want your child to be too hot or cold. If it’s cold, you can put a long sleeve onesie underneath it instead of covering the costume with a jacket. Weather is really important in factoring the costume selection for your child.
Mermaid costume on child.

1. Mermaid Costume

This darling little Mermaid Costume is the perfect baby costume for Halloween. It is made from soft material that is crocheted into an adorable Mermaid style pattern.

Not only is this fun for Halloween but also makes a great costume for photos. It is so cute and will be precious for a Little Mermaid theme.

Pumpkin costume on baby sitting up.

2. Pumpkin Costume

Dress up your baby in this fun and festive Pumpkin Costume. It is soft and velvety with the cutest headpiece.

Your little pumpkin will be the star of the Halloween party. This classic and traditional Halloween idea is always a popular choice. Everyone needs a pumpkin during the Halloween season.

Baby in magic 8 ball costume.

3. Magic 8 Ball Costume

Transform a long sleeve black onesie into a fun Magic 8 Ball Costume. This is so adorable and the perfect option that will be comfortable and easy to make.

If you are looking for a really simple and affordable costume, try making this easy Magic 8 Ball DIY costume. It is super fun and one of the easiest ideas to put together.

Where's Waldo costume on baby laying down.

4. Where’s Waldo Costume

With a few simple to add red stripes, it is easy to make this Where’s Waldo costume. Anyone can easily turn a white shirt or onesie into this fun costume.

With a few other simple items added, this costume turns out great. It is also a great costume for a photo opportunity surrounded by other items.

Pig Costume on child on floor.

5. Pig Costume

This soft and fluffy pink Pig costume is absolutely adorable. Your child will be comfy and dressed as the cutest pig ever. This costume is one piece and has an easy to use zipper for quick diaper changes.

Harry Potter onesie and cape.

6. Harry Potter Costume

If you are looking for a costume that starts with a onesie, this is the one to try. Harry Potter fans will love this costume. This fun costume also includes a removeable cape.

It is easy to put on and the added feature of the cape being detachable is even better.

Child in strawberry onesie and hat.

7. DIY Strawberry Costume

These step by step instructions make it simple to turn a long sleeve red onesie into a fun Strawberry Costume. The hat completes the look.

It is so easy to make with only a few simple steps.

Child in avocado costume sitting up.

8. Avocado Costume

From the sleeveless hooded romper to the whimsical striped tights, this costume is the cutest avocado. The zipper makes it so easy to take on and off for diaper changes.

Pineapple Costume with hat on child.

9. Pineapple Costume

The patterned tights combined with the yellow costume and green topper is adorable. Your little pineapple will be the hit of Halloween pictures.

Child in monkey costume.

10. Monkey Costume

From the bright red tights to the fluffy brown hooded costume, this monkey is so cute. Moms will love how easy it is to get on and off for quick diaper changes.

Crab costume on child.

11. Crab Costume

Infants and younger babies will be comfy in this whimsical Crab Costume. It has an orange hood that completes the outfit. Fans of the Little Mermaid Disney movies will love this classic Crab Costume.

It is perfect for baby girl or baby boy

Jack Jack costume on child.

12. Baby Jack Jack Costume

If you plan to do a family costume, this Baby Jack Jack Costume is ideal to complete the look. It is such a cute idea for baby’s first Halloween costume.

Baby in candy bar costume.

13. DIY Baby Ruth Candy Bar

These easy step by step instructions make the cutest candy bar for your little one. Follow this fun tutorial and transform fabric into the cutest candy bar costume complete with logo.

Cinderella costume with headband.

14. Cinderella Princess Costume

This whimsical Princess costume includes a headband to complete the look. It is blue and pretty with a hint of shimmer. Pair it with tights or pants depending on the weather to complete the look.

Unicorn Costume on child.

15. Unicorn Costume

For the cute little Unicorn in your life, this costume is so fluffy and comfy. It is made by Carter’s and has lots of pretty details. You will love this for trick or treating.

Children in lion costume in wagon.

16. Baby Circus Lion

You will love this easy idea for a lion. There are even ideas to decorate a wagon to complete the look for this Baby Circus Lion. It is a clever idea that includes transportation if walking around the neighborhood or carnivals and such. This baby idea can also easily be used for a toddler or young children.

Baby Elvis costume in chair.

17. Elvis Costume

Anyone can easily make this DIY Elvis jumpsuit that snaps making it so easy for parents. This diy baby Halloween costume is made for comfort while being super cute and so adorable.

Dragon costume on child walking.

18. Dragon

Turn a sweatsuit into a dragon that will be perfect for Halloween. This DIY Baby Dragon Costume is effortless to make with minimal sewing.

Owlette costume on child.

19. Owlette Costume

Dress you baby for Halloween as this precious Owl. This easy jumpsuit easily fastens and looks adorable.

Mustard and ketchup onesies.

20. Mustard and Ketchup

Whether you are dressing up with friends or siblings, this Mustard and Ketchup onesie costume is comfy and fun. It is perfect for babies while still being festive for Halloween. This idea is easy to wear using a baby carrier as well.

Elmo costume for a baby.

21. Elmo

If you are looking for something cute to wear for Halloween that is comfy and without frills, try this Elmo outfit. It isn’t your typical costume but still absolutely adorable.

This is a great idea for children that might not do well with hats and other accessories or heavy material.

Baby Halloween Costumes

There are so many fun ideas to choose from that will be perfect for Halloween. Your child will look adorable without much work.

These ideas include something for everyone. From family ideas to easy ideas that include a wagon, there are lots of great ideas to try.

Get ready for the best Halloween costumes without hardly any work. You can opt to purchase a festive costume or make one of these easy DIY costumes.

Either way, you are going to love these ideas.

We have adorable baby Halloween Costume ideas. 21 baby costume ideas for Baby's First Halloween and more. These cute and funny baby costumes are comfortable, festive and will make adorable pictures. #onecrazymom #babyhalloweencostumeideas #halloweencostume

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