DIY Foaming Body Wash is perfect for all skin types. It is easy to make and won’t dry out your skin. Make this easy homemade body wash recipe.

Foaming body wash ready to use.

DIY Foaming Body Wash

Get ready to learn how to make foaming body wash to stretch your budget. I have a fun frugal tip for you today! With rising prices of just about everything, this is an easy DIY anyone can do.

Whether you want to stretch your money even further or you want to prevent your kids from using an entire bottle of body wash, this post is for you. There is nothing more fun and more frugal than foaming body wash.

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However, buying it at the store is crazy because you have to pay more money for technically less product.

Instead of buying foaming, just use one of your left over foaming dispensers and make it yourself. I used a Bath and Body works foaming hand soap dispenser that I already had to easily make this.

You can use any type but I had some delicious smelling Bath and Body works that I wanted to stretch a littler further. So, I made my own and it was so easy to do!

Supplies needed.


  • Foaming soap container (You can buy one or use an old Dial, Bath and body works or Dawn foaming container.)
  • Body wash (Avoid the creamy body washes, the clearer ones work better)
  • Water

How to make DIY Body Wash:

  • Step 1. Fill your empty foaming soap dispenser with about an inch or so of body wash. We are just estimating as it is not complicated to make. There really isn’t any exact science. I would say about an ⅛ of the way up the bottle.
  • Step 2. Add water and fill it up to the top.

Foaming body wash ready to use.
  • Step 3. Shake the bottle to combine the ingredients. It will foam and bubble up but that is ok. Continue to shake the bottle until it is mixed thoroughly. Then allow the bubbles to settle.
  • Step 4. Dispense a small amount and use.
Foaming body wash ready to use.

The results?

I put this in my kids shower and they loved it. They loved the fact that it foamed and how easy it was to use.

What type of body wash should I use?

Gel varieties work best to use in this DIY. The cream types do not work as well.

You can choose your favorite type or scent to use. It is very easy to customize based on personal preference and skin care needs.

If you have sensitive skin, use a fragrance free option to make this DIY. You can use types more suited for dry skin to remove dead skin cells.

I love to use products with natural oils such as lavender essential oil.

The beauty of this easy DIY is how simple it is to make and customize. You can quickly and easily use anything that works best for your skin.

Not only will you save money but get to enjoy a great product as well.

Is it cheaper to make your own body wash?

Yes, it is much cheaper as it stretches body wash into foaming body wash. You don’t need as much product when using and it lasts much longer.

Personally, I love how little product is used when the kids tried this new foaming cleanser. It is a great way to stretch skin care products and make it last longer.

Is foaming body wash better?

Foaming versus cream or gel all work great. It often comes down to personal preference. I wouldn’t say one is better than the other as far as cleanliness.

However in terms of saving money, foaming DIY is much better. Less product is used. You can make an entire bottle of foaming from just a small portion of the regular.

Make DIY Foaming Body wash today.

It is so easy to make and you only need 2 ingredients. While some homemade instructions call for a big list of supplies this simple DIY does not.

You don’t need liquid castile soap, shea butter, vegetable glycerin or other common ingredients. Just water and leftover body wash is all that is needed for this simple to make foaming cleanser.

Foaming body wash ready to use.

Print the instructions for DIY Foaming Body Wash:

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DIY Foaming Body Wash

Prep Time2 minutes
Active Time3 minutes
Total Time5 minutes
Keyword: DIY Foaming Body Wash
Yield: 1
Author: One Crazy Mom


  • Foaming soap container (like Dial, Bath and body works, dawn, etc…)
  • Body wash (stay away from the creamy body washes, the clearer ones work better)
  • water


  • Fill your empty foaming soap dispenser with about an inch or so of body wash. We are just eye balling it here – there is no exact science. I would say about an ⅛ of the way up the bottle. 🙂
  • Add in water and fill it up to the top.
  • Warning, it will foam and bubble up. That is ok. Shake until it is mixed thoroughly. Allow the bubbles to settle.
  • Use just like you would your normal body wash.

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