We have gathered the best Minecraft party ideas. From food and games to decor and more, find 25 Minecraft birthday party ideas that are easy, frugal and fun.

We have gathered the best Minecraft party ideas. From food and games to decor and more, find Minecraft birthday party ideas that are easy, frugal and fun!

Minecraft party ideas

Throw the best Minecraft party with these fantastic Minecraft party ideas.  You can make so many cool things at home that will keep your budget low but your party full of fun!

No complicated ideas here because you know we keep it simple. These ideas will help you have a really fun party while being super easy to do.


Collage of party supplies.

Let’s get started with these  minecraft birthday party ideas.

We have gathered the best Minecraft party ideas. From food and games to decor and more, find Minecraft birthday party ideas that are easy, frugal and fun!

Minecraft party food ideas

Birthday cake on the table.

1. Minecraft Birthday Cake

Learn how to make a grass block cake that Minecraft fans will go crazy over. Not only is the cake perfect for a Minecraft party but it is tasty too.

Minecraft cake pops on a display.

2. Minecraft Cake Pops

You only need a few ingredients and a little bit of time and you will be able to make the delicious cake pops.  They are perfect for your Minecraft birthday party and super easy to make.

Minecraft birthday cake on a table.

3. Minecraft Block Cake

This cake only requires 4 easy step and the results are fabulous. Your kids will be amazed with this easy Minecraft birthday cake.

Glass with creeper punch.

4. Minecraft Creeper Punch

You only need 3 simple ingredients to make this delicious and festive Creeper Punch recipe. Not only does it look cool with the creeper face but it is so tasty as well.

Fruit platter on counter.

5. Fruit Tray with Minecraft Printables

Turn a standard fruit tray into Minecraft themed food with the free printables. Grapes become “slime balls”, strawberries turn into “redstone” and more!

TNT candy ready to enjoy.

6. TNT

Turn twizzlers into TNT for the perfect Minecraft party. Get the free labels and all the cool details.

Creeper juice in bottles.

7. Creeper Juice

Turn sprite into creeper juice with these fun ideas. So easy and a great party idea.

Minecraft party decoration ideas

Nether portal with streamers.

8. Nether Portal

Welcome guests with this cool Nether Portal decor idea. Get the free printable for the sign.

Minecraft Pinata on the counter.

9. Easy DIY Minecraft Pinata

Learn how to make a Minecraft Pinata out of brown paper grocery bags! This easy diy minecraft pinata will be the hit of your next party.

Birthday banner and supplies for the party.

10. Minecraft Birthday Banner and more 

This party in a box has lots of minecraft party supplies for your party. Every good party needs a Happy Birthday banner and balloons!

Pinata hanging for party.

11. Minecraft Pinata

If you prefer to buy a pinata instead of making one, find lots of options. Kids always love a pinata and it is super fun for the kids to get all the candy.

Minecraft party favor ideas

Enchanted Golden Apples wrapped for party.

11. Enchanted Golden Apples

Make caramel apples to hand out as favors. Get the free Enchanted Golden Apple printable to attach to the bags.

Creeper pins on counter

12. Creeper Pins

Use Perler beads to make creeper pins for all of the party guests. These are great favor ideas and also super fun to make.

Tatoos on arm

13. Minecraft Tattoos 

Grab some of these fun minecraft tattoos to add to goody bags as favors. Kids love these and there are lots of options.

Assorted party favors ready for goody bags.

14. Assorted Party Favors

Choose from tons of options for party favors. I spotted lots of cool things on sale including bracelets, sunglasses, stickers and much more.

Fluffy Slime in minecraft jar.

15. Fluffy Minecraft Slime Recipe

Kids will go crazy over this Minecraft slime recipe that doubles as an activity and a party favor. Get all of the easy DIY instructions.

Photo party favors.

16. Photo Party Favors

Make these super cool favors for less than $2. Kids will love these and they are super fun and make the perfect party favor.

Minecraft Swords decorated for party.

17. DIY Minecraft Swords

Get the free template to make these fun Minecraft swords. Kids can take them home as a party favor and you get an awesome party activity as well.

Party favors on printables.

18. Minecraft Printables

Choose from several free printables that are perfect to use as favors for a Minecraft party.

Creeper shirt for party.

19. Creeper Shirt

Learn how to make these fun Creeper shirts for the kids to take home or to wear at the party.

Bingo printable for party.

20. Minecraft Bingo

Snag this free Minecraft Bingo printable for a fun party game. The kids will love playing this.

Minecraft heads held up.

21. Minecraft Heads

With a few inexpensive craft supplies, everyone can make these fun Minecraft Heads. This would be really fun for a photo booth too.

Creeper Cake for party.

22. Creeper Cake

This easy homemade Creeper Cake taste delicious and looks perfect for a Minecraft party.

Rice Krispy Blocks on platter.

23. Rice Krispy Blocks

Turn classic rice krispie treats into blocks for a fun party treat. This is such an easy and tasty party idea.

Swords for party.

24. Inflatable Swords

These pixel swords will make the perfect party favor for kids at your Minecraft party.

Set of straws.

25. Fun Minecraft Straws

Jazz up the drinks with fun Minecraft themed straws. The set comes includes several different designs.

Party plates, streamers and decorations.

25. Party Pack

Get everything you need in this Party Pack for a great party. From plates and tablecloths and more, this set has it all.

Collage of party ideas.

The best Minecraft Party ideas.

Collage of party ideas.

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