homemade tootsie roll costume
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I am so excited about sharing your ideas about some fun and easy homemade costume ideas. Today I am sharing, reader, Annette’s homemade costume idea – the Tootsie Roll Costume.

This is a VERY cute costume idea that will work for a boy or girl and for any age. What child doesn’t love a tootsie roll?

How to Make a Tootsie Roll Costume

Items needed:

  • Brown Felt
  • Red Ribbon
  • White fabric (or white felt)
  • Sewing machine or fabric glue
  • White spray paint for the letters (or you can use white felt or puffy paint)

How to make:

  1. Make a tube for the body of the tootsie roll. Make sure it will go around your child comfortably. Make sure you leave arm holes at the top.
  2. Sew the white fabric at the top and bottom of your new Roll. (You can just use fabric glue if you want)
  3. Glue the red ribbon on the top white fabric.
  4. Now spray paint the white letters TOOTSIE ROLL on the fabric (use a stencil) – or you could cut out the letters and glue them on.
  5. Add your child and you are done!!

If you are doing this for a little girl, you could glue some REAL tootsie rolls to some clippies and add them to her hair. That would be adorable!

If you use coupons at your local fabric store you should be able to make this for under $10, maybe even $5 if you shop right!

tootsie roll costume
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Thanks so much for sharing your costume idea Annette! This is proof that you can have a great costume with very little work. If you have an easy homemade costume idea – e-mail me here and you just might be featured on Coupon Closet!

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