Learn how to save money on gas on a road trip. It is a big expense but these tips and tricks can help you save money.

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How to save money on gas on a road trip

The year is flying by, and that means that summer travel season (Memorial Day to Labor Day) is almost upon us! If you’re planning a road trip with your crew, undoubtedly, you are looking for ways to save some money on fuel.

It is a huge expense, and if you don’t plan for it, it can break your vacation budget. Once you’ve added fuel to your budget, here are some tips to help you spend as little as possible on this necessary expense.

Choose a few of these suggestions to utilize and watch the savings add up. I think you might be surprised how easy these tips are to put to use.

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How can I save gas on a long road trip?

We have several tips to help you save money on a long road trip. The average price of gas is sky rocketing so every little bit helps. Keep reading to learn how to save with rewards programs at grocery stores, apps, and more ideas to reduce fuel costs.

Combine several of these easy tips to save on gas. These suggestions will help reduce your gas bill while with minimum effort involved. Let’s learn how to save money on gas on a road trip.

1. Take your time. How to Increase Fuel Efficiency.

Cars get their best fuel economy at 55 miles per hour, which is 10-15 mph slower than most expressway speed limits. While it will take you a little longer to reach your destination, you will save money on gas and may be less apt to miss cool sights along the sides of the road.

Who knows? You may find a hidden gem that could end up being one of your favorite sights of the entire trip! If you have trouble reducing your speed, try setting cruise control to help you stay on track.

2. Use apps to shop the lowest gas prices wherever you are.

How are you supposed to know where the cheapest gas stations are when you’re in an unfamiliar town? You can utilize gas savings apps!

GasBuddy is probably the most well-known app, and since it is a crowd-sourcing app (meaning people report gas prices), that means it has the most comprehensive price information.

Gas Guru is another good one. It is super simple, too, with a map to takes you right to the station with the lowest gas.

Even a few cents per gallon will add up and make a difference over time. Download these apps today and find the best deals in your location or when traveling to new areas.

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3. Keep a mapping app running.

You never know what you might come across such as unexpected road construction when you’re on a road trip. However, if you keep a map app going, you will be prepared.

Waze is a crowd-sourcing app that will give you route information so you have updates on delays. Google Maps is another great one that offers re-routing updates (which you can accept or reject) if it finds a faster way.

Either of these options will help you choose the most efficient route while traveling.

4. Time it right.

If you’re passing through major cities, plan out when you leave to avoid morning and afternoon rush hour. Nothing burns more gas (and patience) than sitting in a traffic jam!

Stopping and starting over and over again is extremely inefficient for fuel economy. Try to leave a little earlier or later to miss that weekday traffic. This will help with fuel consumption and gas mileage.

With only a few minor adjustments in your schedule, the savings will add up with minimum effort.

5. Pack light.

Extra weight in your car burns a great deal of fuel. Pack smart and only bring items that you need for a more efficient trip.

If you’re staying in a vacation rental and planning to “eat in,” do your grocery shopping once you arrive. Give each of the kids one small bin to pack toys they want to bring with them; once it’s full, everything else stays behind.

I find it is helpful to give the kids a container or bin so they can easily understand what amount to bring. Plus, it is helpful to bring on the trip as a means of storage as well.

6. Check your tire pressure before you go.

It is imperative to regularly check your tire pressure. Just glancing at your tires isn’t enough – even just a couple psi difference in where your tires are and where they should be will decrease fuel economy. It is very hard to detect without a gauge.

Spend a few bucks to get a tire pressure gauge; that way you can check the pressure throughout your trip, as well.

This tip is often under utilized but so valuable in helping to obtain the best gas mileage for your vehicle.

7. Use the air instead of the windows.

This one seems strange since we all know that air conditioning burns fuel, but so does having the windows down or the sunroof open. Cars are designed to be aerodynamic, and having the windows open creates wind resistance.

When on the expressway, use the air, and save the windows for when you’re bumming around town at slower speeds.

There are plenty of ways to save money on your vacation, but saving fuel is a great first step. Enjoy your trip, and drive safely without wasting gas.

Which tips do you plan to try?

The more of these tips you utilize, the more savings you will see. Most of these suggestions are effortless to attempt but provide savings that make a difference.

You might want to start with a couple tips and then add more once you see how simple it is. It is truly very simple to utilize these tips while positively impacting your budget.

You can easily save money with these tips with minimum work or planning.

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