You are just write for me Valentine for kids idea

I’m so excited to be sharing another Easy Homemade Valentines for kids. Today’s Valentine is – You are Just “Write” for me!”

How cute is this? Plus… it is so easy to make!! You do not have to be creative for this one!

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you are just write for me printable image

Now, if you don’t want to cut and write on your own, then I created a FREE Valentines Heart printable for you. Download your free “Just Write for me” Valentine here.

Items needed:

How to make this Easy Valentine:

  1. Cut out the Construction paper into hearts – Or download printable here.
  2. Write the Words” You are just write for me” on each one.
  3. Let the kids sign their name on it (My favorite part)
  4. Attach a pencil with a piece of tape, or cut slits into the heart like we did in the butterfly valentine.

That is it!! I told you – this is a very easy and very cute valentine – perfect for your kids classroom this year.

We have 25 free printable valentines day cards for kids sure to be a hit!

Find more Easy Homemade Valentines for kids here.

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  1. Hi! This is Jessica stopping by from Krazy Life Of Coupon’s. Thank’s for this idea. This is to cute. I can’t wait to try this with my kiddo’s.