How to make an easy Butterfly Valentine

Don’t you just love Valentine’s Day? We do! However, buying Valentine’s for your kids to take to school can be quite expensive, especially when the kids think a treat needs to be attached. Plus, when you have 4 kids, that adds up quickly! I Love pinterest, but some of those valentines look like they are going to take forever to make!

I am here to show you over the next few days that you can make valentines with your kids with very little effort!

This Butterfly Valentine is the perfect example of a cute Valentine that is quick to make and easy on your wallet.

butterfly valentine

Items needed:

  1. All you need is your favorite sucker
  2. Construction paper
  3. Permanent marker


  • Cut your construction paper into the shape of a butterfly. I would have the adult do this.
  • Then cut two slits in the center to slide your sucker through.
  • Draw a smiley face on the sucker.
  • Have your child sign the Valentine.

If you are nervous about cutting out the template, then don’t worry anymore. I created a free printable for you, so you can print the butterfly template and then cut it out. This valentine just got easier for you. 😉

Print your Butterfly valentine template here.

It is that easy! See you can have a super cute valentine in just a matter of minutes. My favorite part is the kids signature. This was written by a sweet 4 year old boy. These are perfect to take to his school to share with his friends. The best part – his mommy didn’t have to spend a fortune on them.

Check out our page here for more Easy Homemade Valentines for kids.

With just a few simple dollar store supplies, you can make a whimsical Clothespin Butterfly.

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