We have the best cleaning supplies to get your house in order. These 5 supplies are inexpensive and simple but work great.

Cleaning supply spray bottle.

Best cleaning supplies

Are you gearing up for spring cleaning? Our weather has been unseasonably warm for this time of year so I feel like it is already spring.

Since I am feeling the cleaning bug, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite cleaning supplies. These are not expensive or fancy, but I do think these are the best cleaning supplies for getting the job done.

Don’t get overwhelmed with trying to do everything at once. Learn how to get your house clean with just one daily task. This simple tip has been a life saver for our family.

Cleaning supply spray bottle with cleaning gloves.

The 5 Best Cleaning Supplies You need.

Magic eraser box.

1. How to Clean with Magic Erasers.

  • I love magic erasers and they are my go-to cleaner when I have a tough spot to clean.
  • Make sure to test a hidden area to make sure it won’t damage my surface, but these really do a nice job on most of my cleaning jobs. 
  • Marks and scuffs on walls come right off with a magic eraser.
  • Soap Scum in tubs or sinks can easily be removed with a magic eraser.
  • Clean your microwave with magic erasers. It is a great tool to clean the outside and inside of the micrwoave.
  • Tips: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers can be a bit pricey, but we can find cleaners similar to “magic erasers” on Amazon for only a fraction of the cost. I buy them in bulk and have been pleased with how well they work.
Stack of cleaning cloths.

2. Use Lint Free Cloths for cleaning.

  • This may seem like a no brainer, but lint-free cloths really do make all the difference and they dry quickly. These are nice because when you dust, they don’t leave behind fuzz. If you are leaving behind fuzz, it is like having to clean twice. Use lint free cloths to work smarter not harder.
  • Window blinds can be tedious to clean but these cloths help to get the job done. It is crazy how much dirt and dust blinds can collect. Since using these lint free cloths, it really helps to get all the lint.
  • Try lint free cloths to clean carpets. We have a simple homemade carpet cleaner and these cloths are great for scrubbing and soaking up the moisture.
  • You can find a variety of lint-free cloths on Amazon very inexpensively. Make sure you grab several of them because they work great.
Soap dispensing brush on counter.

3. Use a Soap Dispensing Brush for cleaning

  • I have a few different soap dispensing brushes around the house. They work great and make it easy to clean a little here and there. You will never have to spend a ton of time scrubbing if you clean as you go.
  • Cleaning dishes. Of course the obvious use is to clean dishes. I keep one in the sink and it is easy to scrub and clean with dish soap.
  • Cleaning the shower. I actually keep one of these brushes in the shower. I have a great homemade shower cleaner that works really well when paired with a soap dispensing brush.
  • You can even use it for cleaning car mats. It is really handy to have a scrubbing brush with cleaner.
  • Try this brush for cleaning carpet. It is so handy for spots that need scrubbing or even pet hair.
  • You can find these soap dispensing brushes at the dollar store or even Amazon.
Fels Naptha in a box.

4. Fels Naptha is the best stain remover.


  • This is the best stain remover and we just love it. Even better, it is super cheap.
  • From clothes to slipcovers, this stain remover gets the job done. Just scrub the stain with the soap bar and wash. You will be amazed how this little stain remover works.
  • Clean car mats. They will look good as new. You can use one of your vacuum cleaners for the car and they will so clean.
  • Most grocery stores sell these for about $1 or you can order Fels Naptha on Amazon.

Bottle of white vinegar.

5. White Vinegar can clean a lot of surfaces.

  • Vinegar is probably the most universal cleaning supply and it is so cheap. It can clean numerous things and prevent the need for numerous cleaning products.
  • Use vinegar to clean your shower head. It works amazing with very little work. It can also clean shower doors instead of glass cleaner.
  • Cleaning pee out of a mattress. Accidents happen and vinegar can help to remove stains and odor. Just use a spray bottle.
  • Remove mildew odors. Sometimes damp clothes get left in the washer a little too long. Vinegar will help to remove the mildew smell.
  • Find even more Uses for Vinegar to help save you money. You can pick up vinegar the next time you are grocery shopping and test it out for yourself. It really is an all-purpose cleaner that leaves things streak free for a deep clean.
Laundry basket with towels.

More cleaning tips:

We have the best cleaning supplies to get your house in order. These 5 supplies are inexpensive and simple but work great. Check out our favorite cleaning supplies to keep your house clean! #onecrazymom #cleaningtips #cleaninghacks #cleaning

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