Discover a collection of 23 charming Baby Girl Halloween costumes. These costume ideas provide effortless options to dress up your little one for the occasion.

Discover a collection of 23 charming Baby Girl Halloween costumes. These costume ideas provide effortless options to dress up your little one for the occasion. Choose from lots of options including DIY options too. #onecrazymom #babygirlhalloweencostumes #halloweencostumes

Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

Dress your baby girl in one of these cute baby Halloween costumes. There are DIY options as well as options to purchase. From newborn Halloween costumes to older baby girl costumes, these ideas will be a real treat.

Whether you are looking for funny baby costumes, princess costumes, animal costumes and more, the options are endless. Check out these baby Halloween costumes for girls.

Discover a collection of 23 festive and fun Baby Girl Halloween costumes. These costume ideas provide effortless options to dress up your little one for the occasion. Choose from lots of options including DIY options as well. #onecrazymom #babygirlhalloweencostumes #halloweencostumes

How to celebrate Halloween with a baby:

  • Read a Halloween or Fall themed book. This is an easy and fun activity to do with your baby as a family.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch. Take a stroll or hay ride through a pumpkin patch. You can also pick out a pumpkin.
  • Pick out a cute and festive Halloween costume. Dress up baby in a costume you buy or make.
  • Dress up in a fun family costume. If everyone wants to dress up, consider choosing a costume theme for the entire family.

What can you give babies trick or treating?

  • Applesauce Pouches
  • Toddler cookies
  • Puffs
  • Fruit Cups
  • Mini Muffins

Just keep in mind this varies based on age, dietary restrictions and more.

Kids in chicken costume.

1. Chicken Halloween Costume

This Chicken Costume is an adorable choice for baby’s first Halloween. It is easy to make and only requires a few simple supplies. If you are looking for an easy and frugal DIY costume, this is a fun one to create. It is easy to make for older brothers and sisters too.

Kids in crayon costume.

2. Crayon Costume

Choose a color for baby and make this simple crayon costume. It is one of the best baby Halloween costumes if you want to whole family to dress up. The entire family, including older siblings, can be a different color of crayon.

Child in cow costume.

3. Cow Costume

This adorable Cow Costume is the cutest thing. The hood is perfect for keeping little ones warm on a chilly Halloween night. You can layer this outfit with a onesie or bodysuit underneath if desired to protect baby’s sensitive skin.

This makes it easy if your baby gets too warm of you need to change her diaper.

Child in pumpkin costume.

4. Pumpkin Costume

Infants make such an adorable pumpkin and this pumpkin costume is sure to be a hit. Dress your little pumpkin in one of these infant Halloween costumes with tights for complete infant costumes.

It unzips for easy changes and diaper changes. Parents will love this feature as it is so helpful.

Babies in a duck costume.

5. Duck costume

Dress your baby as a duck in this adorable little duck costume complete with tights. If you don’t want to make a costume this year, order from Amazon for an easy costume idea.

Get all your ducks in a row with this cute duck costume. It will be a hit everywhere you go.

Baby in strawberry costume.

6. Strawberry Costume

From the pretty red top to the green tights, this strawberry costume is absolutely darling. It is easy to accommodate strollers and shouldn’t get in the way.

The bright colors are so pretty and will be perfect for baby girl.

Baby in superhero costume with cape.

7. Superhero Costume

This adorable long-sleeved superhero costume serves as an enchanting superhero outfit complete with a cape. The vibrant pink color will enhance the charm and look great.

It is simple while still being a great costume idea. This is a great choice if you don’t want anything too thick or bulky.

Minnie Costume with headband.

8. Minnie Costume

Disney fans will adore this Minnie Costume with a pretty tulle skirt and Minnie ears. The red and black combine for a great look and your baby will be the cutest Minnie ever.

It is also great if you have a trip planned to Disney and can double as an outfit for that.

Child in baby bones costume.

9. Baby Bones

Baby Bones is an easy look to pull off with this fun costume. From the outfit and tulle to the headpiece, it is so festive and looks comfortable too.

This is always a popular choice and really easy with this simple costume.

Child in pig costume standing up.

10. Pig Costume

Farm animals always make a great costume for Halloween. This Pig Costume is pink and plush. It is perfect to keep baby warm and the material is soft.

The entire family can get involved in this theme and choose a different animal to dress up as. Mom and Dad could dress up as a farmer.

Baby in ghost romper costume.

11. Ghost Romper

This easy to layer Ghost Romper is easy to put on baby and looks festive. The costume is simple but leaves a big impact while looking perfectly spooky.

It is simple but perfect for younger babies that you don’t want to put in a bulky costume.

Baby in mermaid costume laying down.

12. Mermaid Costume

The design of this Mermaid Costume is so sweet and fun. It is perfect for warmer environments and will be a hit for sure.

The stitching is so pretty and the detail perfect. It is a great costume choice for your baby girl.

Child in pineapple costume.

13. Pineapple Costume

Your little Pineapple will be the hit of the Halloween party in this yellow and green costume. The striped tights complete the look and it is so fun.

It is perfect for baby to crawl in or even walk if she has reached that stage. The costume is easy to put on and soft without being bothersome.

Princess Costume with headband.

14. Princess Costume

If you love a Disney Princess, this Cinderella costume is the one to try. Your little one is sure to look stunning in this Princess costume.

This simple dress has a headband to complete the look. It is so gorgeous and absolutely a great choice.

Child in unicorn costume.

15. Unicorn

The festive Unicorn costume is the perfect theme to go with. The pastel colors and fun costume come together effortlessly in this costume.

It is always a popular choice to be a unicorn and this costume does not disappoint.

Owl costume on baby sitting down.

16. Owl

Dress up baby as a precious little owl with this costume. It takes all of the work out of decision making and has all that you need.

Cupcake costume hanging up.

17. Cupcake Costume

Anyone can make this easy cupcake costume without much work. It is absolutely darling and includes vibrant colors.

Baby fish costume on young baby laying down.

18. Baby Fish

With only a few supplies, anyone can make this Baby Fish costume. It looks fantastic but it is very easy to make and leaves a big impact. The material is also soft and won’t bother your baby’s skin.

Baby in super hero wonder woman costume.

19. Wonder Woman

Super heroes unite with this Wonder Woman costume perfect for your little baby. Gather your supplies and make this today for the cutest costume.

Cloud costume on child standing up.

20. Cloud Costume

This Cloud Costume is light, fluffy and one of the cutest ideas. This costume is easy to layer with tights, body suits and other items to make it easy for changes or to accommodate the weather. It is simple to layer based on preference and needs.

Lamb Costume on child close up.

21. Baby Lamb

Your little baby lamb will be absolutely precious this Halloween. This is an easy DIY that anyone can make. You don’t need any special skills to make this fun costume.

Baby dressed up as a little old lady.

22. Little Old Lady

This is probably one of the most adorable costumes. If you want something cute and a little different, dress up baby as a Little Old Lady

Stacking toys beside a baby dressed as stacking toy.

23. Stacking Toy Baby Costume

Stacking Toys always make a fun toy and now your child can dress as one. This fun idea is whimsical and absolutely adorable. The DIY is not hard to make and comes together easily.

Discover a collection of 23 charming Baby Girl Halloween costumes. These costume ideas provide effortless options to dress up your baby for Halloween. Choose from lots of options including DIY options as well. #onecrazymom #babygirlhalloweencostumes #halloweencostumes

There are so many festive costume options for your baby girl. No need to swing by Spirit Halloween or Party City when you can make your own costume or order from Amazon. These ideas are so much fun and will make your baby look festive and adorable.

Get your camera ready because Mom will definitely want to take pictures of the kids.

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