We have compiled a list of 20 rubbing alcohol uses. Some of these you may be familiar with and other may be new. There are so many wonderful uses. Find out the top 20 uses for rubbing alcohol.

Bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Rubbing Alcohol Uses

There are so many uses for rubbing alcohol. Learn all the different ways to use rubbing alcohol that will help you around the house.

Grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol and enjoy the many uses of this frugal item.

Bottle of rubbing alcohol.

1. Ice Pack

Making a homemade ice pack is quick and easy! Simply add rubbing alcohol and water into a zip top bag and freeze. This will make a nice mold-able ice pack that is much gently on injuries than a baggie full of ice.

2. Clean Your Smartphone

Cleaning and disinfecting your phone is easy with rubbing alcohol. Just put some rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth and wipe away all that dirt and grime.

You can use a cotton swab for the hard to reach areas.

3. Remove Permanent Marker

Try using rubbing alcohol to remove permanent marker. Pour rubbing alcohol on a cleaning rag and wipe the area while removing ink.

This method works best when applied as soon as possible to when it happens.

4. Prevent Frost Build up on Windshields

If you park outdoors the forecast is calling for cold weather, spray your windshield with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol with water (¼ cup alcohol to 1 cup water). You can fill a spray bottle to make this easy.

Simply use your mixture to clean your windshield and this will help prevent frost from adhering to your windshield. It’s also a great window cleaner. Just use equal parts part rubbing alcohol to equal parts cups water in a spray bottle.

5. De-Ice Windshield

Use a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray all over the ice on your windshield. Let is sit a minute and when you go to “scrape” it, the frost should just fall right off.

6. Clean Candles with Rubbing alcohol

Do you have a favorite jarred candle that still smells great, but has unsightly black marks on the glass? Dampen a rag with rubbing alcohol and wipe the sides.

You’ll get rid of the unsightly soot marks so your beautiful candle will be display worthy again. Do not do this over an open flame.

7. Streak Free Mirrors

Combine equal parts water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Next, spray the mixture on your bathroom mirrors.

Wipe down with newspaper or a lint free cloth. This results in beautiful, streak-free mirrors.

8. Tick Removal

If a pet (or you) happen to have the misfortune of getting up close and personal with a tick, reach for the rubbing alcohol. Dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the tick with a cotton ball .

It will start backing out of the skin at which point you can easily grab it with tweezers.

9. Make Up Brushes

Soak makeup brushes in rubbing alcohol and let them air dry. You will have nice clean, sanitized brushes.

This works better than plain soap and water.

10. De-greaser

Do you have a layer of grease on your stove top, back splash or oven hood? One of the very handy rubbing alcohol uses is cutting through grease and grime.

Dampen a lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub the grease away.

11. Air Freshener

Try making your own air freshener! Combine 1 cup of rubbing alcohol per every 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix together and add to a spray bottle.

12. Ring Around the Collar

If you have issues with ring around the collar, try rubbing your neck with some rubbing alcohol before you get dressed in the morning. To remove ring around the collar from your shirts, dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol and rub the collar.

You should see the “ring” disappear.

13. Sparkling Stainless Steel

Remove water spots in your stainless steel sink with a little rubbing alcohol. After you’ve cleaned your sink, pour some rubbing alcohol on a cloth and rub it all over your sink.

The water spots will evaporate quickly. You can also try this on your stainless steel fridge to remove any pesky fingerprints.

14. Clean Your White Board

Dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol and quickly clean your white board. It is inexpensive and works great.

15. Say Good Bye to Stinky Shoes

Do your kiddos (or your significant other) have shoes with a less than desirable smell? Kill the bacteria and freshen them up with a little rubbing alcohol.

Take a spray bottle of alcohol and spray the inside of the shoes. Leave them outside in a sunny location and let them dry.

You’ll have clean fresh shoes after they dry.

16. Get Rid of that Onion Smell

If you just finished cutting up some onions (or garlic) and you want to get rid of the potent smell on your hands, rub on some rubbing alcohol. This will get rid of that smell quickly.

Just be careful that you don’t have any open wounds. Hand sanitizer would also work for this as another option.

17. Sterilize

Sterilize tweezers or scissors with rubbing alcohol. Simply wipe down with some rubbing alcohol and let dry.

18. Clean Your Jewelry

Not only can you sterilize the backs of earrings, but you can also clean other jewelry items with alcohol. Soak your jewelry in rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes then polish with a lint free cloth.

Your jewelry should be clean and shiny.

19. Get Rid of Scuff Marks

If your tile floor is riddled with scuff marks, remove them with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Just dip a paper towel in some rubbing alcohol and then rub the scuff marks away.

20. Can you use rubbing alcohol to clean your ears?

Yes! Rubbing alcohol is a great way to prevent Swimmers Ear. If you spend a lot of time in the water during the warmer months, you know swimmer’s ear is terrible.

Try preventing this painful problem with rubbing alcohol. Just place a few drops of rubbing alcohol in each ear after swimming.

The alcohol will dry up any water lingering in your ears. Make sure you don’t do this on anyone with an ear infection or ear tubes as it will not feel good.

Bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Try these helpful tips and tips for rubbing alcohol. They work great and save money around the house.

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  1. I use 90% rubbing alcohol straight from the bottle on paper towels to clean the bathroom mirror, then sanitize the toilet handle, seat top to bottom, rim and outside. It’s cheaper than containers of ‘wipes’.

  2. I use it everyday to freshen up the bathroom after brushing hair, teeth washing face or even after putting makeup on. I use an old wash cloth. Fold it in fours. Add some alcohol and wipe everything down turn the cloth overr todry. I store the cloth with my alcohol so its always handy. Cleans bathroom quick and freshens up the bathroom in less than 5 min. Paper towels can be used. But i find the wash cloth more convient.

  3. I put 1 bottle of 91 percent rubbing alcohol in my cars windshield washer & then fill with water. It removes road grime, bugs etc & doesn’t freeze in cold weather. It has never hurt my car paint either. Plus cheaper than windshield cleaner!

  4. I just used rubbing alcohol to clean and sanitize every part of my refrigerator. It is so clean. Alcohol dries fast and smells clean.